Videoclip About Soviet Deployment in Afghanistan

Videoclip About Soviet Deployment in Afghanistan

You have got to feel sorry for the Afghanis. Always some big bully nation turns up to beat on them and exploit them so they’ve known nothing but war for decades to no end, yet they still continue resisting the occupation. Brave and hardy folk indeed.

This videoclip is made to a Russian song and contains footage from the Soviet deployment in Afghanistan, also known as the Soviet war in Afghanistan. In just under 5 minutes it shows everything from the invasion until the withdrawal and a lot of fighting in between.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Videoclip About Soviet Deployment in Afghanistan”

  1. Russia FTW, the best fucking country in the world!

    My brother was in Spetsnaz and so were my 2 cousins, my father best friend and a close friend of mine was Spetsnaz Alpha.

    Sadly i was not physically capable of joining. But god damn this is one Armenian that will live, breath, and die for Russia!

  2. As much as I support the progress Soviet made to liberate countries from capitalism and imperialism, you have to give the Afghans cred for straightening their backs to the foreign invaders. Even though the state itself during this time, supported the Soviets, there was still ACTUAL rebels during this war, in contrast to the foreign mercenaries and Western backed terrorists in Syria nowdays. There’s a great Russian movie made based on the 8th(?) Legion in the war,(with the same name) known for defending their post against hundreds of Afghan rebels outnumbering them heavily. Thanks, Mark, for another great piece of modern History.

  3. Interesting opening sentence here: “You have got to feel sorry for the Afghanis.”

    I do not feel sorry for them. They somehow inevitably pick a fight with a country much more powerful than them, get their assess kicked, but all the same remain the same pretty much remain the same on the backside of the given conflict. This has gone on for hundreds of years for the Afghanistan. Gotta respect this sort of perseverance.

    Sorta reminds me me of the small troublemaker kid who constantly does this in the schoolyard and consequently get’s his ass kicked every time. Or the little ‘yap yap’ dog that keeps fucking with various much larger dogs loose within the neighborhood with the end result being pretty much the same.

    A certain degree of respect is afforded, regardless of the general dislike, occurs after this happens enough times.

    1. Please enlighten me and tell me the dates of the Afghan invasion to other countries? please… so they don’t have the right to fight against invaders because they are “muslims”. It just sort of hilarious, but the two greatest powers, ( US and Russia ) in contemporary history have gotten out of there with the tail between their legs, defeated by a bunch of guerrilla type fighters. I guess it is true, and Afghanistan is the grave of empires. What did we accomplished there? nothing, and now we have to spend billions to dismantle and disassembly the infrastructure we used against them, I say they are smart as hell and again with our arrogance we underestimated them.

    2. his ass kicked? Didn’t Russia lose thousands of soldiers and ran away with tails between their legs from afghanistan?

      It seems you have never read a history book, but according to every historian or ppl who know about it.. Afghanistan successfully kicked the invadors out.

      And the same goes for the war against British Empire in 1842… where out of 15,000+ army only one man survived to tell the story… go read about it 🙂

      Afghanistan is graveyard of invaders

  4. Afghanistan mujaheedin and CIA of US and Pakistan were allies. I guess the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” shows the story in true light. Americans abandoned Afghanistan and that was the mistake. Due to their isolation they found a way out, I guess humans will always find a ‘way out’. The way out was the Taliban regime from 1996-2001. Also in the case of Iraq, ‘international sanctions’ killed them. I guess no country should remain isolated. This removal of isolation is required. It is a price worth paying I feel.

  5. I find that interesting the comment “poor Iraq”
    first off let me say that no one has the right to kill another human being, but it’s interesting to e photos of Iraq life before the 9/11 incident. I remember seeing photos of children holding guns, and being taught from a young age to hate, and kill non-Iraq people. when you teach children to use guns, and raise them to hate, and kill what the hell do you expect will happen to your society and way of life……..

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