Violent Weekend in Caruaru Leaves Two Dead

Violent Weekend in Caruaru Leaves Two Dead

Violent weekend in Caruaru, Brazil, this weekend. First, a 22 year old man identified as Tiago Augusto Basilio Cursino was found shot to death in a Fiat in the Caiucรก neighbourhood on the afternoon of Friday, September 18th. He was apparently with at least one other person who tried to get him help but he died on the way to hospital. Those who new him said that he was a good person and they don’t know the reason for the murder. Tiago had also been shot three months prior to his killing. Investigators have found out the identity of the murderer who has since fled and has not yet been apprehended.

The second murder of the weekend occurred during the early morning hours of Saturday, September 19th. The victim has only been identified as “Gordinho”, and was stabbed to death, left to die amongst trash littering the street. His killer remains unknown and on the loose.

Fun Fact: Caruaru is already 18 murders ahead of their total for last year.

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  2. What’s going on with the vertical line of stickers on the windshield????
    It must have really pissed the killer of the first guy off that he didn’t die the first time looks like he made sure there second time around.

          1. Lol guys its call being a smart ass and @ boozer love you know how big of one I can be you should have caught on to me immediately… @Broke honey sorry I just had to see how long it would take you to break down and say it >:)

          2. @Bb btw thanks for going with the pearl necklace instead of the superman I don’t know how I would played that one off ๐Ÿ˜‰ @boozer don’t you get any ideas either..

  3. Man, these Brazilians should start a reality show staring Kim K, where 20 contestants fight to the death, to obtain the right to ask Caitlyn Jenner out for a steak-fill-a. Now thats a shitty show a undergrad dude would watch during football practice.

  4. “He was a good guy”, they said… ๐Ÿ˜† Yeah everyone’s a good guy when they die, but only because they dont know the story behind that. If he had been shot 3 months prior to his death, he must have done something wrong then.

  5. I don’t think that it was wise to pull him out of the car. He could have broken the other arm while they were pulling him out.

    Looks like Gordinho was having a nice little siesta on the side of the road. Totally at peace with his surroundings. He looked pretty relaxed. Suddenly, someone came by and stabbed him so fast that he died very quickly, with a smile on his face. He probably still has no idea that he’s dead. I did not see any trash littering the street.

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