Villagers Beat All Ready Burnt Motorcycle Thief with Sticks

Villagers Beat All Ready Burnt Motorcycle Thief with Sticks

Villagers Beat All Ready Burnt Motorcycle Thief with Sticks

This happened in Kenya, Africa.

Villagers beat an already burnt thief. Fed up villagers caught a motorcycle thief and did what most Kenyans will do! Burn!

The poor villagers could not afford a tyre to necklace him, so they use dry bush sticks to burn him. How romantic, dontcha’ think?

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for sending the video:

Plus a video received independently which may show the burning that preceded the beating:

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  5. They all are righteous and very angry in punishing a guy who stole bike with sadistic torturing to dead. Even old man uses opportunity to scare shit in crowd and appear righteously angry. This old man is most disgusting slimiest coward on Earth.

    Theft deserves a lesson but this…Jesus..

  6. While this may seem barbaric to a lot of people from civilized countries, people have to keep in mind the justice system is nonexistent in these places. Police, courts, etc are all corrupt as hell. If you’re poor and don’t have money, you’re free to go because they can’t extort anything from you. Got money, and they’ll probably say give us money or else.

    So that leaves the common people. How are they supposed to deal with a repeat offender? A motorcycle is the main transportation for a lot of these people. No insurance and no money to buy a new one. Someone wants to take it from you and what should people do?

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