Videos of Palestinian Children Burned to Death by Israel in Gaza

Videos of Palestinian Children Burned to Death by Israel in Gaza

There are three videos showing dead or dying little children brutally burned by Israeli air raids on Palestinians in Gaza, plus a bonus video by Brother Nathanael – former Jew who has a very eloquent way of putting things into a perspective and offers great and easy to understand outlook on what’s happening.

First video is rather disturbing – 3 year old girl with parts of her body burned to a crisp gasps for her lasts breaths before death. Parts of this video did not encode correctly for some reason so there’s big pixilation. Sorry about that:

Second video reminds me a bit of Syrian propaganda – a group of Palestinians hold what appears to be a press conference for international journalists displaying a child burned by Israeli rockets. Heartbreaking, but very uncool:

Third video was filmed on a low quality cell phone camera. It shows what appears to be doctors tossing around a limp corpse of a burned child for show on the video. It looks like they’re examining slaughtered lambs to buy from a meat merchant:

And finally a video of Brother Nathanael who I’m a big fan of – he has an epic beard, radiates an aura of awesome far and wide, even though a computer monitor screen and says it like it is, without beating around the bush or misleading:

Props to drccoco for his contribution.

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67 thoughts on “Videos of Palestinian Children Burned to Death by Israel in Gaza”

      1. Don’t talk shit now. The world needs to see this.

        They are showing the child so that opinion may shift enough for this to stop happening. Completely justified, you must be joking or you cannot take the truth or you are just playing dumb.

  1. In the second video, whenever the person lifted the leg or touched the child it made me cringe because you could see that the poor thing was in so much pain which was hightened whenever moved or tocuched.

    1. Lady L, Have you by chance noticed that half your face is missing. I was wondering how this situation came to be and also how it is that you have managed to feed and water yourself, I’m thinking possibly through osmosis.

    2. @LadyLazarus, this is Holy land we’re talking about here. Is there a difference between this ground and the dirt 50 yards across the border? It must be worth all the lives that have been sacrificed why else keep fighting over it. Religion is a Motherfucker. I’m an Atheist, could care less about any Holy war. It sucks when you see these horrors that happen to children.

      1. The Israelis target terrorists and the Palestinians target Jews. If Israel wanted genocide, then Gaza would already be reduced to dust. It’s more important for the terrorists of Gaza to murder Jews than to protect their own women and children.

        1. Agreed, 100%. I HATE to see these little ones hurt and killed, but, y’know what they COULD do? MOVE. I’m sorry, but if you’re stupid enough to ram your finger up the ass of a lion, you deserve to be bitten. I’m not on either ‘side’ here, but, let’s be honest, the Palestinians are bloody idiots. ‘How do home made, DIY BOMBS, hurt the Mighty Israel’? What a bloody RIDICULOUS question!! A bomb blows up and kills people. Doesn’t matter whether it’s made in your kitchen, or in a munitions factory. The Palestinians that live in Gaza ARE terrorists. They’re there because they want to be a part of the Palestinian herd of sheep. If I knew that say, the Americans hated everyone that lived here in Toronto, but would leave the rest of Canada ALONE, and I wasn’t a Sheep, I think I’d move my ass, there’s NOTHING more important than the safety of MY child, I guess these fucktards feel differently.

      2. The Jews target terrorists but the terrorists target Jews. It’s inevitable for children to die because their terrorist fathers shoot rockets from their doorsteps. If there was legitamate concern for their children’s lives, then the terrorists would stop lobbing rockets to the civilian neighborhoods of Israel.

        1. It takes two to tango. Both sides are killing. This site makes it seem as though the Palestinians are just poor, helpless victims, but they are just as involved in killing as everyone else. Israel is this tiny little country surrounded on all sides by those who don’t just want them dead, but want them wiped from the face of the earth. The only thing keeping f hem from being nuked is the land Israel sits on.

          1. If you marry a women with large udders you may find that in time she has tits that touch her toes, therefore I prefer women with smaller but firmer breasts.

            I also disagree, I see men talking to tits all the time in bars, they even keep conversations going just so they can keep staring at and talking to tits.

  2. It really burns me when I see children harmed (no pun intended), I hope the people responsible for this burn in hell (again, no pun intended). I can’t even imagine how anyone could do such a horrible thing and just thinking about it leaves me hot under the collar (pun intended),

  3. Watched about 3 secs of video one, which is quite enough. I don’t really know what to say, just despair in humanities utter illogical rational where it comes to inflicting this on innocent children. I think we will never learn from conflicts and wars, they are utterly pointless and just result in more and more despair…

  4. I liked Brother Nathanael, a little bit too bombastic for my tastes, but he tells it like it is and presents documented evidence to support his stance. I personally would not have brought Jesus Christ into it seeing as there is no real evidence for such a man to have lived or indeed died but I suppose he is trying to gather supporters within the Christian margins.

    You are right, his beard is epic, if it were a coffee it would be a grande cappuccino, large, stylish and slightly enigmatic.

  5. Brother Nathanael is great! very honest videos and pure truth. AS Obliterator said, a breathe of fresh air.

    The baby was probably burned by White phosphorus, the Palestinians no doubt found the Canisters of Whtie phosphorus with MADE IN US on its side, a present from us to Israel.

  6. Heartbreaking. Made me feel really wierd after watching those. Considering all those poor little babies looked round the same age as my son. So so sad they get caught up in stuff like this. RIP little ones

  7. Those are all the same child. God damn, normally with videos I never get all sad, but that baby girl looked to be the same age as my niece. And if somebody ever did that to her I’d personally do the same thing to that person. Poor baby.

    1. in any case, these allahuakbur retards are garbage, they will never make it, so it will probably be advisable to save their garbage lives to live in that garbage desert feeding the camels or something, who cares. We can always depopulate them later if needed.

      1. There’s nothing retarded or garbage about these people. Zionists have been depopulating them for decades and stealing their land but they’re the toughest people on the planet and absolutely refuse to give in. You wouldn’t be able to handle for an hour what these people have to endure.

        It will be the resistance fighters from the last holdouts against “Israel” who will be responsible for destroying Zionism, that is Iran, Syria, Palestine and Hezbollah. The overwhelming majority of them are Muslims – you might want to engage your brain before opening your mouth.

  8. Poor babies 🙁 This makes me so very sad. I hope the people responsible are burning in hell right now. I don’t mean to wish wrong on people but FUCK! Innocent children don’t deserve to go out like this at all. Not in any way, shape or form.

  9. The Palestine-Israel region used to be Turkish land until Britain conquered it. It was split in half, one side for the Jews (Israel) and the other-side for the Muslims (Palestine) but since then to this present day, Israel has been taking over Palestinian land and claiming it as “theirs”, causing genocide and mass killing innocent Muslims in parts of Palestine such as Gaza and West-bank.
    Then Israel uses the media to blame the Palestinians because apparently there’s “Hamas” and they’re trying to “take over Israel.”
    Don’t be fooled by the media.

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