Videos of Two Distinct, Yet Simultaneous Streams of Gunfire from Las Vegas Shooting

Videos of Two Distinct, Yet Simultaneous Streams of Gunfire from Las Vegas Shooting

I did feel like we’ve had enough of Las Vegas Shooting videos on Best Gore, and was hesitant to post more, but I think the two in this post do need to be shared. If for no other reasons, then because one of them was originally posted on Facebook, who instantly deleted it. The other one was posted on Instagram and that one was not deleted, but shills were sent to whitewash it with “Stephen Paddock acted alone“.

The videos, I think, are so far the most solid ones that capture two distinct, yet simultaneous streams of gunfire unloaded onto the people during the Route 91 Harvest festival near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. These two beat even the one filmed by the cab driver, which itself was undeniable about capturing multiple streams of gunfire from multiple weapons fired from multiple locations.

Both videos capture the same instance of two series of shots fired simultaneously from two distinctly different weapons, but each was filmed from a different vantage point and on a different camera. According to a Best Gore friend with two decades of military experience, including multiple tours of active combat, who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, there is a muffled sound of a belt fed machine gun firing, and then there is a louder and closer sound of fire most likely from an AR type rifle, or some other type of full auto with a bump fire capable of discharging more rapid fire than the machine gun. Before and after the shorter burst of the AR fire, the more muffled machine gun has been firing continuously. In some of the previous videos, the difference in sound may have been made by the shooter changing firing directions, and the difference in the sounds of muzzle report, impact, echoes, or the sound of bullets hitting the ground, but in these videos, there is no doubt you hear two different rates of fire.

While I must admit I don’t know enough about guns to have written what’s in the previous paragraph on my own, even my ears can tell two distinctly different rates of fire and types of guns were captured in the videos, one starting while the other one continued going off.

Also, make sure you check out this video by a YouTuber who took the police scanner audio, and condensed it by removing the noise, silence, and unrelated chatter, to only keep the relevant stuff. Full version of the recording is at the bottom of the post about the cab driver’s video. These are eyewitness statements from the policemen, who saw shots coming from middle of Mandalay Bay, from gate 7, from 31st floor, saw flashes at third of the way up center tower, 15th floor on Mandalay Bay. The policemen further state there are possibly 3 shooters, that shots were fired from 29 and 32nd levels, and that it has been confirmed there at least 2 shooters with fully automatic weapons. Later, a policeman says it is now confirmed the Mandalay Bay and Ali Baba are the two shooting locations…

Here’s the video that was deleted by Facebook:

And the video from Instagram, capturing the same simultaneous gunfire, with the people on the ground mentioning that two shooters are firing at them:

Also a gallery of the latest timeline of the shooting, and the wavelength analysis of the shooting recorded by the cab driver, which show three levels of shooting sound, with the second level of sound being longer than the first level loud gun shots. If the sheeple theory that an untrained, gambling addicted, alcoholic senior citizen dual wielded full auto rifles with sustained fire, hitting targets 350 yards away and 32 floors below him, while flawlessly reloading without any gun jams, malfunctions, smoke or fire from spent casings or overheated barrels, or even muzzle flash from the 32nd floor, for over 9 minutes of continued fire, who then committed suicide by shooting himself in the eye ball and in the chest, then threw his pistol 6 feet above his body and laid his arms on his sides, before placing 4 clean brass shells on top of his already dried and congealed blood and made thousands of spent casing vanish, was to be believed, the I’d want them to explain these inconsistencies in the emitted sounds:

Well, I really hate to shatter all the sheeple’s dreams, but this is it. Props to Best Gore member @terminator_g, for the video of the forensic acoustic proof of second shooter in the Las Vegas massacre, as well as the location from where the second shooter was firing:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. If there was another shooter from a different floor where is the busted out window from that floor? You can’t magically shoot through a window. Plus if you google directions Mandalay Bay and Ali Baba, I can’t see how the hell someone could be firing from all the way from Ali Baba. If the Mandalay shooter had those guns on tripods, he could easily pull two triggers at once.

      1. The “one gun” is a conspiracy theory, ie you are a conspiracy theorist. Said theory is based on naught but a story with nothing to back it up. The multiple shooter however is a verifiable fact based on endless evidence. So the question is – why spread conspiracy theories?

      2. you fucking losers……Im sick of you leftist swine liars…Disinfo agents….f off and die…..there were multiple shooters without a doubt..I heard other videos where any fucking moron like yourself can hear two distinctly different guns from different locations apart from each other and spaced far apart NOT echos….so sick of you jerk off cover ups……go to hell

    2. As a US Army veteran I can tell you what that second series of gunfire noise was.. When bullets go over your head they make a cracking noise (not to be confused with ricochet). So the second series of sound was when the spray of bullets went right over head of the person filming.. Not necessarily two gunners.

      1. When we go shooting in the desert people are about400 to 600 feet from us and when they shoot it sounds like its near us and when we shoot our weapons even in our videos you hear the shot then a second or two later you hear the crack coming off the slope of the mountain

      2. Super Sonic crack… Doppler effect. (For lack of an equally sounding echo per rate of fire BS) Rick YOU know EXACTLY what is going on…
        I wont mess with Mark, whom maybe respected me way back when. But the rest of you assholes who are experts cuz of YouTube videos…
        I know the actual evidence. They can sue me for my statement. Did you not think there would be just one tiny whistle blower who was actually cleared the entire hotel?

    3. i think if u really listen you might even hear that the first burst on 1st video begins with a what seems to be a single shot. third man maybe, perhaps a startin shot with sniper to do the first kill… creepy

    4. So, it is impossible that those could have been the rounds hitting the ground?
      I am the last person to mindlessly follow whatever the media tells me BUT I am also aware of the sad reality that there are people who will do anything and everything to discover a false flag event whether there is one or not. To be honest I hate these people more than the regular media because they only make everyone look like nutjobs for questioning authority.
      The problem I am having with these theories is they lack any logical motive. 9/11 BIG motives but lying about the number of shooters and where the shots came from? I am trying to find where this would be a benefit to anyone.

    5. If there was a second shooter, how did they manage to slip away from the hotel undetected? There would be some sort of footage of a second person going to the room or at the very least the same floor. There would be suspects. People arent masterminds. If you believe someone can shoot and kill a bunch of people from a Las Vegas hotel room and somehow manage to walk away from it, you are a sad idiot.

    6. I didn’t see any evidence of a second shooter. I heard shots, then the sound of rounds hitting the ground…and also what is likely echoes/reverb. Not saying it’s impossible that there’s more to this than the official story, but these videos certainly don’t constitute “proof.” There are a lot of factors here involving acoustics that many people may not be aware of. I’m a musician who’s spent countless hours mixing sound in both studio and live settings, so I understand certain principles about acoustic physics, and I simply don’t hear anything here that would amount to evidence of two shooters.

  1. Personally, I’d like to thank you. Your post about going with my gut instead of believing what the media portrays as reality really sunk in. It was the most honest thing I’ve read and shows your character as a journalist. I’m not even mad at Stephen Paddock. He either had his reasons, or is a patsy. There’s a special place in hell for Jason Aldean. The way he ran out and didn’t say a word to his fans shows he was either in on it, and or has complete disregard for human life. Cheers man.

      1. Who gives a fuck….thats a lot of bullshit…hed rather look all heroic to his wife than actually try n help people that were in the line of fire??? He saw a few of them fall out from getting shot from what i understand…hes a fuckin coward….and theres no disputing that…they way he ran was cowardly…fuck him n his pregnant wife…i mean i really dont give a fuck so fuck them all!!!

    1. What you’re really asking is – how can I justify the utterly absurd notion that the shooting was carried out by a lone wolf, when all evidence points at multiple shooters, and none at lone wolf. The only reason why anyone would seek such justification is because they are afraid of reality, and afraid that their rose colored perfect world would be shattered if they opened up their eyes.

      1. Here is what happened y’all. He set up the machine gun with a tri pod or some kind of stand. Then tied a string to the trigger of the machine gun and used his big toe to pull it while shooting from the other window the AR with his hands.

      2. @happy

        Reading today’s news and I remembered this post when I read this quote from LVPD Sheriff.

        “In your zest for information and my zest to ensure the public safety and the calming of their minds,” Lombardo said, “some things are going to change.”

  2. the question is …. what will people do about this though? probably nothing just like 9/11. as long as people have their technology, their television (tell-lie-vision) and tea on the table after a day of tax slavery then they are content.

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          1. Just my opinion. Just seems like there was alot of confusion and people are adding to it.
            I thought people were trying to say that there was more than one shooter due to shady conspiracy theories etc.But I think I’ve just realised that it’s just genuine hysterical fear that some other random killers are still on the loose..

          2. I had mentioned something in a previous post about the acoustic shadowing n the propogation of sound waves…but it is a little far fetched to entertain that thought…it is very much reaching even I understood that…but see what they nasty of…we will all see what they nasty of!

          3. If you look at all available evidence as a whole, as opposed to single pieces individually, then it becomes even more clear. The cab driver video had shots with echo being fired from close to the cab, and shots coming from a distance which didn’t have echo. But it didn’t have overlapping fire. These videos have overlapping fire, though you don’t really get such obvious difference in distance between individual sources of fire.

          4. I’m open-minded to conspiracy theories so I’m just trying to understand why they would do something like this?
            To try to disarm Americans so they are easier to invade?

          5. No, the “trying to disarm Americans” is just another conspiracy theory by the sheeple. They don’t need to disarm Americans. The guns the Americans have are no match to satellite guided missiles, tanks, nukes and what not. They want the Americans to keep the guns for a false sense of security. You need to stop listening to conspiracy theories by controlled opposition to get what a clearer picture:


          6. Thanks for that.
            The “disarming” theory I hadn’t read or heard elsewhere. I rarely look at news or leave my cave.. I made that up myself 🙂

            I don’t know much about all them fancy hitech weapons, but if things break down will be down to simple weapons..

          7. Ok right I’m probably going to bore you now, but I’ve given it some more scientific thought.
            Think of the difference a fart makes as it’s deflected off the back of a poo slug being forced out of a long tube stuck up your rectum to a poo flying past and bouncing off a hard surface at supersonic speed.
            I hope that clears up any confusion.

          8. Have to disagree w/ Mark on this one. Plenty of examples of attempts to restrict and disarm Americans. I own one rifle that had to be imported with a thumbhole stock to conform to rules to look like a hunting rifle. Goofy restrictive rules that are incrementally advanced to make it harder to obtain legal weapons and one day yours is discovered to be ‘illegal’ and taken away.
            The armed forces are made up of Americans with families. Difficult, but not impossible to get them to destroy their own town with a missile strike or nuclear weapon. Not likely, imo.

          9. American soldiers hate the American people as much as Dear Leader Trump does. Why do you think so many of them join the police so they could oppress, terrorize and execute the American people on a large scale without being held to account for it? They have a proven history of killing the Americans en masse on the American soil and will merrily do it again. The Black Wall Street or the Bonus Army incidents are but two that immediately come to mind. And yes, one of them involved destroying own town. They don’t need and don’t want to disarm the Americans. The occasional law that applies some restrictions serves to hide the fact that they want the Americans to keep the guns, because so long as they do, their heads are up their ass in the 1700’s when owning guns to pose a threat to the government was possible.

  4. That’s not a 2nd shooter, you hear different cracks when bullets go by you and break the sound barrier. Don’t get me wrong I think CIA did this but theres no need for a 2nd shooter, only the one to kill the people and the patsy.

  5. Thank you for your posts. I rely on BG to see full length clips without pieces edited or parts cut out. Like the Taxi cab driver asking for money after she got them to safety. Nobody else reported that. I think it’s important to see how people act in panic situations. You can always learn from BG.

  6. The muzzled sound is the rifle, but he’s spraying the bullets around. So sometimes the bullets are nearby and you hear that cracking sound, other times the bullets are further away and you wouldn’t hear the crack sound.

    1. Ok I’m not saying I disagree..then how come the length of time of the actual popping of the gun is different from the cracking of the supersonic bullet noise. Also if ur answer is because he’s spraying then how come the cracking isn’t slowly dissipating in noise magnitude until its too far to be heard? Because wouldn’t that suggest that if he were spraying he is firing in one direction n then doin a complete 90degrees turn to firing in the other direction. Yet there is no interruption in firing who h means that if he were spraying in a 90 degree or whatever degree…shots would be fired all throughout that radial arc which would definitely have a dissipation in the magnitude of cracking as one travels away from the initial bearing….there’s a lot in that question or set of questions…answer as you please….n then maybe I can’t respond back if there is any confusion…because if really like to know if its just that I’m wrong or my interpretation is wrong or maybe the other way around.

        1. Distance isn’t the problem…the problem is that even if the crack is at varying distances it would have a correlation in the amplitude of sound waves or intensity if the sound…but there is only one intensity….with that said that means he must be been firing towards one direction….yet the length in time of actual gunfire is not the same length of time as the cracks by a big difference….sooooooo….????????

    1. No, I’m basing the notion on all the available evidence combined, all of which points at multiple shooter. In contrast, you are basing your notion of a single shooter on absolutely no evidence whatsoever, but something the media and the government, who never lie (obviously), tell you, because you want to be a good sheep and thinking for yourself would make you aware, and thus unfit for the herd. There are multiple reports from multiple eye witnesses who say there were multiple shooters. There are wounded people who were shot by shooters on the ground. The entirty of the police communication with the dispatcher is a long string of reports by the police who confirm, I repeat “confirm” multiple shooters. They were there, and saw multiple shooters firing from multiple locations. So really, all of the evidence points at multiple shooters, while none points at a single shooter. Not a single eye witness reported single shooter, not a single cop responding to the active shooter threat reported single shooter. Consequently, one would have to actually strive to ignore all the evidence to spew that bullshit about a single shooter. The fact that there are so many sheeple who do, only p[roves the government really has a lot of money to pay all you shills to whitewash their crimes. But, as you can see, we’re not buying it, because we’re looking at actual evidence, not your mindless blabber.

  7. multiple tours of active combat, who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons

    Why are the reasons “obvious”?
    Is the veteran ashamed that he was in combat, or somehow wants nobody to know it?

    1. Those who put their name out are dead. New to the real world?

      I know who he is, but I have run this website for many years and not one have I backstabbed my confidential sources. Because of that, they trust me and because of that, I have access to material I’m able to share here.

  8. first video sounds like someone shot a gun maybe ak or uzi but that was cause they could and get away with it….but involved with Stephen Doubtful.. Feel the same on second video as well….doubtful you will hear about a second shooter once FBI goes through every step Stephen did up till the shooting…

    1. Yeah some as whole is gonna pull out an Uzi n ak47 for shots n giggles n start shooting in the middle of a mass murder because he can get away with it…but if wrong gonna possibly be charged with being an accomplice or part of the mass murder…what in the actual fuck are u smoking???

    2. The Uzi has a cyclic rate of around 600 I believe and those AR’s are about 750-950 I think with a perfectly working bump stock. Ive never seen one work as well as his do by the way. But you can sure tell the difference in how they sound. Only one caliber type is being fired.

    1. Ya, funny to see how stupid idiots like ones named cock carousel thAT somehow think they know what they are talking about. Hard to believe that military would know how these things work, liked or not, we know what it really sounds like and can figure out what the sounds are and why they sound that way.

    2. That’s why I posted about them in the earlier post about LV shooting – they are not here to debate. They are paid to alter the climate of the conversation to that their employer desires. They also suck each other’s clit so as to manufacture an illusion that the mainstream narrative is the most popular, and thus the correct one. A sane and collected person is capable of recognizing them and understand why they say what they say, but most of all, a sane and collected person will not let them brainwash him. Think for yourself. Don’t let them tell you what to think. You can defeat them any more than that. When regardless of how much money they throw at shills, they still fail to influence people’s minds, this is the ultimate finger you can give to them.

  9. People may be mistaking the sounds of his initial gunfire with impact sounds and the supersonic “crack” of the rounds as they pass by. These were filmed on poor cellphone platforms and in no way prove that there was more than one “shooter”. I realize that people are eager to find a conspiracy where there is none. And to blame the government for some elaborate “false flag” operation. But most times, these are real incidents with no government involvement at all.

    I am no audio or acoustic expert but people need to understand that sound waves travel and interact with different surfaces differently. This changes the way things sound. Just as sound travels farther in water than in air. Or when you hear an “echo” when sound waves bounce off walls. Just listening to a video or two, of sounds in a dynamic situation, on a poor recording device is simply not enough to make a determination like that.

    1. I should have read this comment before I posted mine. Any combat vet or LEO who has fired in and around structures will immediately recognise the snap as close rounds and the echoes of the fire bouncing off buildings, vehicles, pavement, culverts, petrol station awnings, anything that can reflect and change sounds. His elevation and distance is also a factor. This was part of the problem locating the shooter. He also had two positions of overwatch and you can tell when he changes firing position. 2 rifles, 2 locations, 1 shooter. 99% of people would no doubt identify 2 seperate weapons being fired but I believe they would be mistaken. In the videos you can see people have their heads on a swivel trying to find the bastard. The snap is the nasty getting really close to the recording device. They were under direct, intentional fire, if you hear the snap. If the git had disabled the smoke detector, like the genius he was supposed to be, he would have had more time to expend more ammunition on his targets. Just my opinion of course. Excellent site mates!

          1. Yeah…that…abd it seems none of these army veteran “experts” replied to any of the questions i posed…if in fact everything could be put under the supersonic bullet blanket…for a second i thought maybe they had an actual point…but after further questions it appears no one can respond…great work Mark!

          2. Many of these responders are shills. They are paid to astroturf target websites – ie to alter the climate of the conversation, but o actually engage in a conversation is not what they are paid to do, as they often have other websites to astroturf as well, so they will only go as far as they are getting paid to. Also, they are supplied the sentences, or phrases which the employer is expected of them to present, so any kind of ongoing conversation that goes beyond what they are provided as “suitable responses” catches them off guard and they have nothing to respond with.

            Others are just plain sheeple. They are useful idiots to the establishment as they do the shills work, but don’t even get paid for it. They are the absolute bottom of the barrel, absolute disposable nobodies who can’t think for themselves, so their sole purpose in life is to impress the herd with how loud they can bleat and that’s what gives them validation, and by extension, the purpose in life.

          3. Mark, the different rate of fire is endemic of using a bump stock. Fire rates are constant with a weapon designed to fire at high cyclic rates such as fully automatic weapon. But a bump stock works much differently. Rates of fire will vary using a bump stock on the same weapon at different intervals of fire. You should research just what one of these devices are and what they can and cannot do. The fact that the fire rate is different at tunes only upholds the argument that it came from a single weapon using a bump stock style attachment. Because that is EXACTLY what they do when employed. Weapon experts point this out many times over various media including independent media. There are also youtube videos showing this characteristic.

            Remember as well, people were having a hard time finding his firing position.

    1. I’ve experienced a loud combat jet flying around a built up area (not in a combat situation) and the Loudness is what made it impossible to work out it’s location due to echoes etc. It was very disorientating.

        1. I thought I saw abit of footage on my initial news reports showing people just cowering on the open floor, probably expecting shooters to be at ground level. I guess they had the choice of bravely and selfishly running across open ground to find cover or just “playing dead” and hiding behind fat people, hoping the shooters would ignore them,all the time not knowing where the fire was coming from.

  10. The “second volley of gun fire” was not a second volley of gun fire. Who ever your “expert” was that has two tours of combat duty has never been shot at in a rural area. The reason it sounds different and sounds like a different gun is because it was the sound of the rounds impacting against something hard. A wall, street or sidewalk will sound that way when bullets impact on them. For your expert to say he can tell that it was a “belt fed” make me know he is a wanabe. There is no discernable difference in the sound a belt fed makes. Sound has to do with caliber, ammo choice, barrel length and the shooting environment. Also belt fed MG’s leave links all over the ground. None where found at the scene. In my military experience a “expert” that want to remain anonymous is usually full of shit.

    1. Damn it, you beT me to the comment. I made the same comment about a couple of your larvae points. Glad some people know whet its really like to be in these situations and can wade through the bullshit

      1. I’ve got my CIB and I still would have been lost as to the location of the shooter. You can tell he is moving the muzzle around like a fucking nutjob. Those poor bastards were fucked. It ain’t the bullet with your name on it that worries me, it’s the one that reads “to whom it may concern” that puckers my arse.

  11. Bump stock only on semi-autos. Echo’s between any solid structures would make it a nightmare to identify direction, or how many weapons are being fired. That being said, it sounds like two weapons to me, and I sure as hell don’t believe the narrative being pushed by zionist MSM. This whole thing smells like a deep state fucking of US citizens.

  12. Ya im sorry, but your military “expert” would not be able to tell if a weapon was belt fed by the sound. Also, a bump stock dosnt always (actually rarely) fires faster then a machine gun. Id wonder about your “military expert” also pArt of the closer fire you hear actually sounds like rounds hitting the pavement near by. And the other sounds sound like he shot with the large mags(he had 100rd mags. Not drums, 100 rd. mags) and smaller mags (30rds) went dry on the smAll mags but kept firing with the 100rd. Would make sense then to load 2 rifles. Also it is uncommon to shoot 2 rifles at once because it effects accuracy ( but he didn’t need to aim all the much with how many people were there, he just had to put lots of rounds in a certAin direction) but it is definitely possible since loaded m4s only weigh 5-9pounds anyone could duel wield.

  13. Bullet distance, sound and subsequent reasoning aside. The oddities are more apparent from within the hotel if you ask me.

    The fact that he was able to move such a large amount of weapons from his home to his hotel room unnoticed. That he was recorded on hotel CCTV leaving the hotel garage in his car whilst in his absence his key card was recorded by the hotel IT system as being used to enter his hotel room. That he had a post-it note in his hotel room with gun based(sniper) mathematical targeting information to remind him where to aim despite the fact that he was a number cruncher by trade(hence his well-known gambling success) and did not need post-it notes to keep atop of such things and also the fact that his hotel catering bill(room service log) showed that he ordered, paid for and received food the day before police say he actually arrived there.

    There is also the fact that he was found lying dead, straight and on his back when the many videos on here and elsewhere shows that a gun shot to the head simply pulls the strings and drops you where you are, slumps you in other words.

    They have also found no motive, no evidence and no possible reasons why a millionaire in good health and with everything to live for would do what he his said to have done.

    If I had to guess I would say that his room being accessed whilst we was absent and the overall lack of motive and evidence indicates to me that he was killed and setup to take the blame for the real shooter.

    I would very much like to see the actual hotel security footage for his floor and room to ease my doubts then. It’s an expensive, prestigious hotel and would therefore have lots of cameras and footage for us to look at.

  14. Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting police calls log – You may want to save this. New York New York, Bellagio, Tropicana






  15. The higher pitched sounds are the bullets going by the person taking the video and the lower pitched sounds are the gun. He was spraying and praying and you only hear the sound of the bullets when they’re close by.

  16. Sigh…ALL of this can be explained by the physics of acoustics. What you hear as very sharp “pops” close by are in fact bullets passing by your general direction. The supersonic projectiles creates an ever expanding cone-shape shock wave behind them and you will hear a sonic boom as the waves hits you, i.e bullet passing by. Since the bullets are traveling faster than the speed of sound a person on the recieving end will hear the bullets snap first and then hear the report of the rifle afterwards. The shooter him/herself (or anyone standing behind the firing line) will percieve it as ONE sound, reason being there will be no delay in between the sound of the weapon going off and the bullet breaking the sound barrier. With all of this in mind it’s quite easy to tell that he was spraying his machine gun all over the place, left and right. When you hear them sudden “firecrackers” you know you have to hit the deck.

    1. Las Vegas makes its money from tourism.
      If people were to find out that there wasn’t just one lone gunman and that there are still armed assailants on the loose, well that would deter any of Sin City’s profits.
      Better to keep everything nice and hush, hush.

    2. Bingo ! No point at all!
      Just 1 mentally I’ll wacko with lotsa ca$h. Just count all the empty casings in his room & note the calibres , easy to verify on recovered bullets in the corpse’s & wounded ! Especially the ones that just hit mostly soft tissues & not bones.
      Even the cops that took 15 minutes just to clear his two room suite could not fucking (even after they found him dead) believe only one old man did all that shooting.
      There was so much smoke in the room they thought for sure there had to be more guys hiding…….. But NOPE ! ! Just one very SICK, Dead, Nutcase* E.O.S. !

  17. My guess for first video.Report in distance:long burst (spraying, moving weapon ) .Report in foreground( close up and shorter length) seems like portion of sprayed projectiles from distance hitting portion of fairgrounds near camera. Think of it as 3D sound and projectiles , most likely not all in a single straight line as our cartoon brains imagine.

    1. Ive considered that…but the magnitude and amplitude of the soundwaves would increase or decrease gradually because you couldn’t just move fro. Firing at one target to another target that far away from eachother instantly…also even if it was done very quickly the firing is continuous so therefore what is the explanation on the amplitude of sound not gradually increasing or decreasing?

  18. People being hit from ground level could have been hit by ricochets.Just saying. I’m not a shill and don’t know what one is but I will look it up when I get round to it.

    I’m just looking at the bigger picture and trying to understand the real story.
    On one side there is mass confusion, hysteria and disbelief .
    On the other there is a more straight forward story with a conclusion.
    If there were more than one shooter in more than one location, why were they not found? Or are they still on the run?
    I think if there was more than one killer it sadly would have been a hell of alot worse.

    Onto the perceived rate of fire difference. I’m not scientifically qualified in this area, but I have played alot of shooter video games and the sound difference was automatically believable to me.When being fired at,the muzzle sounds always sound different to the close range hitting of bullets.
    Think about it, the source of the sound wave is different and coming from a different angle.
    The muzzle sound waves will be coming from behind a slug being forced out of a tube, so it won’t be hitting your ear directly from the source.
    The sound waves of either a bullet hitting a close surface or breaking the sound will be coming from a different location and at a more direct angle.
    I’m all for critical thinking though.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Soundwaves dont travel linearly….they radiate from a central location…sometimes they cant travel through certain mediums effectively….also as per your video game example….dont get cute asshole! Being funny is one thing but dont deflect an arguement by making it seem insignificant because your astro turfing didnt work…..lmao @ astro turfing…im not all into all that stuff but i do appreciate a rather fair interpretation of tge truth…unless its abput bitches…in that case theyre always wrong

      1. I’m not making it seem insignificant.
        Actually it seems it’s the most significant part of the argument due to the confusion that the sound effects have caused.
        As per my above mention of a real life personal experience of a very Loud combat jet being flow around a built up area. It’s Loudness is strangely what caused it to impossible to locate, due to echoes. And that was just one sound source, and jet engine thruster

  19. Hm maybe one guy was on a pod .. dk how to say it in english , but like MG 42 you know you hold them with something then shoot ; plus

    I must say this was a concert right ? why , the guy who work in the light you know , don’t turn off all the light of the scene ?

  20. It is no secret that the government withholds the truth from the general public in most situations. There are many reasons, like the panic that would stir, the inability to cope, the copycats, etc. I don’t doubt that there were 2 shooters here, but it would be hard to determine if they were in fact government agents. It does seem like they were trained well.

      1. Hey Mark! Does the contact form work?
        Because when i want to submit a new video, i keeps saying that my email is invalid??

        If it did work, sorry for about 10 attempts to send you the video.

        And the video is an awesome piece of work, it silences all the sheeples 😀

  21. It upset me today as I was discussing this incident. I love all things I think are pertanant to the situation and I was told.Im the sheep because I look at this website.
    Told I’m a sheeple from both sides and really would like to be the person that looks at both.
    I will continue to look at both and not give two damns how I get looked.
    Unless I get killed. Damn.

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