War 08.08.08. The Art of Betrayal – Documentary About Georgian-Ossetian Conflict

War 08.08.08. The Art of Betrayal - Documentary About Georgian-Ossetian Conflict

A few days ago I posted a video of Ossetian soldiers abusing Georgian captive. In the post I admitted that I didn’t know much about the Georgian-Ossetian conflict which was true. After the post, I was contacted by Best Gore member fascistheart who hooked me up with a documentary titled War 08.08.08. – The Art of Betrayal and I must say that after watching it, I gained pretty solid understanding of what is going on in that part of the world. I’ve done some extensive further reading on the conflict and the resulting war and found everything presented by the documentary to be correct and accurate.

Although I can imagine most of you don’t give two shits about neither Georgia nor Ossetia, I found the documentary to be interesting and worth a watch. I would recommend it to anyone willing to gain further insight on the world’s affairs’ larger picture and the broader than imagined involvement of the Zionists in the affairs of sovereign nations.

War 08.08.08. – The Art of Betrayal

As said in the opening paragraphs, War 08.08.08 – The Art of Betrayal is a documentary by a Russian internet TV channel Russia.ru about the war between Ossetia and Georgia. 08.08.08 represents the date of August 8, 2008, which corresponds with the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing. The documentary features interviews with civilians caught in the middle of the conflict but version shared here is audio dubbed with English translation supported with English subtitles. The documentary makers released the film in order to prove that what happened on August 8, 2008 in Ossetia was a war crime and that the Zionists support and carry out more terrorist attacks around the world than an average person realizes.

The documentary starts with Mikhail Saakashvili – President of Georgia expressing his fondness for Ossetians and appealing to them to put the past behind and start the new era of Georgia together. Saakashvili held this TV address on August 7, 2008. Then on the night of August 8, 2008 (08.08.08) – the day when the Olympic games opened in Beijing, Saakashvili ordered military attack on civilians in South Ossetia. The Ossetians felt more relaxed having heard the president promise cease fire only to be woken in the middle of the night by a full on war.

Whereas in the past centuries, all wars ceased during the Olympic Games, these traditional conventionalities are no longer accepted. As a species, we continue our descent to the depth of hell as ever more character deprived parasitic organisms. As millions watched the spectacle prepared by the Beijing Olympics team, civilians in South Ossetia were being massacred by the hundreds.

The Georgian Army attacked the Ossetian town of Tskhinvali at night, while people were asleep as per the order issued by president Mikhail Shaakashvili on the day of his TV address. Mikhail Shaakashvili is commander in chief of the army financed and armed with state of the art weaponry by the same people that finance other terrorist and extremist groups, including Al Qaeda – the Zionists. Launching attacks on civilians and timing them in such a manner so as to maximize civilian casualties is a signature strategy of the Zionists.

The South Ossetia attack was titled “Clean Field”. The Georgians, like their Jewish sponsors do with Palestinians, wanted to ethnic cleanse Georgia off Ossetians. Their surprise attack was to leave the Ossetians without a chance to get help from Russians, however on the evening of August 8, the Russian army made its way to South Ossetia through the Roki Tunnel and by August 10, they forced the Georgian aggressors and their Afro American sidekick mercenaries back to Gori. Meanwhile, all ZOG puppets in the western governments condemned Russia, while crying crocodile tears for the Georgians.

Majority of those massacred by the Georgians and ZOG mercenaries were civilians farmers. They were systematically executed with extra attention given to the fact that all witnesses of extermination are killed – the same type of behavior the Zionists trained FSA terrorists to exhibit in Syria. The Georgians fired at families with children with machine guns and tanks, incinerating them inside civilian vehicles as they attempted to escape the aggression.

The conflict between the Ossetians and the Georgians has gone on for years. In 1991, a bus full of Ossetians from the town of Eredvi has been attacked, passengers forced out and buried alive. The Georgians are trained by NATO and Israeli instructors and armed by 15 Zio fucked countries plus Ukraine. Ukraine should be the last country siding with the Zionists because it was Jewish Bolsheviks that sent millions of Ukrainians Catholics to their deaths in Gulags.

Check out War 08.08.08. – The Art of Betrayal below. It’s heartbreaking watching all those old people recount the horror of war they were subjected to. Props to Best Gore member fascistheart for the hook up:

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17 thoughts on “War 08.08.08. The Art of Betrayal – Documentary About Georgian-Ossetian Conflict”

  1. Another good documentary.

    Whereas it is true that I don?t give two shits about neither Georgia or Ossetia it is not because I am cruel and wicked but because I am far away from the conflict and the media reports very little on it.

    However knowledge is always good in so far that a human race with an open mind and eyes can see the world for how it really is and this makes it more difficult for them, the war mongers, to hide behind the scenes.

    Now if only we as a people would exercise our voice and use our power of numbers, strength in co-ordination, to destroy the enemies within.

  2. I do remember the Georgia/Russian “war” so to speak. The idiot president of Georgia had the full support of the fucking drooling moron President of the USA, George W. Bush. The Jew Neocons here in the USA actually wanted us to send troops to Georgia and fight the Russian army. By some miracle cooler heads prevailed and we did not decide to start World War 3 over Abkhazi (South Ossetia) which has a population of 80,000.

  3. Looking at a map of Georgia and the location of South Ossetia you can see why they refuse to let an ethnic minority hand over that part of thier country to Russia. Just because they seeked asylum there centuries ago, refused to intergrate and swelled in numbers doesn’t make it thier land to give away to a hostile neighbour. Russia of course is rubbing it’s hands together in glee.

    1. That was in this video. His entire persona just dropped and he got the fuck outta dodge asap.

      You could literally see the true him in all it’s sniveling, whiny, snake-oil pop right outta him. The other highlight was him chewing on his tie like a moron.

      I wouldn’t be able to respect a leader like that.

      Unfortunately, most of our Leaders are probably the exact same way.

      Which probably explains why I despise my own Government and political class, and that of the entire West. It’s almost like if you want to be a politician in the West, you have to be a greedy, power hungry, selfish, traitorous, weak cunt.

      And those who aren’t, end up physically assassinated (Pim Fortuyn), or character assassinated (Various Political groups in the West)

  4. Yah, if I remember correctly, Georgia had just entered N.A.T.O. and the idiot president obviously expected every army in Europe to come to his aid – AGAINST THE RUSSIAN ARMY???? – Yeah right – big fucking error…..

    1. Actually I think there were some assurances from the west. Georgia is very strategic for the the west.
      For the Russians it’s a loose canon, they didn’t go in there because they were being nice wanting to protect the Ossetians, they want to get a foothold in Goargia to protect themselves.

      1. Most definitely greenlit by the Us and Nato. I am glad the Russians won. Don’t get me wrong ,i love the Georgians as well but in this war Georgia’s president was a snivelling ,toadying fool and tool of the Zionatoyanquis. He subsequently got chased out by his own people and went to Ukraine where the ukrojewnazis made him a pollie. He was such a fool and instrument of the zionatoyanquis there even the ukrojewnazis got sick of him and jailed him.

        Russia did what was right . It kicked out Nato encroachments as agreed with Nato with the former some time ago. Pity tough -guy zionatoyanquis can not keep their promises.

  5. State-of-the-art military equipment eh? Those looked like some shitty old obsolete NATO armaments. I think the tank was an M60 from back in the day. Not saying it wasn’t brutally effective against civilians, but certainly not state-of-the-art. The Abrams or Merkava would hold that title.

  6. Makes me very very happy of being a Russian 😀
    I remember at that time thinking “Why the hell should we, Chechens help Russians after what they did to us?” (Russia attacked Chechnya)
    But now, i see that Russians and Chechens were fighting against this. I don’t know how to name this.


  7. The film is very tendentious and has nothing to do with reality! Your comment is also highly subjective.
    I was at the center of these conflicts and I saw everything with my own eyes, and I know 100% that all ethnic conflicts in the territory of the post-USSR were planned and provoked by RUSSIA!

    P.S. Sorry for the bad English …

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