Video of Truck Plowing Into Crowd Commemorating Bastille Day in Nice, France

Video of Truck Plowing Into Crowd Commemorating Bastille Day in Nice, France

Photo above is not a screencap from the video. It alleges to depict one of the 80 victims of the truck attack on people gathered for festivities commemorating the Bastille Day in Nice, France. There is something morbidly beautiful about that picture.

The video of the truck plowing into the crowd in Nice is below. The camera operator jerked and filmed the ground just as the truck was coming through, so all we have is the sound of people’s skulls giving the bumper a kiss good bye.

Props to Best Gore member @Deoxys for the video:

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    1. Niggers and Muslims have been killing whitey again recently and Jew is laughing all the way to the fucking bank as per usual. God bless Russia for keeping the white race alive and well. Rise Germany , time is running out.

    1. This is no hoax as you can clearly see.

      Horrible that someone could do this to someone.

      Islam and muslims is the new enemy of mankind.

      We really need to “fix the problem” quickly or the problem will fix us.

      1. Both jewish and muslim ideologies are a problem for White people, but it is essentially a racial problem. And the worst thing is not Arab violence, but the jewish program of race replacement. And if Arab violence is a reaction to the jewish-led western intervention in the Middle East, then it has little to do with islam. And muslim violence may unwittingly save us from the jews by encouraging resistance.

        Just yesterday, before the mayhem in Nice, the greasy jew Hollande said that the problem we have is “the rise of populisms”. It’s a set phrase used by jews: “la montΓ©e des populismes”. It means that Arab terrorism and White nationalism are seen by jews as the same kind of populist disease. I think the real disease is the presence of jews in western countries.

        Last May, Patrick Calvar, the Breton director of the French main intelligence agency (DGSI) told a committee in the French parliament that they were beginning to divert resources away from watching Muslim radicals so as to keep a closer eye on the “ultra right”. He thinks terrorism by the “ultra right” is bound to happen, and he wants to start fighting it before it even starts. I don’t know if he understands that he is working to destroy White people for the benefit of his jewish masters. My guess is that he is stupid. At least, he doesn’t take the view that the French are completely finished. He thinks some of them will start resisting at some point, and his job is to destroy them.

  1. this seems pretty horrifying. imagine seeing your child, mother, sister or friends smeared not the road. if I was french i’d be pissed at my government. this should be the last straw. I would want my government to deport every arab, north african, muslim sympathizer immediately. they should go door to door arrest every single one of them and through them back to their countries of origin. This is only going to get worse. This even bugs me the most because being crushed by a truck is brutal. and all these poor people were out trying to have a good time with their families. I don’t think France is innocent they have been involved int eh middle east and north africa for a long time and have colonized arab countries but the only solution now is to deport all arabs and muslims.

    1. agree, it’ll only get worse. one needs to read a little bit of islamic history to understand that anything it touches eventually becomes islamic. France will become like Lebanon pretty soon.
      whether or not the zionist nwo did this particular attack is another matter imo.

    2. our government is gone for some time already… we all know that whatever the guy sit on the presidential chair, nothing gonna change. its all business for their asses.
      i fuck my government for some time already , sadly i still have the job depending of them (in some parts).
      trust me, sinze Hollande is president, we have more kill/attack than never before. this president will not escape his fate and he will pay for this soon, very soon, when he is no more president he need to answer all about this, at this moment he will fall very very deep in the shit.

      i wouldnt be surprise if we all vote for FN in the next president, would be a big bang in eyes, but nothing in deep….. as always… nice speech, but nothing else. its time for our country to have balls to make a war that deserve this name, by kick some ass around the world and make the “terrorist fight” moved.
      shit that make some years that i (and my collegues) wait for this here… send us fight the real ones, not the shit africans dogs…

      1. Honey iv been thinking
        +saying that for years!
        It’s gone past that point,where our fag world leaders just continue enjoy taking it in the ass. Muslims should be embarrassed and frightened to live in America,or foreign land after all these attacks in the name of Islam.Just waiting for an all out revolt against them. I’m talking burning down mosques,lynchings,etc. cmon fight fire with fire! Too many innocent good people have been brutally killed. It’s insanity. Soon it’ll be one of us.

        1. I think the islamist groups want the western countries to revolt against islam and discriminate against muslims, burn down their mosques etc. that’ll bring all the muslims into the arms of the islamic terror groups and help their cause. Also, I think the majority of muslims are in fact peaceful and good people. Islam is the second biggest religion in the world. However i don’t think islam is a good religion even if most are peaceful. I see so many people that claim to be muslims and are in fact good and peaceful people but they also don’t really follow islam. I know girls that call themselves “muslims” but drink alcohol, party, have a boyfriend, eat bacon and then tell people that islam is a “peaceful religion” when they would be killed in most islamic societies. so basically the ignorant muslims that don’t know shit about the religion are the peaceful ones i think.

          1. Persian Right on, but if the Peaceful Muslims don’t take control of Islam, they will have to pay the price. Yes it’s not fair, but that’s how the world works

  2. And torture is such a bad thing for the people who do this kind of shit? The Japanese in World War Two were suicidal maniacs like these assholes. And, so, because they didn’t care, we helped them by not taking them prisoners of war because they would die first. So, these islamic assholes need to be helped out of this world and on to their place in the hereafter without mercy or PC bullshit. I wish that a whole lot of the big leftist people in governments would get a dose of this murder and mayhem in their lives and then we would see things change. Rape, torture and decapitate their daughters and these big shots would have a different perspective.

    1. I don’t even think the japanese kamikaze were as bad as these sand people because they attacked what they considered their enemy, the soldiers and battleships , planes etc… not little children in the street like these psycho Islam Durka people

      1. Actually, the Japanese in WWII were far worse. Especially when they invaded China. Tens of thousands of civilians intentionally murdered. Thousands of Chinese young children and babies bayonetted for sport.

    1. its beautyful because its extremly sentimental picture. i agree about the beauty of this picture. its dat kind of picture that can easily put a tear on your eyes without been gore, horrible or more. and thats, its beauty

    2. The eternal innocence the picture depicts is what makes it beautiful – precious. It shows all the good things this child will never know or understand. But it also shows that she will never have to know the suffering, pain and loss which life brings either. It’s bittersweet, really.

  3. finally someone who got the “action” itself…

    even if we not see alots, we caneasily imagine the rampage just by see this truck coming faster on all the peoples, not to mention the “bam!” sound, but this video is priceless imho. it clearly show how the situation turn quickly to happy to rampage chaos.

    big up to the person who have film that and who got balls to post it on the net. actually the best video about this

  4. This sounds pretty cold, but when I see videos like this I always try and guess which ones get killed.

    Just being honest. It doesn’t mean I think it’s ok to kill or anything, I mean it’s pretty cowardly to kill people with a vehicle. Talk about overkill though, hey? Like, he didn’t use a Kia, he used a fuckin one ton cube truck. He obviously felt the need to make a statement of some sort. I knew right away it was Isis. They jerk off to this kind of stuff, so it was pretty obvious.

    I read those goat fuckers are losing ground, but that’s more likely propaganda by the American Gov.

    Funny, I don’t see videos of atrocities against Islam by the U.S, France, or anyone for that matter. Hmm…how does that work? Oh that’s right. That doesn’t happen!!??

    1. It is propaganda by the U.S. gov. This P.O.T.U.S. is actually a Muslim there are pic after pic of him in his towl head garb. He was raised in the crap all his childhood. He went to a Muslim school, his father was a Muslim turned atheist. So little barry didn’t have a choice. We are at war with Islam…..don’t give two fucks what they say. Until we wipe out these goat fucks from our planet, it will continue. We will have martial law in the very near future in the United states. I will be shocked if it does not happen before obummer gets out of office.

  5. Quel rasoir, George Weller did this in Santa Monica, was convicted on ten counts for show, then the fellow Jewish sentencing judge gave probation, despite noting Weller’s extreme indifference and callousness’ so excuse me if I don’t give a shit in the states when kikes go on rampages but we can’t even criticize Israeli policy.

  6. Nothing beautiful about this picture at all.
    An innocent child whose life has been taken in such a gruesome way? Bought a tear to my eye, but perhaps your not a parent like I.

      1. “You can have any color,as long as it`s black”
        That`s what Henry Ford said in nineteen ten
        But I`m not so sure…..
        That he wasn`t talking about the minds of men
        Who were brainwashed and trained just for an attack.

        These routes are a map of their emotional destinations
        But a map is not the territory in my estimation
        So do yourself a favor,and let the path grow over
        Let the bubbles settle at the bottom of the kettle
        And all of that calcium will fertilize the clover.

        You can landscape Eden`s garden all you want
        With a spade and a shovel and a forkful of detente
        So let that path grow over,and do yourself a favor
        Let the old ways be lost………….
        And find a new ideology to follow and savor.

  7. Yes, it did seem like ten pin bowling. However he only permanently knocked over 84 skittles, so he didn’t bowl a perfect game. Though he did do a lot better than his kid brother in the Philippines who only scored four skittles

      1. My God, I was literally thinking the same things. I usually read all comments before I post to make sure no ones said the same thing, and yalls comments blew me away. I wondered if he died or miraculously was somehow spared. I guess it’s true, ya know, great minds and all that. God be with the families of the victims.

        1. How awful….prayers for Nice and all that shite. Because what we need after yet another senseless massacre done in the name of religion is what…more religion? How insulting. Fuckouttahere.
          Fortitude, understanding, sympathy, empathy, family, love, justice be with the victims and their families. Fuck god. He’s a dick.

  8. Oh my, the way she screamed “my daughter” then hearing the actual crying of the baby and the sounds those crushed bodies made.. Tho, i’m still asking myself why did she still hold the camera when the truck was coming? probably she didn’t saw it..

  9. Mhm! Yummi! That’s gotta be many road pizza’s for sure! Btw, her dauthah is prolly rottening her way out in da casket anyway πŸ˜€ No more nightlife for her πŸ˜‰ I am just going to live my life, but she’s not. She is in nailed in the ground forever! HAH! i luv ISIS.

    Nah but I will seriously think of her mother when I take a shit, have a nice day m8’s!

    1. Da da da, me 2 cool 2 rite like da rest a u. I gotsta make sure 2 get the attention I deserve. Yeah, that bitch dead. Fuk her an her momma. Imma take a shit on her grave cuz thats cool an shit, maybe ISIS will let me join em then cuz nobody elze wants my sorry azz. L8tr, biotches!

  10. Just when one thinks the shit can’t get much deeper, another sad, low life fucking waste of oxygen plumbs new depths.
    Only way this peas for bollocks fucking moron could get any attention. Downright pathetic piece of excrement.

  11. not screaming “my daughter,” certainly screaming “madonna” which is “my god” in Italian…

    The huge fast lethality of the truck swerving down the promenade.

    the unknowing glance by the young dude with the camera, looking at the camera, is the stuff of nightmares.

    And then the horrible shriek.

    indelible video.

  12. France is reaping what they have sown. Blissfully unaware of how the world really works, they naively embraced multiculturism thinking everyone would hold hands and sing Cumbaya, and now that there are so far down that rabbit hole that Islam is the second most popular religion in France, they are seeing what “multiculturalism” really is, but it is too late to right the ship. Britain leaving the EU was the smart move, as otherwise this would eventually be their fate as well.

  13. Muslims are the coolest people I feel! If it wasn’t for Muslims and terrorists first of all this sight probably won’t exist and a lot of you pussies would be sharing your comments on Facebook instead of acting tough here on this sight from the privacy and safety of your house like you’re gonna do something! Go for it , and make tomorrow’s video

  14. First time poster, long time lurker (o_O)

    People are weird, between the 17 and 19 second timeline portion of the video you can see people looking at the truck coming, and running Iver people but don’t try warning anyone.

    And at 23 – 24 seconds you see some poor bastard just before he’s struck, and as the camera dips down you can notice he’s wearing flip flops.

  15. Hello all. First post here. That guy in the beginning looking down the street like “WTF is this ?” and then the camera pans right to a dude looking at the cameraman like “WTF are you looking at?”. Then the second guy gets hit from behind right after. So fucking brutal !!! And the sounds of the impacts… damn! I say there should be an international call to arms. No more PC bullshit. They want a war, so be it. Can’t reason with a delusional savage.

  16. Between the 17 and 19 second portion you can see people watching the truck come and they’re but staring.

    The poor bastard that gets hit at 23 seconds you can notice he’s wearing flip flops as the camera dips down. The evil killer flip flops have made it to Europe from Asia (o_O)

  17. Apparently it also was filmed from a first-floor balcony at Hotel Westminster. I haven’t been able to find this online – anyone got it to be able to share with the group?

  18. Question?? how come there is no blood on the white truck?? If the truck plowed through a crowd of people killing 84 and injuring over 200, you would see some blood splattered on the truck, but you don’t. The reason is because the entire Nice Paris incident was a hoax, a fabrication were nobody died and nobody was injured. Crisis actors were used and also dummies to make it look like people were killed and injured. The incident was a hoax.


    Police secure the area around the truck in Nice on July 15.

    By Mike King

    This white truck struck and splattered 1 animal.

    This white train struck and splattered 1 animal.

    All aboard the murder train

    This white truck struck and splattered 1 animal.


    Nice, France: This squeaky-clean white truck, we are told, struck, splattered, crushed and killed 84 people and injured nearly 202 more — many of them “critically.”×366 Police secure the area around the truck in Nice on July 15.×366

    More blood on a dead roadside rat than on the white mass-murder truck! Heck — I once struck a low flying pigeon and had a few blood drops on my front fender!

    And for those who say: “The truck was only going 25 mph. That’s why there was no splattering.” — Well, then why didn’t those 300 people simply step aside and get out of the way of the slow-moving truck? A crazed “mass killer” would have stomped on the accelerator, not driven the local speed-limit!

    What horrible “shooting!” Not a single sticker, er, bullet on the driver’s side. And no hairline cracks either?

    * French steering wheels are on left, just like American ones.

    By the way, did you know that Nice, France is blanket-covered by video surveillances? Nice actually has the most CCTV cameras per block in all of France! — 915 public surveillance cameras. (here)

    Why are there no city surveillance videos of the “mile long” assault, eh Monsiur Inspector?

    Another “wag the dog” hoax attack designed to frame the big bad Muslims and keep everyone in a state of fear and subservient to the warmongering governments of NATO and Israel.

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