Video Shows French SWAT Killing Man During Hostage Crisis at Kosher Market in Vincennes

Author of Tales of the Holohoax Cartoons Has Been Demonized, Two Distributors Imprisoned

Video broadcast by French news channel shows French SWAT (known in France as RAID) killing a man during the hostage crisis at a kosher supermarket (Hyper Cacher) in Porte de Vincennes, a commune in the Val-de-Marne department in the eastern suburb of Paris. I do not know whether the person killed was a hostage or the hostage taker, but it appears as though he carried a rifle over his shoulder.

The hostage situation at Hyper Cacher followed the attacks on the headquarters of Charlie Habdo – a weekly newspaper known for publishing cartoons insulting to Muslims and other identifiable groups, but never anything even remotely insulting to Jews. The one time a cartoonist (Maurice Sinet) mentioned Judaism – by stating a fact that Jean Sarkozy, son of then president Nicolas Sarkozy sought to convert to Judaism and married a Jewess – he was labelled an anti-semite and was fired from Charlie Habdo.

What these alleged terrorist attacks in France proved, is that war apologists have been trained to believe that if Jews kill journalists to stop them reporting on their atrocities – such as they did during the recent assault on Gaza – then it’s an unfortunate mistake that just happens in the war against “Bad Guys” to “Protect our Freedoms”. But if perceived “Bad Guys” kill journalists, it’s because they are evil barbarians, and
it’s an attack on freedom of speech.

A good example of the hypocrisy is the fact that while Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, and other artists that draw cartoons insulting to Muslims, such as Kurt Westergaard who drew the anti-Mohammed cartoon in Denmark, are worshiped as as heroes of free speech, while Michael Hoffman – the author of the satirical comic book Tales of the Holohoax has been demonized, and two men who made it public – Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, imprisoned in Britain and called racist by the Zio press. So much for freedom of speech.

Did you know that in 1987, a Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali was murdered while walking to his office in the streets of London, UK by two assassins on a motorcycle? Of course they were never caught and there was no outrage from the ranks of the sheeple about the attacks on freedom of speech.

Naji Al-Ali drew cartoons that depicted the plight of Palestinian refugees. Handala, the child character who is present in his every cartoon, remains a symbol of the struggle of the Palestinian people for justice and self-determination.

When is the general public going to take notice that journalists (including the founder of Best Gore) and researchers around the world are persecuted for perceived insults against Jews, but insults against Muslims are considered an important part of freedom of speech?

In a strange twist of events, one of the investigating officer of the “Charlie Hebdo” attacks, has reportedly committed suicide.

What I find refreshingly surprising though, is that there also are French websites that understand Mossad was behind France’s 9/11.

The question to always ask is: “Cui bono?

  • Qui profite?
  • Who benefits?

For example:

  • I don’t know whether Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks on the US, but I do know that Israel was a primary beneficiary of those attacks.
  • I don’t know whether Israel was the driving force that pushed the US into the war on Iraq, but I do know that Israel was a primary beneficiary of the US war on Iraq.
  • I don’t know whether Israel was behind the Egyptian military coup that ousted president Mohamed Morsi and installed puppet Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, but I do know that Israel was a primary beneficiary of that coup.
  • I don’t know whether Israel was behind the war in Libya that destroyed the country’s economy and threw her into complete disorder, but I do know that Israel was a primary beneficiary of it.
  • I don’t know whether Israel was behind the Syrian civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands, and is tearing the Middle East to shreds, but I do know that Israel will be a primary beneficiary of that chaos.
  • I don’t know whether Israel was involved in the French massacres, but I do know that Israel will be a primary beneficiary of those massacres, and the resulting social and political fallout.

It has been done before, that Mossad hired Muslims to conduct terrorist attacks in order to make Muslims look bad, and to advance Jewish objectives. Just look at such events as the Lavon Affair.

Video of French SWAT team killing someone during the siege of the Kosher Market is below. Props to Best Gore member manowar96 for the tip on the video:

Author: Acneska

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      1. 1 – SWAT, as you say, is in fact GIGN
        2 – the hostage taker was indeed the one to run and be killed. I am surprised that you don’t even realize why it makes much sense for him, as he is an islamic terrorist

        1. Absolutely False. This is Raid here…(Police). . and you can see “police” on there back. ‘Gendarmerie nationale) don’t talk about thing you don’t know please. My Father was a GIGN member between 1995 and 1998 …GIGN has got lighter blue helmets without double yellow lines. Another fact is that Gign never enter one by one like this vid, notice the cop who gets in alone…GIGN and RAID have really different ways to work… GIGN assaulted the kouachi brothers in other place at the same time.

          1. Gign fucked up they stormed in far too late but the whole fucking French army, police etc etc milked it for over two days the operation would of took an hour in the us or uk the police shot the hostages the dumb fuck did not know what to do apart from wank each other off

        1. He was going out for an evening stroll with his gun and went to get a package of smokes. He got caught up in the heat of the moment and decided to have some fun being a Radical Islamic Terrorist. I guess he was anxious to get to his quota of 72 virgins because his common-in-law wife could not take care of his needs. Couldn’t happen to a better person and hope allot more join him soon.

      2. Stun grenade/flashbang!

        If you actually watch the video, you will see a fucking retard, pretty much like you, getting fucked up in the head area by this device. Asking why he ran the way and in that direction he did, is by this point what a CryBaby will do.

      1. im british and pissed off with all the pussy footing around with these murderous twats ! Send these jihadists family back when there sons go to holy war and make sure there not allowed back .My deepest sympathy to those innocent hostages .to thye French people JE SUIS CHARLIE

    1. So from the start I want to say that I have the right to free expression, and is only my opinion, no further comments to me, insults and other crap: have deserved it, know how CA, not just Muslims anything stronger than you say Allah, the extra BE ADVISED ended caricature, but have not done it, I mean those of terrorist attack FIRST nEWSPAPER playable …. NOT know how well translated GOOGLE TRANSLATE so no jokes WRITING

  1. Why would you say in the title that the person killed is a hostage? yet in the piece you say you don’t know if was a hostage or a terrorist. I would have thought that carrying a rifle over his shoulder would suggest not.

  2. Is it just me or does it look like he’s holding a pistol in his both hands as he’s rushing out and tries to take last shots at officers to his left. To our right of the door. Looks like he swings his arms like pointing a pistol at them, almost like trying to perform epic max payne bullet time jump thru the door.

    1. @bennetti looks to me like he ran into the door frame lol although it looks to me like the first officer with the riot shield who went in went directly into his mates line of fire so wouldnt be surpirsed if he caught a few bullets in the back

  3. The problem with people in general is that they deal with situations emotionally rather than logically and this in turn means that they are often tricked into believing the unbelievable.

    Let?s take this recent ?French 9/11? attack on Charlie Hebdo for example.

    We are all in possession of certain facts pertaining to this case. We know that the attackers were highly trained and conducted the attack in a professional manner, we know that the attackers were wearing disguises, that they had weapons which one cannot easily buy even on the black market, that they had excellent marksmanship and showed familiarity with their hard to buy weapons, that they had and used multiple getaway points and vehicles and that they knew the streets of France better than a taxi driver.

    Now, logically speaking, the above tells us that these were highly trained and capable individuals who had planned and carried out a mission without error up until they escaped the police and disappeared for a while.

    However, here?s the unbelievable part. The reason why the police came to know who they were was because they both dropped their ID cards onto their respective seats as they exited the getaway vehicle and thus with identities blown they were able to be tracked down, surrounded and killed.

    Now, how are we expected to connect the facts on this one when on one hand the attackers were trained professionals who carried out their mission with excellence and escaped the police and on the other hand they made a blunder that even Mr Bean would be ashamed about by dropping their ID cards in the getaway vehicle.

    The first lot of facts make it impossible to accept the second lot of facts and there are also physical barriers to prevent the second lot of facts from happening as well.

    Where do you normally keep your ID?, you keep it in your wallet with the rest of your cards and cash. So why were just ID cards found dropped but no actual wallets and also why would you even take ID cards with you on such a mission when had you been killed your ID would allow the rest of your group to be tracked down and killed as well.

    The last part of the story is even sillier, instead of leaving France as quickly as possible while they had the chance they instead hung around the place and got themselves surrounded in a Kosher market.

    My conclusion, you would have to be mentally retarded to connect the first lot of facts with the second lot and that is where the difference between emotional and logical thinkers comes into perspective, the emotional thinker can be made to believe the unbelievable whereas the logical thinker can not.

    I shall end on a fitting quote,

    ?Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities?.


    1. @Empty soul..The black market…hahahaha you watch to many movies…so you’ve been to the black market? last time you went there you didn’t see those weapons in stock…? Come on man..there’s a crook in every town that’s willing to get you what you want for the right price.

      1. I?m not a criminal so I couldn?t say for sure but I would have thought that the purchase and movement of heavy duty weaponry such as AK47s and rocket launchers would attract far more attention from the authorities than smaller, lighter arms and that would make finding a dealer of such weaponry a more difficult and expensive task.

        That being so, because the dealers of such items would be more concentrated and few in numbers It would narrow the field for the authorities to probe and would also leave a audit trail leading back through the chain of supply and therefore eventually leading back to you.

      2. Thr black market is very much real and not just some Hollywood fabrication. And yes, you’re right. The right man has the right price, but the better and more specific find, the harder it is to obtain.

        I am not a crook. Lol. Just want to clarify that out. ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. I never said the black market does not exist..Empty soul just thinks that it’s hard to acquire those weapons. The world is flooded with weapons..the biggest black market gun runners and sellers is the government. There is no such thing as a legit sale. A sale is a sale and when it comes to guns there is no glory or a righteousness way of selling them. It’s a fucked up world and guns are a part of it.

        1. @Cerebral_Goretex (love the username btw lol)

          All right, fair enough. But I’d think I’d disagree in terms of sales. Anyway, you’re right about the government part. Biggest suppliers of weaponsare indeed governments, esepcially with the hard to acquire ones. Larger weapons are harder to acquire. Pistols and shot guns are the easiest, based on observation.

          Well, I have to say that there are legit gun sales. I really don’t know what setting you have in your country but here in mine, guns are displayed in malls. Just usual ones, though. Like I said, some finds are harder to obtain. It really isn’t the rarity, but the access to it, that matters.

          If, for example, I wanted a grenade launcher, I don’t think I can get that easily from my friendly neighborhood crook. That would have been much of an easy access to it and a lot of people would have a lot of grenade launchers by now. But, if my dealer happens to know someone who happens to know someone who happens to know a guy who knows a guy who can sell me a grenade launcher then, it is obtainable but no doubt a painfully long process. So, I guess some are just easily obtainable and some aren’t.

      3. @Cerebral_Goretex

        You can tell whether it’s possible to acquire certain types of weapon by whether illegal, organized crime groups have it. It not even organized crime groups have certain weapons in a particular country, you can safely assume it is difficult to acquire even with good black market connections. You don’t need to be the insider. The French intelligence know weapons used in these attacks are not easily seen in France. There are weapons that can be easily had in some countries, but not in others. What more do you need?

    2. The guy in the kosher market was a third man we don’t see in the first video when they killed the cop that is begging for life on the floor. The guy in the kosher market was the one that killed a young female cop while the other two run away towards Reims. The two we see, Kouachi brothers, killing the cop were being surrounded by GIGN in Dammartin-en-Go?le. About the sloppiness around the ID card, it seems that when they arrive on the street at Charlie Hebdo HQ they messed up the adress and tried to enter in the wrong building at first… So… I don’t know, all of this is strange…

      1. People are making it sound as if these were fucking navy seals. A bit of dedication and patience you can train in raid tactics and marksmanship. Look how long the pilots trained for 9/12 . I’d say they were still in a state of rushedness and stress. I keep my cards in my pocket most of the time and not a wallet. If I was in a big rush in a lot of stress I could easily drop a card or two if I was fubling around for a paper with an address or some shit.

        1. @Cerebral_Goretex

          BloodBinge is taking the piss and you should have known that given the subtext.

          As a regular drug user I can state that certain items are harder to get than others and weaponry is no different.

          If you could understand economics you would realise that a pink market and grey market exist as official business grounds and the black market is no different, the black market merely means the sale of goods without taxation by unofficial establishments.

          Given that all weaponry is checked and coded before being sold on and so are bullets it should be easy to follow the track now that the global media are in on the game.

          My conclusion, you are only deceiving yourself if you think the black market doesn?t exist and you are only deceiving yourself if you think that others cannot see through it.

          @realitycheck07, Jesus wept, you sound like you want to desperately defend them at all cost.

          ?If I was in a big rush in a lot of stress I could easily drop a card or two if I was fubling around for a paper with an address or some shit?.

          Get the fuck out of here, I would never make such a mistake under any circumstance and neither would most people.

          Both terrorists dropped their identity cards in the getaway car and this is not understandable or forgivable given their backgrounds or actions.

          Maybe one drops their ID under extreme circumstances but both?, not a fucking chance and you know it.

          I will not believe the unbelievable and I never will, the end.

          1. We, the super wealthy ancient bloodline banking families who control the West and run Washington, Tel Aviv, and London, among other capitals, wish to deliver a message to you:

            We are about to bring our Nazionist New World Order into full power, but Vladimir Putin and the BRICS Alliance are trying to stop us. They are trying to dissolve the power of our US Federal Reserve, which we, the bankers own and control and use to financially enslave the world.

            So, we have commanded our loyal servants (puppets would be a better word) Hussein Obama, the British twit Cameron, and the warlord bulldog Netanyahu to spread a huge war all across the Middle East, drawing in Turkey, Iran, and Russia. We plan to then turn that conflagration into WWIII, to depopulate the Earth of billions of “useless eaters” as our beloved Adolph called them.

            We use the media, which we own and control, to put out articles like this to sway your weak jello-like American and British minds to believe that Putin is the bad guy, and you swallow it hook, line, and sinker! Hahahahahah! We elite are so very clever and cunning. Your tiny minds are no match for us, and we easily control and manipulate you.

            Only we, the elite who own Washington and London have the right to put our warships in the waters near other nations, to make war, and to strike fear into humanity. Putin has no such right!

            Only the American nation, which we bankers control, has the right to ruthlessly bomb civilians, wipe out entire nations, and drop atomic bombs on cities. Hahahahaha! And, we aim to keep that predominance and with it control and enslave the entire world—-once we get Putin out of our way.

            So, yes, dumb sheep in America and England. Keep believing Putin is the bad guy and his planes are evil. Hahahah! We love it when you believe our lies and propaganda!

          2. @empty soul..I never said that the black market does not exist. You stated that you knew for a fact that those weapons where hard to come stated that those weapons could not be easily bough, even on the black market..obviously they were easly bought..or else we wouldn’t be discussing this situation. I was a drug user too and if we didn’t find our fix because the connect was dry we would go to the next city..there isn’t just one dude’s a MARKET. A “terrorist” has more connections than you’re average joe.. Hope you kick that drug habit.Just remember that if you ever want to attain anything, communication is key.

        2. @realitycheck at least one of the pilots from 9/11 couldn’t fly even a small single engined plane let alone a passenger jet going at least 3 times as fast and from the way you said that statement about the pilot it sounds like you believe the official story at least to the extent that these ‘terorrists’ were the ones doing the flying which is ironic seeing as your name is ‘realitycheck’ and as for the shooters being rushed and panicked looked to me like they were very calm and in control something which doesnt come about from repetition as soon as the bullets fly an untrained inexperienced person with their adrenaline pumping will lose their head completely but as can clearly be seen from the video from the other day those guys were doing their ‘day job’ so to speak very calm and collected even to the extent of recognising something on the floor that belongs to them and picking it up then driving off like nothing had happened so sorry but you don’t get that good by watching rambo movies and practicing in your bedroom look at the videos from syria of the IS guys even they after months of combat still cock it up lose their heads and hip fire which also begs the question where did these brothers get their specialist training from?

          1. Could be, I’m not saying there isn’t something to this but wouldn’t it benifet the jihadis to make people think they are totally incapable of advanced tactics and training, oh wait only Jews can be trained that well. And no I don’t believe the truther shit about 9/11 ERMAHGEERD! BEST GORE BLASPHEMER!! haha ! I swear this site is turning into a Muslim loving , Jew hating cult. No objectivity and definitely not neutral. Biased as fuck for sure.

          2. The SAS for a start are hardcore and very well trained not to mention the SEALs, spetsnaz and the israeli commandos, so you think 19 retards overcame a whole country who spends billions a year on their defense budget and that bush and cheney knew nothing like this could happen even though this exact scenario was dreamt up by the pentagon back in the sixties not to mention the US army were practising a drill that dealt with the exact events which unfolded and you also therefore believe that three buildings can defy the law of pyshics and not find it at all suspicious that 2.3 trillion dollars went missing the day before which was never fully investigated?
            Dont see how it is a muslim loving website either seeing as every day there are jihadis being mocked on here? Also I am from jewish decent and have many muslim friends who all tell me this is not the way they are taught to live? I think its more that you like the vast majority cannit bear the truth or do not care

          3. Realitycheck has watched the bourne identity, ultimatum and supremacy too many times.
            A criminal isn’t stupid. He knows he did something wrong. So a smart criminal will jump cars and move as far as possible to plan his next move.

        1. They should have used a French shitbox called the Lecar. Love when people wreck those things, always wanted to take a can of spray paint to one that’s been in a bad accident and paint cass after Lecar, Lecarcass.

          1. Hahaha. I treat everyone equally. And if feminists call men whores and deadbeats. Then I can do the same. And I like role play. So I love fucking a girl in a nun costume or a hijab. It’s always sexy. Lol

    3. I would surmise these 3 gentlemen were in fact sold down river to complete the facade.
      These pawns got rooked and probably never expected the turn.
      You gotta laugh at the ID’s too.
      Is this the reason they choose to hang around..? They no longer had license to drive..? I’m sure someone would actually consider that a possibility.

    4. I agree, empty. Emotions do come first before cognition. Reason why in the heat of an argument, people lose their cool and just spew on insults, rather than essential facts.

      Aa always, elaborate and eloquent. Cheers to you!

    5. As always @empty a great well rounded logical analysis of the situation the bit about the ids is a blatant plant these guys were sold down the river whilst whoever done the actual deed was well on their way back to their master’s side when all this shit going down.

      Think about it they focused all their efforts on these brothers and the third man in the kosher market and its too ironic that the day after mossad is linked to this crime they try and cover their tracks by staging the next shootout in a jewish establishment, oh no it can’t be the jews because they are being targeted too…. sorry bullshit it happened before can’t remember off the top of my head which incident it was but mosaad was linked then the next day a couple of jews were targeted to remove suspicion from them. These brothers do not look capable of pulling off this heist. And also how did they get from one side of paris to the other during morning rush hour without much incident?? I remember from my trip to paris that whatever time you are out on the streets its a total nightmare so how did they get through unhindered?!

        1. Not just from the mugshot from the video the other day when they shoot the cop you can see both of their skin tones are not the same as from the photos the skin tones in the video are very white looking check for yourself in the eye holes of the balaclavas its quite clear they are a close match to the white door mirror of the car but there are a number of reasons why I don’t believe these two actually did it and as empty said who has their id card on its own I have my driving license I my wallet just like every other person I know and whoever done this clearly wanted to keep their identities hidden which incidentally is not in keeping with islamic terrorism how many terrorists that put themselves into a situation like this expect to come out alive? Cz I haven’t seen one instance they all go in with the intention of doing the most damage before they either off themselves or get killed none of this is logical or makes sense too many holes and coincidences for me to believe the official story

          1. He’s a hard core establishment worshiper. Don’t expect him to have thoughts that contradict what the government says happened. That would go against the popular herd mentality.

      1. What “one side of paris to the other during morning rush hour without much incident”?! They did had an accident and they changed car, and the 11eme arrondissement is not on the other side of Paris. It’s at the east of Paris and they went east to escape so…

        1. @aumenarys the timeline on bbc news shows the start of the operation somewhere at the south end of paris and the last known sighting at the north end of paris but yes it was on the east side but you can’t just travel east to west or vise versa and I did say “much incident” also going by the timeline if there is any validity in it apparently they shot a cop before they reached chatlie hebdo so why was the police not on high alert sooner and I don’t believe all the coincidences that happened you just don’t get that many with a legit operation

    6. The chance of leaving your ID in the getaway car is slim to none….Did you see that Charlie Hebdo tweeted Mossad Baghdadi cartoon with the caption….happy new year right before or after the shooting? the same people supplying the weapons and instructions planted the IDs…Who created Al Queda during the Afghan Russia war? Yep the CIA….Israel is feeling the heat with Palestine taking them to the International Criminal Court and Europe voting for a Palestine State….

    1. Too tired to argue but the truth is only one of them left their Id and its not surprising considering they were in such a rush. As to why they had the ids…if you were on the way to kill someone would you want to get pulled over by a cop for something stupid, without your ID? Then they search your car possibly? Then its game over your plot failed

      1. Didnt seem in that much of a rush they took a leisurely stroll back to their car after shooting the cop also is it possible that the thing that was dropped and then picked back up again was their id? Pretty sure when the MSM mentioned the id they said ‘documents’ not ‘card’ but anyways I think the cop would of pulled them over for the balaclavas and body armour more than some shitty driving

          1. @texas_pariah at the most they were jogging and only the last bit just after killing the cop they were walking and when they get back to the car they are walking again which isnt ‘rushing’ in any sense of the word and no need to show me the video again watched it many times

      2. LOL dude, are you for real? These guys killed a few cops.Are you really trying to tell me that they’d have IDs so after a mission to kill a bunch of cops, they could show it to traffic cops in case they get pulled over? After carrying out the country’s most notorious massacre in years, with every cop on a lookout for suspects, they’d show their IDs in case of a traffic stop?

        I’ve heard dumb asses talk, but you kid have just wiped them clean off the table:

        We got masks over our heads, and military grade weapons that no typical French has access to, and the entire country is upside down cause we just killed a bunch of people. But let’s make sure we carry our IDs so we don’t raise any suspicion if we get pulled over!

        That sure sounds like thinking of well trained terrorists, doesn’t it…

          1. The level to which you sheeple are willing to descend to prove your worth in the herd is quite humorous, I must say. Never seen anything like that.

        1. Okay obviously you’re delusional. I’m not a dumbass, if I’m going to go kill someone I’ll take my Id so if I get pulled over about a minor violation like speeding I’ll have my Id so I don’t get detained at that moment. After the killing it doesn’t matter. Of course. Are you really that desperate to disprove common sense?

          1. For the record pariah I did understand that you meant before the actual job but on the other hand people on the way to commit mass murder would not allow a traffic cop to stop them pretty sure if they were pulled over they would have just shot the guy if he was gonna get in the way of their plans

          2. @texas I thought you weren’t arguing tonight. Let me tell you if you think it’s common sense to take an I.D to a murder charge you’d be the guy who ends up
            Murdere by his own peers for getting them all caught.No offence intended either. I wouldn’t expect a decent moral person to understand these things entirely but I do see your point it’s just a bit James Bond

          3. They had whole military gears on them, do you really think their ID was sufficient in a traffic stop? And in France licence paper is considered as ID paper as well.

        2. @acneska. Sadly I agree with you. The very same I.D trick has been used so many times before but yet even on here some people still have trouble accepting the world isn’t all candy and rainbows and that the establishment is the biggest criminal organisation going. You are right about the weapons too. Let me tell you my way Of life has been pretty far up the criminal echelons in the past I have markers on my Police intelligence for firearms. I could go out and buy a gun tomorrow I have contacts all over but a rocket launcher ? If I made enquiries about one is probably be laughed at and disowned by my peers. I’m sorry for those who can’t accept it but from the minute I heard the word I.D and RPG I was Kosher in my beliefs. The Black market is very real too you can even buy police and state apologists there. WAKE UP

  4. I still don’t understand why you say that Charlie Hebdo never did anything against Jews… They did make pictures about Israel and Jews :

    On the other all this “JE SUIS CHARLIE” shite is complete hypocritical because there is French humourist, Dieudonn?, that is always talking against Zionist and shite like that. Guess what? Most of France wanted him to shut up and he got a trial and lost it of course. And now that Charlie Hebdo is dead everybody is like “freedom of speech is the most important thing of all”… I don’t if you can find some Dieudonn? videos in with English subtitles, but you should search for him, he’s very funny ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for the info @ Aumenarys. I was not aware myself, of how much Jew stuff they had actually done! In one of these links the last one states ( Why Did The Jews, Or Israel Not Assassinate the Charly Hebdo reporters Yet ? ) Well, i guess they were just waiting for the right time, to use a scape goat for their dirty work.

      1. @Acneska, you can’t really say what’s insulting to someone and what’s not. I can look at something and say that’s not bad at all but to someone else it can be highly offensive. You can say that COMPARED to the Muslim and Christian ones that they’re not as bad, but I can make an even more offensive comic about Mormons. Does that mean then the Muslim & Christian ones then become not so bad because another was worse?

        1. Hmm, can you really not tell there is difference between being intentionally insulting, and making a lighthearted joke?

          Being intentionally insulting involves searching for what a particular group feels strongly about and mocking it by creating deliberate associations with what the group feels strongly opposed to.

          If an artist drew a cartoon to the effect of someone having been able to fit 6 Million Jew in his car, because they all fit in the ashtray, and caption it with something to the effect of it being hilarious, or a Rabbi with a caption asking sucking which baby dick gave him the most raging hard-on, that would be more in line with “insulting”. Charly Hebdo takes this type of approach with Muslims, but never with Jews. It doesn’t take a genius to see the difference, does it?

          1. Well put @acneska and also quite a funny quip about the holohoax, also I read that “tales of the holohoax” and it does sum up sheeples mind set very well and afterwards I looked at the aerial photos of one of the crematoriums from 1944 and surprise surprise no smoke from any chimney stack but I guess the exterminators were having a day off that day ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. You know, Charlie Hebdo is running since 1969 and before it was called Hara-Kiri (started in 1960), so I guess that during those years they made really decent pictures that were quite offensive towards Jews, even if we can’t find all of them on the internet (since it’s a publication every week since 1969, I bet there are tons of cartoons made for Charlie Hebdo). And the cartoons that represents Hitler, if it’s not insulting, then I don’t know what insulting means… Because you may not know, but “youpin” in French is a racist word to designate Jews. And he says “Ca gaze?” which is a sentence we usually use that means “How are you?” but “gaze” (“to gas” in English) is a direct reminder of what happened to Jews during WW2, as you can guess. Furthermore, the title “Finally, we can say it : Hitler is super nice”, how is this not insulting towards Jews?

        1. That means in the 1960’s, Charlie Hebdo was a real satirical magazine. Now it’s just a Zionism propaganda tool. Somewhere along the way, it’s lost its path. Nowadays, cartoonists get fired for as little as publishing news on son of the president marrying a Jewess, let alone making actual cartoons that make actual fun of the Jews. But that’s not just Charlie Hebdo – 21st century freedom of speech means it’s OK to insult Muslims, but not the Jews. The people who did are in jail or persecuted for it to some capacity.

          1. Yeah, I agree with you on “that’s OK to insult Muslims, but not the Jews”… All that, just because Nazis tried to exterminate them, just like they are doing now with Arab people…

    2. The Charlie cartoonists where pretty shite really though. They did have a thing for Muslims too so it’s no wonder. I bet if they’d insulted Benyamin Fucknamayadudu they’d have had magnetic nano cluster bombs placed in their pencil sharpeners a long time ago. Israel is all for freedom of Israel’s speech. Where is Chosen these days anyway ? I’ve missed her little misguided rants.

  5. As for the officer that committed suicide after his part in the Charlie Hebdo investigation, he took his own life before handing in his report. Also this officer had witnessed in November of 2013 the suicide of one of his colleges in the same building. He, had used his own service revolver, and also shot himself in his office. Weird! The officer that took his own life yesterday was also depressed, and was experiencing a burn-out, as described by his colleges.

  6. It looks like it was one of their own. In the beginning when the shutters go up, one of them enters the building with a riot shield. To me, it looks like it is him running back out without the shield though. Seems to be wearing all the same gear.

  7. That guy was armed, he had a rifle on his back, you can see it clearly when he falls down after being shot.

    Also, i think this jewish “Hyper Ca$h?r” attack is gonna create some sort of boost of mentality for people to believe “jews are innocent victims, boo-fucking-hoo”… Its just too much conviniences and coicidences for a week…

  8. The culprit involved in taking control of a large Jew market in Eastern Paris was a Moslem Negro.

    Hayat Boumeddiene is either some sort of bizarre half-breed mongrel lashing out due to lack of a suitable racial identity or seems to be the descendent of recent Moslem converts… she is a second person of interest to authorities and an identified co-conspirator to the terrorists.

    According to those on the ground… miles away in a similar encounter inside a print shop… the monkey was repeatedly demanding that his fellow hostage-takers be allowed to escape unimpeded… out of the country.

    With loud explosions and automatic gunfire being heard… elite special forces have launched near-simultaneous operations on both sites.
    The Black seems to have been killed… while the brothers involved in the Charlie Hebdo shootings are reported to have had the same fate.

    This demonstrates the complete inability of all primitive non-Whites to adjust to Western society… I won’t shed a tear for these generally annoying parasites taken hostage… and at least a few killed… by the African.

    Without fear of diluting the impact of ideas… or of being called out for picking on the simple simians… the Blacks can be mentioned in the same sentence as the subhuman Sand Bandits.

      1. @elmaspison

        Are you actually claiming that the Paris attacks by Muslim gunmen had nothing to do with Islam?
        Are you mentally ill?

        They openly talked about being martyrs for their religious beliefs… the gunmen were Muslim.
        This had nothing to do with Islam… right?
        So… the sky must be purple… right?

        1. There is protocol that needs to be followed while the real reason behind this incident is being played out behind closed doors just how they planned it. Of course they are gonna claim Islam did it. as the ones that trained and hired these shooters need a distraction. Their race, color or religion is irrelevant. As you’re aware that a nigger, a wet back, a chink or even a cracker can break into your house if they need money to buy meth or crack. But They will make a excuse that they need to eat.
          Jews can never have enough money or control to carry out whatever they want on us. So now laws are gonna be implemented. More technology is gonna be used so they can control you even more. And all that means more money in their pocket. And more hate for a camels world wide.

    1. @elmaspison

      I apologize for being a prick… let me explain…

      The French government and the Jew run media want us to believe that this is some sort of complicated problem that requires complicated solutions.
      Without linking it to any one group of people… they are claiming that the problem isssome sort of vague type of extremism.
      We need to have thousands of riot police in the streets, spy on people’s communications and destroy privacy rights to fight said extremism… so they claim.

      Muslims are carrying out the vast majority of these attacks… clearly.
      To everyone this much should be obvious.
      The fact that it represents an ideology that is totally incompatible with Western countries… therefore the problem is with Islam.
      For centuries it has been this way.
      Therefore… White European nations should remove these huge populations of Muslims… it makes sense.

      Large numbers of Muslims should not be in Europe… but it is true that some of these attacks may have been financed by intelligence organizations like the Mossad and the CIA.
      Without large minority populations of Muslims in our countries… by default… the threat of these types of attacks would be greatly reduced.
      Figuring this out should not be that difficult.
      I guess having this view makes me some evil “Nazi” or “racist”… right?
      Basically this is common sense.

      While simultaneously letting Muslims live inside White European countries… we are told that we have to bomb countries full of Muslims.
      We are seeing the results of it… this is the most insane policy you can imagine.
      Rightfully so… the alleged war on terror has only created a larger number of angry Muslims.
      If an invading force came in and started killing your people… wouldn’t you be mad?
      Having sought to undermine the racial cohesion of all White European cultures since World War 2… the only group of people this type of policy benefits are Jews.
      With their non-stop promotion of subversive multicultural propaganda, race mixing and open border policies… it is too obvious not to see this.
      For their own benefit they’re basically trying to get White Europeans and Muslims who they perceive as racial enemies to fight each other.
      The only real solution is separation.

      The French people should be demanding every year Muslim be removed from their country and denounce Islam immediately.
      It was Jew promoted policies that allowed such a situation to occur in the first place… they should demand a ban of all Jews from their country.
      French Jews are being invited to immigrate to Israel by the war criminal Jew leader of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu… this is good news.
      They should take him up on his offer… I hope.

      To misdirect people’s attention from the real problem is a pathetic attempt by the French government and the Jew run media… this will fail miserably.

    1. The stupid nigger wasn’t that smart …I heard they rushed in while he was doing his evening prayer…i assume Muslims have set times to pray ….he didn’t even pray and spray with his AK47….I guess he thought his virgins would be enough….idiot…

      1. Yes muslims do have set pray times and I have to agree he couldnt of been the sharpest tool in the shed maybe they caught him while he was gobbling down some jew chow behind Muhammad’s back. Too bad for him no one mentioned these 72 virgins will be too busy playing world of warcraft to pleasure him, also how dumb are these ‘martyrs’ if they all think they will get 72 virgins, there aren’t enough virgins in the world who are living let alone dead

  9. French Jews are moving to Britain or Israel because of a rising anti-Jewish sentiment in France.

    After Jews promoted the idea that Muslims should be allowed to immigrate into Europe… once again I find it quite ironic that these Jews are fleeing like rats.
    The French people have to deal with a large minority Muslim population that have the potential to create all sorts of chaos within France… because of the Cultural Marxist indoctrination.
    If a few Muslims can do this… imagine what a hundred or a thousand of them can do.
    France needs to remove these Muslims immediately.
    This is the only solution.

    Jews are removing themselves from France… if there is any good news to this situation… this is it.
    They need to pack their bags and resettle in Israel.
    It is far preferable to have Jews there than in Europe… even though I don’t support the parasite Jewish state of Israel.

  10. You mentioned the hypocrisy of the situation, but did you know that Charlie Hebdo’s own editor fired cartoonist Maurice Sinet in 2008 after he refused to issue an apology over a Jewish joke. Sinet was also brought to trial on charges of inciting racial hatred (beat them thankfully and won a seperate case for wrongful termination for which he was awarded ?40,000).

    1. Yes, I mentioned Maurice Sinet in both articles. It’s sad that most of the public does not see the hypocrisy in considering cartoons insulting to Muslims free speech, but anything even remotely insulting to Jews is grounds for prosecution and witch hunt by the same public that calls anti Islam cartoons freedom of speech.

      Maurice Sinet didn’t even do anything anti Semitic – he just pointed out that son of French president wanted to become a Jew and planned to convert to Judaism, but then the arranged marriage with wealthy Jewess was made happen.

      But of course it doesn’t count as freedom of the press is it offends the Jews (even if what you say is not really offensive, but it involves the Jews and that’s ground enough face prosecution).

      The sole fact that there are dozens of historians and investigative journalists in jail for researching the Holocaust without accepting beforehand what their research must in the end conclude, should alone be the reason to reject such false freedom of the press as preached by the pro anti-Muslim cartoons crowd.

  11. Can someone please fill in my ignorance by explaining the difference between leaving ID cards behind in getaway vehicles and other ‘methods’ of ‘claiming responsibility’? If you are going to more or less go the whole hog with something, ie prospects of more long term escape aren’t brilliant, then what’s fishy about deliberately leaving behind your calling cards? Putting aside essentially unsubstantiated conjecture re conspiracy theories. Seems like an efficient method to me. Those two items obviously weren’t needed in oblivion…

    1. Other than how puzzling it is that you conspiracy theorists have fallen for the first conspiracy theory fed to you by the press, and eaten it whole, there really is nothing to fill you in on. Sometimes things really are what they seem. Mossad does not leave their real calling cards. Their motto is “By the way of deception you shall wage war“. Of course they would leave a calling card that frames Muslims. They’ve done precisely that in many of their past false flag operations.

      1. Thanks. I don’t need a trigger happy ‘conclusion’ myself. I abide by one of the only worthwhile tenets in such affairs: He who is slow to learn anything and everything is of great understanding, for belief in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom. But I’ve digressed from why I come to bestgore. Less about conjecture regarding shady political machinations, more about self analysis regarding eroded empathy. I know we all can’t be posting long essays routinely. However, frequently the brevity of comments here leave me wondering about the poster’s drive for the truth.

    2. @Felinefriend,

      ?what?s fishy about deliberately leaving behind your calling cards??

      It?s fishy because the first lot of attackers wore balaclavas to hide their identities.

      If they had wanted to get caught(claim responsibility)they wouldn?t have bothered with disguises, they would have just gone into Charlie Hebdo clean shaven and with great big smiles across their faces.

      1. Admittedly I entertained a possibility of getting the job done well enough, and then drawing French police to them for more carnage. Alright, fellas, that’s all for now. I’ll go back to playing my video games, and popping in from time to time endowed with my dubious lust for more Mexican chainsaw beheadings, etc. For the record, I respect a number of people who post here regularly. They have stimulated a few dormant neurons on occasions, and if everyone was as indifferent as myself the comments section wouldn’t add up to much at all.

  12. All of this boils down to one thing in the end. Political Correctness. What is deemed to be PC or not by our corrupt elitist leaders. This ideology has caused more damage to our way of life than any other.

    Become part of the Campaign Against Political Correctness. We ALL owe it to ourselves to be vigilant in the battle against this cancer.

  13. je pense qu il s est suicid?,mais ce que je comprend pas c est haram le suicide dans la religion musulmane,en final je pense que c?tait des beaufs 3 de neuronnes tout ca pour ca? mais ce qui est sur c est que Anonymous va s occuper de vous ,

  14. Just one last question – has anyone got some *good* recommendations for a book on Mossad? Or decent documentary. I woke up this morning with a desire to look into it/them. As they appear to be a version worth looking into for now. I’ll buy it as a boomerang present for a family member. I’ve been watching short little shitty things on YouTube today, but I really need something more in depth.

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