Video Posted by Anti-Assad Propagandists Claiming Shelling of Marketplace

Video Posted by Anti-Assad Propagandists Claiming Shelling of Marketplace

Video Posted by Anti-Assad Propagandists Claiming Shelling of Marketplace

The video was posted on October 24, 2019 on Twitter by an anti-Assad anti-Russia chan, claiming to show the aftermath of a marketplace shelling in Syria. Here is the text that came with the video.

Horrific massacre was committed by the Assad regime in Western Idlib today. Regime shelled a marketplace with heavy artillery and killed 7 civilians. More than 20 were wounded. No outcry in the Western world because the victims are Sunni Arabs and not “the Kurds”.

Did you guys hear the news from the Jewish press that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed? The problem with that is that this is the sixth time over the last 3 years that various military groups and/or countries have claimed that he’s been killed. The Washington Post changed Al-Baghdadi’s obituary from “Islamic State’s terrorist-in-Chief” to “austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State.” Can’t talk like that about Shimon Elliot. Makes you wonder what they are trying to distract us from this time…

Props to Best Gore member @1purple8 for the video:

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      1. When the van arrived at the hospital and there was no injured dude in the back coz he rolled out of the dam van because no one had the smarts to think about maybe closing the door. Imbeciles. Now the poor muzzie is lying in a roadside ditch with injuries 10 X worse !

  1. Beyond parody from WaPo.

    Saw some memes doing the rounds relating to that and didn’t know the full story so thank you.

    Doubtless some clearer post-shoot pictures of the actors in this piece will pop up on some social network or other.

      1. Numbers are shooting up this month for BG click bait and online orders . Thanks members, and Thanks to Mark for his triumphant return back from the jungle. BG just isn’t the same without your commentary. @happy

      2. @Happy
        Hey Mark how are you??..when I first saw you posted,I couldn’t belive it.I was gutted when you said you were’s good to see you back.
        So how did it go,on your travels??..what made you come back??..
        I hope you are well&it’s good to see you around..takecare&take it easy.

  2. They look like foam bricks? Did you see the block fall in the first minute. If that thing were real it wouldn’t bounce of the guy who just climbed over it? He would of gotten jacked the fuck up? Well looking again it’s possible that they are fruit boxes. But put nothing past these known hoaxers.

  3. This is just arabs having fun. Soon the americans will create another boogy man and kill him too. All the while the west is gradually infiltrated with more and more jihadis ready and waiting for the order to kill us all.

  4. What they’re trying to distract from is that US troops are stealing and selling Syrian oil, and that any attempt to intervene is met with force (ie. tanks, helicopter gunships, jets, etc.) all while they pretend to be “ensuring democracy”

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