Video of Woolwich Terrorists Charging Police and Getting Shot

Video of Woolwich Terrorists Charging Police and Getting Shot

British publication Mirror obtained a video that contains an aerial footage of police shooting the alleged Woolwich terrorists who murdered and beheaded soldier Drummer Lee Rigby in London, UK. The video shows the killers charging the police car and getting quickly gunned down.

Meanwhile, identities of the Woolwich terrorists have been confirmed. Michael Adebolajo and his accomplice Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale were reportedly known to MI5 but the agency did not take appropriate steps to keep them monitored. 28 year old Michael Adebolajo, who was born in Britain to Nigerian parents has also been linked with the Islamist extremists group Al Muhajiroun. Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale is believed to have links with links Nigerian Islamist extremists Boko Haram.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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73 thoughts on “Video of Woolwich Terrorists Charging Police and Getting Shot”

  1. I’m going to misquote a band here but me think it fits “Take ’em all, take ’em all, Put ’em up against a wall and shoot ’em, Short and tall, watch ’em fall, Come on boys take ’em all”. It would be victory going door to door collecting Muslims and killing them in the streets. I don’t even care who it offends, they’re a disease. If only others would join me.

    1. Being an Athiest, I am quite upset with my sister right now. I love her to death, but she has become REALLY interested in Muslims, The Quran, and how to pronounce their prayers. She says she won’t convert, but I am still worried. She needs to get Hitchslapped again!

  2. I’m glad they weren’t killed, now they can waste away at wormwood scrubs, can anyone from the UK tell me if these fuckheads will be protected by an Islamic prison gang ? I hope not I hope they’re smashed daily. My contempt for for Muslims is at boiling point.

    1. They won?t get smashed in prison, this high a profile case, one will be in Belmarsh, the other on HMP Woodhill, both on a high containment wing, with no other prisoner contact, and 6 officers to escort them everywhere. Fact. Yes, they will be allowed to attend Muslim prayers on a Friday and socialise with other Muslims. Maybe allowed a play station (not PS3 tho due to possible wifi connections) when behaviour status reaches level 3. All true

      1. They could have saved everyone some trouble and just kept shooting until they were dead. Most cops make a kill shoot in less than 3 rounds and they always aim for the head. Why these cops we’re unable to close the deal is a mystery..

          1. I think they wanted them alive as they were small fish in the pond. Cops want information out of them to identify the large fish.

        1. Im not sure about other countries, but when I qualified for use with fire arms for the state of Texas they teach you to shoot center mass and double tap. Center mass is a much easier target to hit and likely to kill due to the congestion of major organs and arteries. And the double tap ensures of at least injuring or fatally wounding the assailant.

  3. I’m not in the same boat as most of you, claiming that Islam is the worst fucking thing on this planet. That we should kill each and every one of it’s followers. I mean christianity was just as bad a few centuries ago. I’d like to think that it’s deeper than religion, that just by being human we are scum. And I mean yeah we are, but it’s like this one religion just brings the worst out of you. I think many of you are lunatics on here, but frankly I’m starting to at least some of the reasoning behind some of the points you all make. They say the people behind these attacks represent a very small portion of the Islamic community. I would really like to believe that.

    1. I have paused my viewing of Dusk til Dawn.
      Every religion has blood on its hands, mostly from a long time ago, but Islam is the only religion that persists in disgracing itself relentlessly in modern times, its messages are mixed and due to the monkey fucks that fall into it, the messages bring death and disgusting violence to us all, fuck these muzzies and fuck their Koran.

      1. Well, think of it like this, Islam was thought up circa 650 c.e., so naturally as a religion it is about 600 years behind christianity, like 400 behind buddhism, 2000 behind judaism (although they seem to prefer indirect killing through zio puppet governments and whatnot), and so naturally they’re where, say, christianity was in the middle ages. So islam’s not so much worse than the rest, just, as you well put it, monkey fucks giving it a horrid reputation and a general population of muslims that don’t go as far as they should in condemning extremists (“this is not in the koran!” does NOT fucking cut it)

    2. Just recently in Bangladesh, there was a massive Islamic gathering (with some violence) where they demanded the death pentalty for all athiests and anyone that insulted their prophet in that country. They also demanded that all schooling for women and girls be stopped. This mind set is now becoming more and more normal in cities World Wide with large groups of Islamics.

      Though most religions did have a lot of blood on their hands in the past (key word here is the past) including many wars, this religion is trying to basically bring millions (even billions of it’s members), back in time hundreds of years in an attempt to force their religion on everyone, kill those that do not believe, give no rights to women, etc. As more and more countries open up and let these folks in with zero reguard to what they are trying to accomplish, we will see more and more violence springing up and then they will say it’s our fault for not accepting their religion.

      1. They are fucking ape-men.
        One has to wonder whether the civilized world will ever grow the fucking balls necessary to slam these degenerates to a stop.

        We’re going to have to become monsters for a time in order to kill monsters. That’s how it seems to me, anyway. The thing is, I don’t think we’re going to. I really don’t think that society has the stomach for saving itself.

    1. Yes, this is what I like to see, unfortunately the cops over here are more restrained than other countries and wouldn’t execute them even if no-one was watching. Liked the way the first cunt went flying through the air and then waved his legs about, kind of reminded me of a spoilt child having a tantrum. Where’s your allah now you cunt, writhing on the floor in pain, no paradise for you son, just treatment in a NHS hospital courtesy of the infidels, hopefully you lost a lot of blood and had to receive a transfusion with blood donated by an infidel, now that would be poetic justice.

  4. But a eye witness told a reporter that the men walked towards to police with their hands down by their sides so I’m not entirely sure I believe this shit!

    Also, in the uk – police are now monitoring Internet activity and social media activity of EVERYONE!
    This is to counteract terrorism and those with nothing to hide shouldn’t worry!

    Paperz pleaze!!!!

      1. Mark, I would punch a Jew in the face to be able to sit down with you and ask you a ton of my own questions about the Holocaust or lack there of. I was raised to believe Jews were only below God until i was about 16 and I started to drift from that religion and did my own research. Plus being on here and reading and seeing things. So many questions. But a lot of them are being answered on here.

    1. They looked like a troop of knuckle dragging baboons running AT the popo. I dug the half-flip air action by Spook #2. Dare I say I wish their brains were splattered all over the road…

      I was happy in my neck of the world after Hurricane Katrina sanitized the FUCK out of New Orleans. Some asshole decided it’d be nice to give some of the former residents an incentive to come back. Now we have shootings on the I-10 in broad daylight and 20 wounded on Mother’s Day during a second line parade.

      Hurricane season starts June 1st. Perhaps the levees will “fail” again…. we can only hope. This time they need to STAY the fuck gone. They’re killing New Orleans. Chocolate City my ass.

  5. For those who claim they carry out terrorist attacks “because Islam is under attack!”, well no fucking shit. Have they not realized that these attacks are just used as justification for the zio conglomerate to spread their cultural and economic imperialism across their lands? Its like they thrive off of getting their lands invaded…go kill more zionists and their associates instead of innocent people, snackbarists. THEN you will have more support.

    1. Not according to this eye witness:

      From The Independent newspaper:

      The first that many people knew about the ghastly murder in Woolwich was from the Twitter feed of an eye witness, Boya Dee, a south London musician and filmmaker.

      His first tweets were so graphic that it seemed they could not be true. He even seemed to be having difficulty believing them himself. ?Mate ive seen alot of shit im my time but that has to rank sumwhere in the top 3. I couldnt believe my eyes,? he tweeted.

      Word of his tweets spread rapidly. He had around 10,000 followers when the atrocity took place: within a day, that figure had more than doubled. We now know how accurate his observations were.

      Unsurprisingly, every media outlet in town was seeking to interview him, but he turned them all down, including one reportedly offering ?75,000. ?This story is not about ME And doesn?t need to be sensationalised anymore by me selling my story for a few bucks,? Boya Dee tweeted.

  6. Above all the shit happening nowadays I wonder why we go and interfere with their countries and lives, why UK has to pay the bill ? I have been to many of these muslim countries, why dont we leave them on their own ? just ignore them, who cares if Saddam fucks his people or who cares about the bitch to be stoned by Taliban, fuck them all, let them live their miserable lifes in their jungles…I dont want to live in another’s country and I dont want to see any foreigner in my country.

      1. I know this Debellatio, everybody knows this but its fair no ? we will invade their countries, steal their values, kill the childeren, women, etc but we cant accept loosing a guy on the street, we are good Christians since we do use bombs, we dont use knives as fuckn muslims, anyway these things are getting me crazy, I want to fuck my own goverment and politicians more than muslims.

        1. As long as we are turning in the hamster wheel, we will feed this warmongering system.
          There are just few possibilities to make a change within, like voting with your wallet. But real change can only come when this maelstrom collapses, and it has a breaking point built in itself. Sad thing is, humans will build a even more viscious one on the ashes, cause there are only few constructive people and too many leeches and sheeps.

    1. I know this reply is very late but i hope people who read this thread in the future may learn a bit if they agree with your shitty comment…. I completely agree, if this happened in ‘MURICA im sure these guys will have more lead pumped in them to make a church roof jealous. This fortunately is Britain where these trained marksmen know EXACTLY how to take someone down with skill shots that wont kill but immobilise. Something your shitbrick cops are incapable of. Its always better to do a good job than shoot the fuck out of something and all to have left is a sack of meat each time. But hey, “MURICA RULES! Right?

  7. Something doesn’t sit right with me about these guys. Call me crazy but the fact that these 2 killed a guy then waited for 30 mins for the cops to come to either arrest them or kill while they patiently waited they gave interviews and talked to people. This seems a bit strange to me. Why not run away try to kill another guy another day. Could there had been some mind control or hypnotism going on that told them kill the guy then wait for the cops to kill or arrest them? Could this had been orchestrated by israel to get people to hate muslims more so they would support israel? All over Europe people are blaming the arabs and other immigrants for their troubles and never do they blame the jews and their own traitorous European politicians who work for the zionists who allow this immigration and destruction of Europe to happen in the first place.

    1. First ‘normal’ cops arrived on scene within 12 minutes, gun squad arrived 20 mins later.
      Why did they hang around and wait? well, like I said in the first reporting of this, my guess is they hoped for ‘death by police’ aka, cowards way out..
      Major fail, as unless the attackers had actually fired first, the sco19 AT squad would not have killed them outright anyway [again as I said before, I would have shot them both dead]
      The sco19 AT unfortunately rarely shoot to kill, but to cause bodily harm and like others have said, it then allows the police etc etc etc to subsequently interrogate them.
      Pisses me off to put it mildly, as now? yes, comfy NHS beds, meals, warmth, then free treatment, all at our expense.
      Then, course, yep, off to separate prisons they’ll go, be allowed pretty much every luxury they desire [or else they’ll scream human rights breach] get bed, breakfast, meals, be allowed pretty cushy stuff – again a fucked up jail system.
      This has nothing to do with Islam, its mad, deranged lunatics, brainwashed by the likes of Anjem etc.
      What makes it sicker is that the police, MI5, COBRA etc all were quite aware of these ‘males’ but, as per usual, the Brit Gov / Defence seem to not give a shit, they allow the preachers of hate to live here, carry on claiming benefits / houses .. blah blah blah.

      Most of us normal Brits are sick to fucking death of the Government over here, it is all talk, no action – so in the mean time? yep, hate preachers, loonies and such can run riot, threaten innocent people, spread hatred and maim and now, cause brutal death..all DC can mutter is ‘we will stick together’
      Bullshit, utter bullshit.
      This young man, whom had a loving wife [also in the army] and a beautiful two year old son, had to be hacked to death in this manner in broad daylight.
      reasoning? there is none.

      The more news we are hearing emerging of how much the Police, Government etc knew, is making more of us Brits blood boil. with more than sheer rage.

      1. Yes that Choudry was on Newsnight airing his opinions on this matter, another fuck up from the nonces at the BBC IMO. He should be taken out, not publicly but quietly, just vanish him without a trace, his radicals would be lost, anyone steps into his shoes and they should receive the same.

    2. The predominant characteristics of state run terrorism are e.g. running exercises that cover exact the same issue as the directly following attack. This happened on 9/11, 7/7, in Madrid and even in Boston.
      The intel is mostly using receptive personalities, who are being often druged (like in Aurora, just look at Homes in the courtroom), and yes somehow mindcontrolled or taken from a mental institute (underwear bomber). They often use those individuals to leave them after the attack on the scene for blaiming and some pro does the actual job.
      Nonetheless the divide et impera strategy is working very well trough uncontrolled immigration and fearmongering in the west, from which real terrorism emerges, veiling the originator through media disinformation.

  8. This is great. Everything Hollywood fails to deliver. Even with some bad censoring between clips to hide cops shooting first guy while on ground. Looks like ‘terrors’ had guns. Pretty scary what could have happened in the 14 min it took for cops to come. Hope these terrorist acts don’t get organized like those muhjadeen* [sp] who run in spots with silencers.

  9. Too bad the Brittish courts won’t allow usage of an oxygen/ acetylene torch on these two. If it’ll cut steel, it’ll cut human flesh. Start cutting at the base of their spine, and let them squirm! After cutting off some toes, fingers, and then arms, throw them in a large puddle of pig shit, for some really good bacterial infections. Then, watch them languish in total fucking misery! Fuck Old Wally Snackbar!

  10. A few days ago when this story broke some posters were up in arms about this being a ‘zionist’ attack and were pouring scorn on the West’s reporting of events. Where have all you people gone? A member of my family saw this whole ‘incident’ happen and the press has reported it exactly as it happened. I’m not what you call a ‘sheepie’ but you cannot say the press is lying when people in this country have first hand reliable accounts about what happened that awful afternoon in Woolwich.

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