Video of Smethwick Stabbing Victim Being Worked on by Paramedics

Video of Smethwick Stabbing Victim Being Worked on by Paramedics

Video of Smethwick Stabbing Victim Being Worked on by Paramedics

Related to the stabbing incident in Smethwick, UK, here’s the aftermath video showing the victim being worked on by paramedics.

The identity of the victim was confirmed as 31 year old Karl Gallagher of Smethwick. Four people suspected of having been involved in his murder at West Cross Shopping Centre have been arrested and are being questioned by detectives.

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44 thoughts on “Video of Smethwick Stabbing Victim Being Worked on by Paramedics”

  1. wtf…

    didnt he get stabbed in the chest ?
    is it really safe to massage his chest or that just gonna pump even more blood into his lungs ?

    also, to people filming with phone… stop fucking wave your hands while you hold the phone , it give nausea -_-

    1. Looks like AED pads, if he’s not breathing then the AED shocks the heart to try restart it, during the process it tells you to either keep on with CPR ( to keep oxygen flowing to the brain) or it will shock if it can pick up a rhythm in the heart.

    1. Its England, therefore the killer will get given life(Life means 10 years over here) which will then be reduced to 5 years due to him displaying good behaviour whilst inside whilst his accomplices will get 6 months each. If that.

      The above is how it works over here, much to our utter shame.

      Robbing a bank will get you a good 20 years or so though. Priorities and all that I guess.

    1. If there was a knife murder in England and you were to shout out “niggers” immediately upon hearing it you would be right 8 times out of 10.

      If niggers and knife related murder could be bet upon like the horse racing then I would never bet against them because the odds would net me a constant profit.

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  2. Just judging by my past experiences, that dude is dead. I recognize the gaped mouth and flaccid body bounce. Medics are probably trying to buy time to get enough cops there so they can escape.

  3. To all people calling the attackers “apes”( wich I bare no sympathy and they fucking deserve any punishment they will get)
    Let’s say there were no immigrants in UK, will this sort of stabbing and crimes won’t happen?

      1. No they fucking dont. Only armed response are allowed to be armed. Oh before you tell me to do research I am British by birth so I dont need to and I literally live 10 minutes away from where this happened. The only British police who are armed wholesale are the northern Irish police and that is because of the IRA.

  4. Did the Paramedic Just Say (near the very end of the Video) That he don’t think that the patient will ultimately survive, or the like??? Cause with the strong accent,,, it fucks me up, so therefore i cannot tell exactly what he was saying. 🙁

  5. An update on this , the footballer/lawyer/architect Karl Gallagher who died was a convicted armed robber , who should have served a 15 year sentence but was let out after 6 years . He had also been convicted of rape .
    His killer ‘Tyrell ‘ took part in a drive by shooting at the age of 14 , had previous convictions for rape and stabbing .

  6. Man this one hits close to home. I’m from Wolverhampton UK literally a stones throw away from where this happened. I will ask around and try to gather some more information about it and update yall soon as.

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