Wahhabi Pigs Drag a Man Behind Car in Syria

Wahhabi Pigs Drag a Man Behind Car in Syria

The Wahhabi are an offshoot of Sunni Islam. Like their Salafi brethren, Wahhabi are the same Sunni pigs we’ve watched massacre Syrian civilians since their fraudulent revolution started.

In this video, the Wahhabi terrorists filmed themselves dragging a man behind a car through the streets of some Syrian town in which they either already massacred all civilians, or keep them in enough fear to not want to go about their lives. For as long as Sunni terrorists have a grip on any Syrian town, the civilians are not safe, but when Assad’s army comes and liberates them from the terrorists’ grip, the life instantly returns into the streets.

Now, the Wahhabi pigs you see dragging a man behind a car in this video are the same people retards like Hillary the Obtuse, the tools running the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) and the UN want armed. I mean – we all know they’ve been smuggling weapons for the terrorists all along from Turkey, but they want to start doing it on a large scale, without the secrecy and all.

These retards still want the general public to believe that Mexican chainsaw beheading was a deplorable act by Bashar al-Assad’s security forces on innocent Syrian civilians and that the terrorists they want armed are peace loving people who would never drag a man behind a car. Ever. Yeah right!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Harnessing the power of the internet, I figured out what this dude said.

          “Look and feel a bit fake, dragged it a long time before such a point of wear and tear?”

          Well, one thing’s for sure, there are more REAL bodies to drag around than REALISTIC FAKE ONES…..or, for your easier understanding….let me demonstrate my superior ching-chong-ise


          There. I just welcomed him to best gore, AND advised him to translate it through google first to not be a shit-rivet (no, I didn’t call him a shit rivet out of the gate, we’ll wait until it happens 2-3 times and becomes really annoying)

          But yha, that’s the first time THAT’S happened, translating an official Best Gore Welcome

        2. Elson said: “Look and feel a bit fake, dragged it a long time before such a point of wear and tear?”

          He was quite fucked up.. Face was all blood, arms missing skin, stomach was burnt up good. Sad someone has to go through this just to prove a point..

          1. Yeah, he was ground down pretty good. After the serious street sanding to his front side grinding off any major protrusions he’s now likely to be hung like a mouse.

          1. maybe we should listen to you when you talk about fake… china sure make a lot of fake goods… fake ipads, fake roles, fake designer handbags, even fake cars… lol

        1. that thing must take up an entire wall of his tiny cubical….don’t they have like 3,000 diffrent symbols or some$hit?

          When I did the Google translation, it was pretty effortless, just took a bunch of copy/paste.

          1. Hahahahahahaha. Hello Tiger, sorry my reply was a bit too late, Leeroy Jenkins’ an internet meme just like pwnd* lol*. It originated from the game World of Warcraft. Wiki states that It features a group of players discussing a detailed battle strategy for the next encounter while one of their party members, Leeroy, is away from his computer. Their plan is ruined when Leeroy returns and, ignorant of the strategy, immediately charges headlong into battle shouting his own name in a stylized battle cry. His companions rush to help, but Leeroy’s actions ruin the meticulous plan, and all of the group members are killed.

            If you think of what the guy did, It really was hilarious. hyuk hyuk hyul hyuk

    1. How stupid…Body dragging 101 clearly states that you should always put on your hazzard lights when doing a drag to avoid premature contact with other cars or objects not directly related to the task

  1. I was expecting this dragging to be a lot bloodier than what was shown in the end. What a disappointment. Should have been a 30 minute long video over various type of ground until the dude fell apart. At least that would have compensated for the lack of blood due to the possibility that the corpse was drained of blood before the dragging began. Or maybe these dragging are not as bloody as I think they should be.

          1. @high,future and boat, correct me if I’m wrong, but do ya think maybe it looked like he moved because they were hittin’ bumps on the road? Cause that’s what I think.

          1. @lunatic…..its not when they are dragging him.. It’s near the end of the video when stopped. I think Boatman is right and that it is video distortion. But yah never know!

          1. Life outside BG has been pretty demanding lately so i haven’t really had any time to come on. @Highriser No worries though, I’m still kicking around 😛

  2. At 1:06-1:08 check out this dude’s reaction.

    I really couldn’t imagine what this would be like, being drug behind (obviously I’m talking about stil being alive) but it would remove the face, teeth, and finger prints (entire hands if you drive all the way across town, or, just go for a road trip and make a day of it.

    But seriously, brutal shit.

    I also can’t help but wonder how many F.V. today were talking amongst one another about the chainsaw fakery, going on and on about how Syria is so brutal and how dare they…etc.

    As You say…sheep.

    1. @RS, have you seen the ‘Pakistani’ car dragging? I think it was Pakistani cops? Anyway, THAT guy was definitely STILL alive, he tries (in vain) to lift his elbows off the ground, but alas they are ground down a couple of centimetres! I think it could be on BG?….a truly sickening video.

        1. @RS, OMG! the 2nd one, I’ve seen it before but geez that’s an assault on the senses, that elbow, I can hardly bear looking at that! (but boy, it’s interesting, that’s one of the reasons we love BG, isn’t it?)

          1. (I’ll copy/past this and put it inside the NEWEST post up front to ensure you get it)

            (quickest way to see this is action, is when you are writing a comment, it will say YOUR USER NAME AND ‘LOG OUT’ in the comment box. those are links, try this on them!)

            On the main pages (at this point there’s 151 or so of them) don’t LEFT CLICK on any of them.
            RIGHT CLICK on the one you want.

            A popup menu comes up.

            At the bottom is ‘properties’.

            Where it says address URL just copy/paste that, and it’s your link to where that ‘portal’ goes……MAN I hope that makes sense and is helpful

  3. hay sir that is some nice ROAD RASH you have there.

    all women in Syria do this on there wedding day they want to be different so metal cans aren’t going to cut it so they DROP KICK there new husband and knock his ass OUT! and tie him to there car!

    1. Hey @T, I went down on my bike, I had a chunk of flesh hangin’ from my knee, a sprained wrist, and road rash, and let me tell you, HAHA the road rash was the worst! For DAYS I was literally peeling myself off of whatever I was layin’ on, like velcro, the peelin’ part su%&ed, but the relief ya got when the air hit it was a great adrenaline rush! Actually, the peeling pain felt pretty good too!

      1. @lunatic, the chick who fell off her skate board a few ‘posts’ ago, she had a painful looking road rash on her back, I showed my kid (who stake boards) I said “see that bit on her back, THATS what will be hurting, even more than the broken arm” I think its cos its a kind of ‘burn’, a gravel burn?

          1. @lunatic, I have NEVER seen my boy so scratched up in my life (since he took up skate boarding) scabby knees/elbows etc, I KNOW what can really happen to human bodies (who tangle with cars/trucks) so I should be thankful?

  4. that wedgie is going to leave a mark,road rash sucks too ,but hey we all know his movie carrier isn’t over yet,as we will see him in another movie on how the American soldiers done this to humiliate them…

  5. we are living in biblical times when man’s cruelty to other men knows no bounds. soon Jesus [ not bg jesus ] will return to eradicate the fleshy virus problem on this planet. sorry, i do have a little religion on the brain disease but not too much. in the end times the days will be shortened for the sake of the elect for if not no flesh will remain alive. that means TOTAL DEATH of the planet. us, animals, everything. divine intervention is the only thing able to save this dying world. allahu snackbar to y’all!

    1. I think you will soon say f#%k all religion @mouse, as everything on this site must make you ask, IS there REALLY a GOD? If there is, and I believe not, then he is the most sadistic person/ fairytale known to man.

      1. yes, there is a God. man cannot possibly be the highest intelligence in the universe. we’re nothing more than really smart primates and most of us are really stupid as fuck. only a relative few have come along and elevated the masses with their inventions. the universe is sooo complicated there has to be a supreme designer behind it all. why he chooses to do nothing about all the bs in the world is beyond my understanding. i would have ended this nonsense a long time ago.

    1. Jail? You mean prison? For many, many, many years. And then a decade of probation.. Desecrating a body is extremely frowned upon in all states. Not saying it wouldn’t be fun as hell though.

  6. Road rash hurts way worse than any burn or cut I’ve ever had and I’ve had alot..road rashes as well, but road rash..that shit burns like a mother fucker I mean how could it not your damn skins being burned, peeled and ripped off by asphalt, the scabing is pretty gnarly too, one of the worst road rashes I’ve had wasn’t even from the road it was from a sanding machine in wood shop, jacked my finger up real nice

  7. that was a disappointment…….but there is a few people id LOVE to do that to….only difference would be id be rallying that car….taking corners so fast the body would take flight for a bit….the dragee would be bouncing off other cars and knocking people down like skittles

    1. Same here. Take them down gravel roads, bounce them off trees, reverse and back over them once and begin again. I’d love to see someone pulled behind a Top Fuel car them most though…they probably wouldn’t even touch the ground.

        1. It was in one of the Traces Of Death (go figure) that this exact thing happened.
          2 jeeps in some middle-eastern $h!t hole (Lunatic suggest that instead of using full-on cuss words to use symbols instead to avaid moderation prison) and both arms flew off with very little resistance…..super brutal!

          1. Didn’t work too well for me.. I must be flagged as a person in dire need of moderating.. I don’t blame it one bit, I tend to speak what I think, and people don’t like it much…oh well.

        2. @Razor: So you’re saying, like a human game of ‘Wish Bone’ but no-one gets lucky afterwards? Awesome, I love it!

          @Swearwords: So you are the reason I’m in moderation land for almost an hour! You little bassTurd!

          1. It’s the word turd, do not sat the word turd, the word is the bird, has anybody heard the word? cause the bird is the word, I said the bird is the word, babababa the bird bird bird, bird is the word the bird bird bird the bird is the word !

  8. I wondered how they move their corpses about these Mufti bred Fuckwits. Now when Assad liberates the town these cowards will flee into their mudhuts crying as usual when the media turn up. When Assad leaves the town protected and it returns to normality. These Sunni death gangs turn up to look for more victims. They will soon get the Bestgore BAFTA Awards for most featured artists soon

  9. I saw this over on LL. Man Oh Man… you should read the ignorant comments posted by the FSA-puppets about the “CIA being behind this Syrian Uprising” shit. The CIA is too damn incompetent to pull this off, pretty clearly the work of Al Qaeda.

    Even so, LL is so weakly moderated, there’s little point into getting into corrective arguments there, as I suspect LL has drunk the kool-aid and allowed the FSA-puppets to spread their propaganda there carte blanche. 🙁

  10. DAMN I thought the damage would have been waaay worse. Anyway these guys are idiots. The video would have made a much better impression if they started recording when he was still alive and they first started dragging him. Duuh

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