Video of Raid by Mexican Marinas That Lead to Arrest of El Chapo

Video of Raid by Mexican Marinas That Lead to Arrest of El Chapo

El Chapo has been arrested again. Last time they captured El Chapo, he escaped through a mile-long tunnel he entered through a hole in his cell’s shower. Before that, in 2001, he got out by hiding in a laundry cart.

The Rolling Stones recently published an interview with El Chapo by actor Sean Penn – the only interview Joaquin Guzman gave outside of police interrogation. El Chapo opened up on how he grew to become the most successful drug trafficker in the world, although he also admitted that he hasn’t used drugs in 20 years.

Body-camera footage released by Mexican authorities shows Los Marinas in a shootout during a raid in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, which led to the arrest of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Five people were killed and six arrested during the raid. Apparently, the marines were after El Cholo Ivan, but discovered that El Chapo was in the same house, so the operation Black Swan (Cisne Negro) went from Kill Cholo Ivan to Find and Capture El Chapo.

Props to Best Gore member @goreman87 for the video:

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with El Chapo for the Rolling Stone:

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56 thoughts on “Video of Raid by Mexican Marinas That Lead to Arrest of El Chapo”

  1. Geeesh, why capture him if they know that hes gonna run off again? 😐 Are they enjoying the Hide & Seek all that much? Just shoot the bastard already, and save the people some tax money!

    Also… what kind of intervension force uses PINK and bright blue under their military gear?… Who do they think they are? They seemed like rookies… so unorganised…

    1. No way do they wanna be the one who shoots Chapo. That’ll be the week they find out which of their fellow soldiers were on Chapo’s payroll, the hard way. “hooray we got him! Cervecas on me– BANG”

  2. All those millions and yet a shitty escape plan. You’d think he’d fuck off into obscurity and live in a mansion somewhere instead of a poxy house with a tunnel. That’s what you do if you’re broke and on the run, not when you’re fucking loaded. Same genius mind that thought it’d be a good idea to be interviewed by Sean Penn, what the fuck have you got to gain from that when you’re trying to fly under the radar? Retards.

      1. MSM was blabbing someone didn’t turn off their cell phone when they met and the Heat triangulated right up his ass. Spanish language network Telemundo was showing this video as well. I remember as a kid traveling to Mexico and seeing the magazine stands with heads all shot up, my first taste of Gore.

  3. These guys do not move like professional soldiers. I am amazed they didn’t lose a ton of people going in for him or shoot friendlies in the process. If he’d been defended better, they’d have gotten him eventually but this would have been much more ugly.

    1. Mate, if the fucking USA government claim someone or a country or a countries leader is “terrible and needs to be removed from power etc” then the opposite is most likely true……..The USA government is the biggest terrorist of them all……..

      1. For sure @Dutchy. Besides, he looks pretty down to earth to me – roosters crowing during his interview, children in the background, ugly loud polyester shirt, then I noticed 2 crockpots in the house where he was arrested. What’s more homey than a crockpot cooked meal, lol.

  4. …I think he ran outta $$$,shorty couldn’t buy or pay for his freedom anymore.This does not happen just because of luck or the opposite in shorty’s case only, ya..?
    What else could lead to his capture..?

  5. No wonder he gets the slip. Soldiers looked still in trainning clearing. No wonder that guy got popped early on, Waco style.
    I was waiting for someone to hit the booby-trapped wall switch detonator to cook these tortugas.

    “Fuck y’all cammo, i’ma badass with my bright Red shirt. Tell my story to your childrens, holmes (honnes).”

      1. Sean Penn is a liberal goon in a sea of liberal goons (CommieWood). Shaking hands with a mass murderer for publicity. He’s a fake tough guy, woman beating scumbag. He also has zero sense of humor. Great actor? Maybe. But he’s still a scumbag. Plenty of great actors in Commiewood…

  6. Capture El Chapo. El Chapo escapes. Capture El Chapo again. El Chapo escapes again. Capture El Chapo a third time this time it’s the charm right? Nope, El Chapo escapes for a third time. Anyone else seeing a pattern here? The most successful drug lord of all time can escape from prison three times, really? If history has shown us anything he’ll be out again.

    1. It’s all orchestrated. The tunnels are already pre dug for a quick get away. What a hectic lifestyle they live. Overall he sound like a pretty down to earth rational, uncomplicated, individual.
      Kind of remind of my grandmother but drugs are only good for those who distribute it.
      Clarification, I have nothing to do drug use nor distribution. Take at your own risk.

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