Videos of Shooting at Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale, Arizona

Videos of Shooting at Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale, Arizona

Videos of Shooting at Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale, Arizona

On the night of Wednesday May 20, 2020, there was an active shooter event at the Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale, Arizona. According to the latest reports, three people were wounded. Two are expected to recover, but one is in critical condition. The shooter was later arrested and is in custody.

The shooter livestreamed parts of his rampage. In the video, he introduces himself as one Armando Junior Hernandez, and says “I’m gonna be the shooter of Westgate 2020“, before showing a beercan in his hand and a rifle on the backseat of his vehicle.

Must be because the coronacircus scare is winding down so it’s back to the regular “domestic terrorist” programming of the plebs. Did Glendale recently hold an active shooter drill?

Props to Best Gore member @thatguy58 for the video:

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          1. Well I hate you aswell so the mocking is just a reminder. And I just want to see how deep rooted some of your hatred is plus I need my daily dose of best gore to get hit with the reality of life. Cant be deluded.

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        3. Yeah, that’s right, I may hate behaviours, believes, attitudes, ideologies.
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        4. I agree with you about the left being hypocrites. They love to fancy themselves as “allies” of this or that group to whom leftist university professors have assigned a victim hood status. The whole agenda, in my opinion, is to dismantle western societies and to such a degree that they can be easily absorbed by other powers like the PRC. This is likely good news for folks who hate Americans around the world. Of course, their opinions may change once communist China comes for them. Don’t think for a minute that the great “Han race” will be much kinder than the whites who called themselves “aryans” back in the day.

          1. The commies have shown in the past their lethal destruction. At the end of the day they’re atheists and view mass human genocide to be the same as ripping up a piece of paper. Much similar to the jews who see themselves as ‘the chosen ones’. Get ready for some big actions to occur soon.

          1. I dont condone any kind of unjust abuse but here at bestgore you’ll find all kinds. You’ll be suprised as to how many condone it. You need to know how heartless and emotionless some people are. So when it comes to them trying to put their hands on you, finishing them off will have no after effect.

        5. Well I don’t condone unjust abuse or violence either but nothing surprises me anymore… What we see on BG is nothing compared to the things going on all around the world that don’t make it to BG or the internet in general tbh… we hear about it but don’t see it much. You probably know what I’m talking about. The only time I will condone violence is when an animal is being abused. In that case I would love to take the law into my own hands… I could sit here and talk about having compassion for humans but what’s the point when humans don’t have compassion for each other… that doesn’t mean I’m emotionless or have no feelings whatsoever though… Animals cannot speak up or really defend themselves so, yeah. Don’t really see much animal abuse on BG that’s probably why I’m still here. It’s the one thing I cannot watch/view. I think when it comes to animals most of us on here have the same views. Anyone who thinks otherwise deserves to end up as a victim on BG lol… Sorry but I had to say it 🙂

        6. I can’t stand towel heads(Muslims). They are terrorists or terrorist apologists. Even though ALL religion is nothing more than a fairytale and bullshit, Islam is a special type of evil. I don’t have a problem with Arabs, Persians, Asians, Africans, etc. as long as they don’t subscribe to that bat shit crazy religion called Islam.

          1. There was nothing intellectual mentioned to give a reasonable reply or to start a fruitful discussion, all you mentioned was insults and slurs which to be frank with you harms no religion especially islam. I’m a proud muslim and it feels amazing that an incompetent fool such as yourself has nightmares and hates islam and is triggered by it. Let the ignorant ones burn in their rage and die from the burn. If you have any reasonable points to make then do so, if not then I advise you to keep your mouth shut because you’re harming no one but yourself and whatever atoms sized honour you may have left.

    1. What if there is another shooter at Westgate this year? Then he won’t be “the shooter” of Westgate 2020, but “a shooter” of Westgate 2020. That would mean he failed in every way possible. Drunk, barely any ammo, didn’t kill anyone, titled his video wrong, and now getting ass raped in prison for life without even any shitty beer to drink. Life is rough when you’re that stupid.

          1. 9/11 was committed by the US Government, also tequila is some 30-40’s white bitch shit, and the South American fags would not win against me. Hope you lose Notre Dame Cathedral.

    1. He’s going to be assraped in a dirty stinky prison for the rest of his life. So, I guess he’ll learn about that type of society. Hope he likes nutraloafs as well while he’s trying to get back at prison society.

      And… who the fuck drinks Foster’s? What a knob. Australians don’t even drink that horse piss.

        1. And i don’t even care how they execute him either. Death by a thousand cuts, the noose, the guillotine, or painless euthanasia, i don’t give a fuck. This guy is a shit stain on the underpants of society and should be executed ,instead of feeding him for the rest of his sad life on my tax dollars.
          But i guess that makes too much sense, so it won’t happen.

  1. Jose wasn’t a dark beaner. He was a light skin beaner. So light skinned that from afar he was often mistaken as a cracker. He got a taste of privilege and realized there were unfair advantages to being a cracker in society. But he also realized that when ppl came up close they could recognize him as a beaner and consequently treated him without respect. Jose wanted change. He wanted so badly to feel the privilege of the cracker jack so he thought of the pinkiest thing he could possibly do. Drink a six pack, put on his lil Timmy voice, and shoot up a public place. Way to go Jose, cheers puta madre !

    1. Poor Jose the beaner, lol. Jokes aside you’ve obviously never travelled the world before because crackers on average don’t receive any special privileges outside of their own countries. Only the rich ones do but then that applies to all rich people regardless of race, Barack O’nigger for example receives da speshil privilege everywhere he goes. So do famous black actors and athletes etc.

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      1. By your definition of privilege meaning “part of the majority”, wouldn’t that mean that white privilege -does- exist in the states/EU and other racial privileges dominate other countries?

  2. Hum coming to a Shopping Mall near YOU..!

    “Only in America”

    Did I hear ” hey man, what’s he shooting for or at” something along those lines, also the people running away looked like they were running for a Bus, NOT their Lives..!


    Take the Law into your own Hands Americans, You have your precious Constitution giving you the RIGHTS To.
    Take BACK Your Country, before it’s taken completely away from YOU..!!!

    1. I’m from Glendale, AZ…we have our gun rights. Here in Arizona, we don’t even need a permit to conceal carry. Everyone and their mom COULD be packing heat here, legally. This Mexican probably bought his rifle just like I did mine: face to face out of the trunk of a car. Legally.
      I don’t quite know what you’re talking about…

    1. Yup. I mean this little fucktard needs a wet pussy not a freaking AR. Staying single must’ve fucked up his judgement. Fuckwit should spend some time in a faggot prison. Once his hispanic asshole gets stretched enough to the point where he can no longer hold his shit he’ll learn the lesson.

          1. In the blue corner, it’s The Keyboard Commando.

            In the red corner it’s The Ultimate Keyboard Warrior.

            And introducing the referee for this bout, Mall Ninja..

      1. ROFL, I like how he intros the video, like it’s just another youtube video reviewing fast food or some shit. Then it’s like.. you see the Foster’s and the AR, oh snap..

        Bet he gets charged for open container too
        List of charges:
        AA Felony Attempted Murder
        AA Felony Attempted Murder
        AA Felony Attempted Murder
        C Misdemeanor Open Container


  3. Do people still go to “Shopping Malls” these days? I thought they were extinct. Like poodle-quiffed muffs and shake & vac. Many years ago when I was younger I spent a couple of memorable summers in the North East of the United States. Mostly spent working in Mass but I did manage to spend a week down in Connecticut. The low-point was a day spent at the Westfield Mall with my (then) gf and her sisters. They were lovely. But a day spent at a shopping mall? It was like having my soul sucked out through a vacuum cleaner while having random dental surgery (with no anaesthetic) performed on me by a drunk chimp. Looking back I can now see that one single day was the worst day of the 1980s for me. Granted the Internet and Amazon/ eBay hadn’t been invented then but nowadays there is no excuse.

        1. USP is a great choice, regardless of caliber.

          It’s not my preference as I’ve never been a Glock guy, but lately I’ve been carrying a Glock 32 IWB and a pocket sized 9mm as backup, with a good knife and one reload for each gun. I have a G31 mag in my off hand pocket to reload the G32 if need be. I typically just carry the G32 IWB with the standard 13rd mag +1 in the pipe. Whatever I’m carrying will get the job done. I don’t like to put my preference for carry out there, but a USP in any caliber would be near the top of my list.

    1. First of all, the myth that Africa and the Americas were civilized heavens until the evil whites came and wiped out everyone there is completely fake.

      African nations were constantly at war with each other, the Zulus invaded other tribes whenever they wanted, killing everyone and everything they found. And if it wasn’t Africans killing each other, it was Islamic Empires who also expanded all the way west into Morocco and South into Ethiopia, enslaving a much higher number of people than Europeans ever did and committing their fair amount of genocide. If anything Africa’s most peaceful time was when they were under European governments, where they taught them to write, read, and how to be an actual nation.

      Same with the Americas, constant wars between tribes, killings, millions of sacrifices to the gods by the Aztecs, etc.

      Indians were constantly raided by Muslims (what a surprise), they had conflicts with everyone around them, never could establish an actual organized civilization, until the British came and established order, just like in South Africa.

      Europeans, even though they killed and enslaved people (just like EVERY civilization in history did at that time, with the only difference European technology was superior), they brought in civilization, laws, civil rights. After some time they were the first people who abolished slavery, established official human rights, etc.

      If anything, during colonization times, a country was lucky if it was colonized by Europeans than any other alternative at that period of human history, like being conquered by an Islamic, Asian, or African nation.

      I’d just like to add that lately and after WW2, there has been a massive “prosecution” of what Europeans did during their Empires, while completely forgetting that every other civilization in the world was doing or trrying to do exactly the same thing. We are constantly reminded how Europeans commited genocide and enslaved other people, but no one ever talks about how north Africans enslaved Europeans in Iberia, how Islamic empires enslaved and commited massive genocides in India, Africa and the Balkans. We forget about the Asians who tries to establish dominance against the others by killing and enslaving them, forget about what Africa was before European colonization etc.

      While we ignore the technology Europe developed, human rights, abolishion of slavery by the first time in history etc.

      I’m not trying to “whitewash” European Empires, but trying to show some truth against the demonization people have tried to bring into European Empires, wrongfully thinking the rest of the world were just good people who only wanted peace in the world.

  4. Well the shooter wasn’t a white man, but I guarantee that when the news comes out he will be called a white man. Whites don’t do these things but blacks and Hispanics do.

      1. You’re right on that, the best ones are muricans and russians, latin americans just don’t make good plans and don’t have a that easy access to guns and good ones. Europeans just don’t have that kind and neither in Africa.

        But I’m a foreigner and if I had the access… I’m sure that I would break the record xD

  5. guy is going to make a shooting…

    – start drinking beer
    – bring only 1 rifle with no extra mags
    – shoot half the mag in 1 target holding rifle with 1 hand.

    the fuck kind of shooting is that ? get back to shooting school men ! i mean… get an appointment with the cops academy…

      1. If there is too much people a slow rate of fire is not the best option, they can run away and you wouldn’t get them all. A good smg or carabin is the best option in my opinion. But Vladislav Roslyakov did a massacre with only a shotgun.

  6. This must be a hoax perpetrated in order to support a wall being built. I’m now finally giving it consideration. No one wants to see pathetic shootings like this. Crackers do it much better. Say it with me, Crackers!, Crackers!, Crackers! Build that wall! Just to keep the shooting content decent.

  7. Clearly a brainwashed “Ultra M2k” idiot, you can tell because anyone wearing a mask is nothing more than a follower of the Jewish cabal….. Do what we say , you must obey ! Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds, take your masks off and resist this covid bullshit all the way .

  8. Look at all that social distancing lol so much for that shit and you’ve gotta be a robot to be wearing a mask all time in public lmao. I was rather surprise to see this happen in my state but not so close to my local mall, I’m sure he was too much of a pussy to continue carrying out his shooting spree which is why his gun rampage was short lived.

  9. Im still shocked as shit there’s anti-gun shitheads who visit this site. Then again I think the owner of this webpage is pretty anti-gun themselves. I’ll never understand it. Guns don’t make people kill anyone.

        1. Well in my country they are illegal unless you have a hunting license and getting one takes a shitload of time and training and info giving to the authorities.

          But I am actually curious where in Europe can you be caught carrying a pistol and not get arrested, enlighten me, honestly.

          1. Like you said, you just need to pass a shooting license. Like to drive a car you need a driving license. You can have a fire weapon on you if you have a police license. Just i said fire weapons are not prohibited in Europe. The full auto weapons are prohibited, no license for that.

          2. I live in France. You can have a license for shoot whit a semi automatic 12 gauge in a shooting range in one week. Have a good day BG friend

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