Video of US Lead Forces Using White Phosphorus in Raqqa, Syria

Video of US Lead Forces Using White Phosphorus in Raqqa, Syria

Video from the Syrian city of Raqqa, which has been under ISIS control for a while, show the US led coalition forces spraying residential areas with white phosphorus, which is in clear and direct violation of international law. Even the mainstream press, including the New York Times and Washington Post confirmed that the US used white phosphorus in densely populated areas in both Syria and Iraq.

Aside from being in violation on the 1925 Geneva Protocol which prohibits “the use in war of asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases“, by authorizing the use of white phosphorus, Dear Leader Trump also violated domestic U.S. laws. The Battle Book published by the U.S. Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, for example, holds that: “It is against the law of land warfare to employ WP (White Phosphorus) against personnel targets.

Col. Ryan Dillon, the spokesman for the most homosexual armed force on the planet, said that as a matter of policy he will not comment on whether white phosphorus was used in Raqqa, but said that:

…in accordance with the law of armed conflict, white phosphorus rounds are used for screening, obscuring and marking in a way that fully considers the possible incidental effects on civilians and civilian structures.

It’s not terrorism when we do it, right? Dear Leader Trump got his panties wet when his false accusation of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government created an opportunity to prove his unconditional loyalty to Israel, but when he orders the chemical weapons attack on the town of 200k people, it’s just good ole fight against ISIS.

I’d be surprised if Trump didn’t also authorize the use of depleted uranium in Syria, as his predecessors did in Iraq and Afghanistan, for Trump is making it clear that he will be second to none in his subservience to Israel and when it comes to making Eretz Israel happen, nothing is more important to him than seeing it under his watch. There is bountiful evidence of the US and Britain using depleted uranium on civilians of virtually every country they attack, see HERE, HERE and HERE. Further evidence of the US having used chemical in Iraq is HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the pic and videos:

Video of the coalition forces dropping white phosphorus on residents of Raqqa in Syria.

Also a video released by ISIS affiliated Amaq News Agency showing children allegedly killed and wounded by the coalition terror forces:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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164 thoughts on “Video of US Lead Forces Using White Phosphorus in Raqqa, Syria”

    1. You I thank those countries we experiment bombs on should give us some money since we’re providing such beautiful fireworks for them.

      It’s not like we’re dropping bombs that are meant to kill everything around that area.

          1. What if israhell don’t has any nukes and those baby dick suckers are just bluffing?
            Hell, what if nukes doesn’t exist in the first place since the so called atomic tests are taking place underground since the day modern cameras existed?
            Even if those khazarian leftovers has nukes, does that mean everyone should not interfere and let the Jew World Order take place?
            We need to reopen the gas camps and this time for real

    2. Why are we pussyfooting around with this shit? Send in a fleet of B-52s and we can reduce Raqqa
      to a pile of dust,It is a vipers nest and it will save a lot our allies lives because we don’t have to go in to start street to street, house to house combat.

      1. Reason: the US obeys Israel. 2. Plunder the natural resources 3 war is profitable on many levels.

        They just see us as a bunch of disgusting human cattle. ISIS is also a puppet.

        Hitler was correct, bruh.
        American National Socialism is your only hope.

    3. Funny how the US media works overtime to spread lies about Syria gassing it’s own people, but when US forces commit a war crime by dropping WP on the very same peeps, the US media has not a word to say. Fucking hypocritical cunts.

      1. WP is not a war crime. every time I am on here it a bunch of fake bs excuses and people who don’t know what they are talking about, no better than these fucking liberals who don’t know there ass from elbow. .

        WP has been in use since ww1 and is still used. the image clearly shows an Arial burst which is used for a smoke screen.

        1. Sorry kid, but BG is not Zio press. Here we expose facts. We don’t whitewash war crimes of US faggots or anyone else for that matter. Geneva Protocol is clear on the use of WP in residential areas being a war crime. The US Battle Book also makes it a violation of the US laws to use WP in any area where there are people. As a sheeple, you may be used to preaching your fake bullshit to the herd and get a bleat of approval, but here there are people who live with their eyes open. Here is where your bullshit ends.

        2. @ripper94 is a known zionist shill. He only shows up to comment when Israel or US homoarmy are exposed. He doesn’t follow up on replies, because that’s beyond what he’s paid to do. With each comment, he resorts to the usual Hasbara methods of disinformation, including the typical labels like the ones used here.

    4. Sorry but I Totally agree with Trump, these ISIS fuckers have been running wild for years using chemical weapons recording it then going to far left newspapers like the Guardian and NYT claiming Assad did it despite the fact even if he was going to use Chemical weapons it certainly wouldn’t be after liberating Aleppo. Fucking destroy the cunts, they don’t recognize Geneva convention/human right etc and that’s the reason they’ve been slaughtering Christians daily fucking MOAB the cunt x3 and test a tactical nuke too to find out if there really is minimum fall out where only a small area is effected. Fuck them and carry on Trump!!

  1. if Allah is so great they should thank us for sending them to his doorstep. fuck you and your anti American rhetoric whoever writes this pro terrorist country garbage. Grow some balls pussy

    1. Amen brother I like this site but this man clearly doesn’t know America. He’s got more complaints and comments then my girlfriend. Whos the real faggot. This site teaches us that death is inevitable and the whole world is killing each other. Who cares how it comes. Whiney bitch. U.S.A

      1. Your own government has done plenty of experiments on entire towns in America, killing who knows how many. This isn’t even an opinion as this has been admitted by the government years after occurrences. American pride for the government make no sense.

        1. Not the current ZOG government, no. The USA is a for profit corporation run by the deep state. The deep state is a network of shills that take care of lobbyists, special interest, and most of all the false Jew converts aka Rothschild maggots

      2. You talk plenty of shit about USA here online. Wow, your an asshole! Try saying that shit to an American’s face, thats right, you dont have the balls.
        And think about it. ISIS fuckers have children too. There are Children ISIS fuckers blowing off the heads of innocent people, havent you seen these videos on this site? Oh thats right, theyre kids, cant kill them.
        If WE had child soldiers killing ISIS people, it would only be natural that we have chilren dying in the war zones in which we fight in. But we dont, because we have morals! Isis has ZERO morals, so they put these children in these war zones to kill and be killed.

        1. @A.Hole what you fail to realize is the FACT that the Jew-Run Jewmerican government, and it,s supporters, are the ones being constantly attacked on this site. Not the everyday good people of the U.S.. As they have been on our side, voicing their opinions, and opposing all the Fake Proxy Wars, False Flag Attacks, and the destruction of their Country,s past Economic stability, and bankrupting it instead. And these soldiers, by accepting to join these Jew Started Wars, in my book are either,,, #1 Too fucking Dumb to know the TRUTH. or #2 They just do not give a fuck about it, and continue to kill innocent civilians, and invade weak Countries, for the control of their oil, and natural gas, in order for them to get a paycheck. SOCIOPATH,S is what they all are. 🙁

        2. Dear A Hole – I used to think like you but then I watched the David Cole videos. I studied online the people that made those statements. The USA has been eaten from inside by Zionist maggots. Unless you a allow yourself to be honest and accept that the USA is being plundered you will live a lie, the propaganda will have worked.

      1. Yes i Agree “BURN ISRAEL” to the Ground, and any Country that has had a hand in killing innocents for them also. VIVA Vladimir Putin, and The Miracle of Mother Russia, as they continue to live by good moral values, without bowing to any Jew-Pushed, indoctrination strategies, designed to destabilize our Country,s wealth, stability, and to completely destroy, what used to be a respectful, and family oriented, good way of life, for us all. But these N.A.T.O. Cowards are too afraid to attack Russia, as they know what the end game would bring for them all. So instead, they continually attack weak Country,s with false pretenses of their leaders being “Maniacal Regime Dictators” When They are the “CRAZY ONES THEMSELVES”

    2. US army is the most anti American institution there is, so anyone opposing the anti American institution is as pro American as they get. They have a proven and documented history of killing US citizens on US soil in mass numbers. Incidents such as the Bonus Army or the Black Wall Street are but two examples.

        1. You 3 above, are so (Mass Media, and Establishment Indoctrinated) that your comments, and beliefs on this issue alone shows. What you have learned from your 6 pm. News Channel makes me Laugh really Hard, as it is the exact opposite of what is really going-on in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and around the world. But because of all the Jew Led Brainwashing campaigns continually pushed on all ZOG Country,s,,, only a very few AWAKE INDIVIDUALS know, and share this truth with 100% undisputed FACTS and PROOF to go along with it. But for some, you would need a Backhoe, attached to a thick chain, in order to try, and pry, or to remove their comfortable Pink Colored shades that they continue to wear, and hide behind, because any glimpse of reality would completely devastate, their happy go lucky little fragile lives, and self.

          1. all is not lost. pilates will help you strengthen your anus muscles. i have studied this since 1891. follow my advice and it won’t be long until you’re tighty alrighty.

    1. US has not won a war in eons. If I were you, I wouldn’t cross my fingers. There are competent armies, there are incompetent armies, there re useless armies, and then there is the US army.

    1. Just wait, my loving America will probably use Mustard Gas very soon too.
      People hate Americans even when the American people are against what our government does because of shit like this. There is nothing we can do about it. Yeah sure vote right? These elections are all fixed (and I do vote)

  2. You never do shit like that in Russia or China. And you fear north Korea you won’t admit it but you are wary of Kim Jong un. I don’t even consider America top dog I think you came in the last part of ww2 and didn’t do much against Hitler, and the rest of your wars have been against minnows. You don’t even have an empire and Hitler was right in that you being a mongrel nation will eventually be your downfall. You need a real fight against someone like China who are big on numbers and have some decent military tech. I think underneath the bravado you are not that tough and I think even numbers if you went into a Stalingrad type situation I think you would fold quite quickly. You have done well to make the military your ‘thing’ and you have profited from the death and misery but I think as with all actions there comes a time when it comes back to haunt you or those closest to you. I think some day America will face a backlash. I like Americans but your government has done a big fucking number on you all. It’s that big that you don’t seem to believe it’s there but it is and it’s like the werewolf running through the forest you can’t see or hear it yet but it’s there and it’s sniffing and searching for you but you won’t realise how big and savage it is until it’s right upon you.

    1. The real power of the USA isn’t in our military hitler lover. The power is the hoards of weaponry most homes in the states have. More guns and ammunition than any other country combined. This is what strikes fear into any government that wants to destroy the US (including our own government). So to respond to yours and Vincent Omnia Veritas’s ignorance regarding so called sheeple, if there were so many sheeple here, we would all just give up our guns and let Uncle Sam take care of us. The fact that this hasn’t happened is proof positive of the lack of trust in our government. You just don’t see it because we’re willing to take a whole lot of shit and still go about our business because we are able to think rationally. But as soon as our right to defend our own is infringed upon, you will see the bloodiest civil war this world has ever seen.

      1. no one ever built a reputation on what they say will do. you had 9 11 and did nothing and even now you know it was your own government and you do nothing. this tells everyone despite all your guns and firepower you dont have the fight in you. this is how i know you will fold eventually, if you cant rise up against a tiny minority of neo-cons then you certainly wont do anything against china russia and iran. i also think those 3 countries are just waiting to turn you inside out despite the calm for now i think behind the scenes them 3 countries are primed and ready. how can you expect your guns to stop putin firing satan 2’s at your country? one of them can destroy a city. then you have the millions of soldiers, then you have china with a 200 million strong army and their military tech is very good. 9 11 will destroy you eventually, the karma that event will eventually bring will ruin your nation.

    2. The US became “top dog” by dropping atomic bombs – nobody ever had and nobody has again. But that was a long time ago and now a lot of countries think the US is a joke. We have a president crazy enough to drop another nuke so I while I think the US has done shitty things, I’m still glad I’m not their enemy. Although one day (soon?) the US will fall and fall very hard. I think we’ll be destroyed from the inside – not an outside force. It’ll be bloody. I will definitely move back to the South if civil unrest gets too out of hand.

    3. We all know WW2 was shit we sided with the wrong enemy America finally decided to join the party when Germany was on the back burner.And the British were bankrupt and had to wave bye bye to are empire after the war. I do have a respect for the Yanks but sometimes I feel America is like Britains over weight bully child. That picks on the weak to steal there lunch money,And when they get there arses kicked there like mummy help me and we come running.

  3. Maybe move the fuck out when your neighbors will get you killed. Judging by the delayed woosh and extremely high shot arc these may have been artillery shells set to detonate mid-air, dropping easter eggs for all the boys and girls.

  4. I’m all for ANY unconventional warfare. Been in armed conflict and trust and believe that our opponents are not following the Geneva convention policies. We should just drop mother of all nukes on that fucking desert and wipe Syria, Iraq and korea off the map. Anyone that does not like the US military I’m calling all ya out. I served for 6 1/2 yrs and was in 3 conflicts including Bosnia. We used depleted uranium shells on humans with a Barrett .50 cal. We were not supposed to but we did. They weren’t supposed to behead captives but they did. Eye for an eye tooth for a motherfucking tooth. I support the US gov because I’m an American. Those of you that live in Canada really shouldn’t shit on us so much because you dont have a military that can beat our boy scouts. We FUCKIN PROTECT YOUR DUMB FUCKERS. THIS IS FOR THE OWNER OF THIS SITE. STOP SHITTING ON THE US. Fuck canada

    1. You protect fuck all by the Zionist hegemony. The more useless fucks like you die, the better the world becomes. I’ve heard your ilk excel at suicides because you can’t handle the real world. Go ahead and do it now!

  5. Projecting are we kike? It’s the terrorist psuedo-state of “Israel” that does not follow the Geneva convention and has broken international laws more than 60 times. The only solution to fix the Middle East is to Nuke Israel and wipe out every filthy Khazar Jew until there are none left. Only then will the world begin healing.

    1. He’s fucked even by his government man..I watching this site long time and I notice that they speak the truth no matter what without supporting any country government or fucking military following orders like any other military now think who really controls usa and giving orders? In my opinion isn’t just trump but Jews hiding behind

    2. That’s the thing with triggered proud Americans – they are dangerous. Because this is a knee-jerk nation. People snap in seconds and a lot of people are packing heat. Road rage is a good example of American behavior. People have killed others over being cut off in traffic. Americans are fucking stressed. So yeah, the triggered proud ones can be laughed at but they will also shoot you. I totally think that’s true. I wouldn’t tempt a militia type by talking shit about America. They might go batshit crazy. Yeah, they probably would do that. Not saying it’s the right thing to do but it is how America is wired – very high strung people.

        1. I don’t really care what you say. As long as it’s kinda reasonable, I don’t get too upset about the opinion people have of America. I don’t like opinions that are just insults with no logic but can’t stop them either. I agree about the chemicals.

      1. Some militias are semi-harmless patriots, then there are others where even our own government won’t step foot on their property because they don’t want another Waco popping off. I wouldn’t toy with either group to be honest.

  6. All wars are problem reaction solution banker wars. The people who send the troops to war are the same people who created the problem. War is just a business! The U.S. military are brainwashed contract killers that are being used. They are the enforcers and bodyguards for the Elite.

  7. From day one, since our elementary school days, we were indoctrinated to say the pledge of allegiance to Lord Washington and the Monarchy of Britian (America is still ruled by Her Majesty.Revolutionary war was a farce) without the knowledge that Uncle George was a Freemason Illuminati Luciferian as all Major politicians are. But no matter what country you go, you can see the NWO Symbols in the flags everywhere, (stars, eagle, triangles, sun.). The Washington Monument is a homage to phallic Obelisk style egyptian Amen-Ra worship. This world is a giant prison.Its either being a technological slave or live like them boring offthegrid sexually repressed Amish Fanatics…

  8. AsI love the smell of White phosphorus in the morning, And what a amazing sound they make must be terrifying .But who gives a fuck let the fuckers burn,The most homosexual force on the planet lol. Love to see you say that to a Navy seal’s face. At the end of the day all Army’s are going to have faggot’s in it ranks, Thought the American army has a bad habit of blue on blue fire with use British.I steel respect there army we’ve been fighting and dieing together as allies for over a hundred years now. I say good one America fuck ISIS and the civilians living in there crappy Shitlasmic state.

  9. I used to work with two individuals who felt the same absolute disdain for the U.S. Military and anything associated with the military. In both cases, their wives had cheated on them with military personnel.
    Nobody harbors that much animosity toward any entity without some type of involvement on a very personal level.
    To all of you haters of the U.S., turn off the fucking news FFS! Do you seriously pretend to know even one goddamn thing about U.S. citizens from watching the slanted, bias bullshit that MSM feeds you every hour?
    Following the logic of these people bashing the U.S., it’s fair then to say that all Brits spend the day gnawing the finish off of their tea cup with their crooked, yellow buck teeth. Eating crumpets and prancing about like little girls. The Aussies talking about the U.S. being a Wild West shoot out with our loose gun laws. What? That’s not a noife. This is a noife!
    My point being is that we’re no different than anyone else who gets up early, works their ass off every day and strives to make the best of things for their families. Jeez. Turn off the TV!
    BTW…make an effort to study history from more than just one angle and one source. You’ll find that you may not be as smart as you thought you were.

    1. As I said hI respect American’s the normal people are fantastic people it’s the government that I don’t feel found of all governments are bastard’s including mine. Dan Ime English and my teeth are very white and straight it’s just a stereo type buddy. America is a great country in my view with good people but a greedy government.Ive traveled across the states and I loved it, Ignore the American haters there just jealous because there army is tiny and worthless.

      1. I know that’s a stereotype and that’s the point I was making.
        It’s easy and lazy to never leave ones hamlet or whatever and make retarded comments on subject matter that they know nothing of (@cry baby).
        Anyway, I think you and I are on the page, kind of. You just didn’t read the part where I said that “following the logic…” of these commenters then Brits are all buck tooth lady girls and all those stereotypes and such. It’s all up there. Re-read…or don’t.

        1. Hay its ok yeah my American cousin were Allies and that’s the way it will stay, We will always follow you into battle. I know what you mean about the retarded comments,And the journalism saying the American army are all gay is stupid. At least those guys have the guts to run into a hail of bullets and serve there country. Not like these PC warriors who think they know everything about the world. Ime abit of a National socialist but all the blaming the Jews for everythink wrong on earth is starting to seem stupid to me. And is getting boring it’s this website I have to thank, Its opened my eyes to how stupid and narrow minded some people can be,Not you but you get them guys here. But anyway (peace out) ,With my comments I just didn’t want to effend any Americans because I like them.

    2. Dan-A-Conda I don’t like anti-American stuff either really although some is kind of funny. But dude, we do shoot each other like a lot and over nothing. But MOST of us don’t. So yes, the news shows that and it looks like we will shoot someone over stealing an Oreo. But then again, I’m 100% sure someone in the US has shot someone else over an Oreo. I bet my life that has happened. We’re all too stressed!

  10. Deaths of thousands of innocent people, human beings like you and me, but not in our neighbourhood so it doesnt matter, i cant feel a thing mmm yeah i dont feel any pain, so its ok then, im not bothered until it comes close to me. Scrap tv, scrap internet, scrap journalism and then its back to a pleasant peaceful ivory tower with rose coloured specs on again. Ive worked now for 50 years. Its ‘government’s’ foreign greed that kills innocent people, througout history, since creation there has been conflict and gore and it will never change, so why do i pretend to bother about it?

  11. I was living in a cottage in south west london/surrey that was older than usa aha, i mean post red indian genocide of course, most yanks family trees trace back to europe, germany, if you know where that is?

  12. Tell me again how this isn’t a war.. US deserves to be wiped out once and for all so the rest of us have a chance to live in peace. 20 years from now they will talk about all of our conflicts over the last couple of decades as the beginning of WWIII.

  13. I didn’t see one sign, bomb, person, etc that said those were affiliated with the u.s. in any way. Then there was a video by an Isis related news agency. With injuries not even near to what white phosphorus would cause.

    I am calling shenanigans on this one.

  14. Burn in hell you muslim cunts, along with your pedo imaginary friend. Cry me a river motherfuckers, especially after all the misery you have caused all over the world.

    This story sounds like some shit ISIS would make up anyway.

  15. If only Syria had Nuclear weapon, then USA would have picked on another country besides Syria.

    USA and Israel = dirty, bully countries.

    Everytime I travel abroad and meet another American sheeps preferably Jew American or Israeli or any type of Jew Kikes, I spit on their face and beat them up just for being American Jews.

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