Video of Ukrainian Army Jet Firing Rockets at the City of Lugansk

Video of Ukrainian Army Jet Firing Rockets at the City of Lugansk

We’ve seen the videos of the rockets landing in the downtown area of the city of Lugansk, we’ve seen the videos of the aftermath of the damage they’ve caused, now here are the videos of where these rockets came from.

An army jet, presumably an SU-25, launched an air strike on the Ukrainian city of Lugansk and fired what appears to be 4 unguided rockets from a pod. Obviously, no foreign fighter jet could have penetrated the Ukrainian airspace without the government and the military officials raising red flags so it could only have been the Ukrainian army jet on a mission green-lighted by the government.

The City Council/Ministry of Health building may have been the target, but the pilot used unguided missiles so the target was for the most part missed by about 50 meters and instead a whole bunch of unlucky civilians were killed. Not like hitting the building would have resulted in anything else. Bottom like – them Ukrainians using aviation to target civilians in populated areas with an apparent goal to lower their morale and shatter their will to resist is a war crime.

Moment of explosion is quite loud in the video. You may want to turn your speakers down, especially if you have a cat resting on your lap like I did:

Here’s another angle view of the jet firing the rockets. The cameraman then drives to the target area and films the aftermath. The rockets were launched in salvos – in the surveillance camera footage you see the multiple impacts, starting in the park on the right and ending in the administration building on the left, leaving multiple pot holes in the ground. One rocket appears to have struck the building. Video below shows firefighters running a rescue operation through the hole the rocket made:

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  1. The Nigerian Biafra civil war in the late 1970s was an ethnic, religion and political conflict caused by the attempted secession of the southeastern provinces of the country as the self-proclaimed Republic of Biafra. Over the three years of the war as the Nigerian Army kept on firing shells, at least a million innocent civilians were slaughtered.

    Now this Ukranian-Lugansky war is the true reflection of what happened in the motherland some 44 years ago. We need some serious intervention in this matter as Ukraine will keep on fighting in order to recapture Voroshilovgrad, call it Lugansky if you like.

  2. Terrorist, Racist, Homophobic, anti-Semitic, etc, all just mere words used to categorise people into areas for attack and to persuade others via intimidation not to have a mind of their own.

    So now we have a situation where an armed coup, unelected government in Ukraine are cheered by the western world and any member of the Ukrainian population who disproves of this new government is a terrorist.

    Europe is their new promised land now, they are free from the evil, diabolical Russians. Free to enjoy a life of debt, mass uncontrolled immigration, mass privatisation of state infrastructure, mass unemployment and free to be ruled by faceless bureaucrats on the other side of the world who suck corporate cock and regularly drop their pants for financial gain.

    Europe is a mental institution in reverse where the sane are given straightjackets and the mentally ill are put in charge.

    Most of us see what is happening all around us and yet, for the most part, we are powerless to do anything about it and so it stands that we have to watch charades like the Syrian crises and the Ukrainian crises and listen to our own government and media’s laughable take on the matter.

    A lot of our population suffer from Stockholm syndrome, they believe that just because our governments occasionally say nice words to us that they care, that they wish to protect us and would never lie to us, they even go so far as to attack those who dare speak out against the government, lambs to the slaughter.

    I will give it ten years max before the Ukrainians realise what a monumental fuckup they have done but by then regret is all they will have left.

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