WDBJ Reporter Alison Parker and Cameraman Adam Ward Shot Dead During Live Broadcast

WDBJ Reporter Alison Parker and Cameraman Adam Ward Shot Dead During Live Broadcast

24 year old WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, and her 27 year old cameraman Adam Ward, were fatally shot during a live broadcast by a former colleague, a disgruntled employee, who accused the couple of racial prejudice. The reporter and the cameraman were white, the killer was black.

The shooter was identified as Vester Lee Flanagan II, who went by a screen name Bryce Williams. He approached the couple while they were interviewing Vicky Gardner, executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce at a shopping plaza in Moneta, VA, holding a gun in one hand, and a cell phone camera positioned vertically in the other.

He lurked next to the group for a while, and then opened fire. Alison Parker and Adam Ward were confirmed dead. Vicky Gardner, the woman they were interviewing, was shot in the back and is in surgery.

After a five-hour manhunt, Bryce Williams, according to police, shot himself with the same gun. Before doing that, he uploaded the vertical video of the shooting to his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Both were later suspended. Whether he succeeded in killing himself has not been confirmed at this time.

WDBJ is a CBS affiliate in Roanoke. WDBJ7 general manager Jeff Marks said Flanagan had talent, but was difficult to work with, and was prone to anger and outbursts. He left the station in 2013 and accused its staff of racism. He worked at stations in San Francisco, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Georgia. Everywhere he went, he accused the staff of racism and filed complaints or lawsuits. None of his claims were corroborated. Other African American employees had no idea what racism he was talking about either.

Watch out for the mainstream press, and sheep dominated social networks exploding with reports that the cameraman dived to shield his girlfriend, or similar dumbfuckery.

Props to everyone who sent in the videos. First video is of live broadcast during which the shooting occurred:

Second video was filmed by the shooter and provides his point of view:

Also a gallery of a few photos:

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        1. Ever see Die Hard? McClaine woulda died in his first altercation without a weapon.

          Don’t like movies? Ever see War? Everyone would be saying “heil hitlah” or bowing to our waists without the equal intervention of a firearm.

          You don’t play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” during a gunfight/assault.

          Blame the discoverer of gunpowder, if anything. Since that discovery, you better have equal measure to defend yourself or it could be RiP to you and yours as well.

          1. Mr The Judge, he think Hitler was the bad guy where he was the opposite.
            Same he think about putin, just brainwashed MSM jewishy/zog stereotipes.

            That video proves that 500 Joules of a 9x19mm or .40 s&W of that glock bullet’s energy does not block a thiny woman to escape and run out. She may have died later but if she was armed and trained she would have easily replied to the rounds.
            The fault is not the bullet low energy. A .22short
            40-50Joules fired from a 2,5″ barrel pistol can kill a man in one shot on the spot, brain spinal cord heart shot, it smashes to pulp the brain.
            The aim capacity is essential. so what aim capcity you expect from a vertical phone negro? good he didn’t use the glock side way like the rapper ghetto stile way, he couldnt hit in the head his target at 5 feet . I can hit easily a head side target at 150 feet with that glock with one round or two and a very few seconds of aiming and I’m sure most can do better than me.

        2. Try moving to a city like Atlanta where breaking and entering by criminals who are often armed with illegal guns is a common occurrence and let me.know whether or not you would want to legally own a firearm.

        3. Guns don’t kill people, guns are only an instrument used to kill someone, it requires some one to operate it in order for it to kill. He could have used a machete to kill them, another tool that could be used to cause death.
          Fucking brutal, evil. The only racist was him.

          1. I think it would take more guts to do it with a machete. The’re up close and personal….and nasty. A gun will inflict much more damage with just the pull of a trigger. Vital organs especially.

        4. Guns do save lives. It is based on police reports. Just recently a 13 year old protected his home from a home invasion of two black thugs. the kid killed one of those thugs. if you want to know what violence is, go to Britain or Australia. They banned guns and the murder rate in both countries has gone sky high. Besides, this shooting was a hoax, a staged event. Allison Parker (from the sandy hook hoax, and spider man), and Adam Ward (spider man and bat man) are very much alive. It was all staged. There is no way she could run a way like that after she was snot three times. She would have dropped to the ground and bled out. Also, if you look at the video of the incident, the last shots that are fired have an echo sound to them. The reason for that is because those shots are fired in an in door gun range, and spliced into the video. Don’t believe me, go to an indoor gun range sometime. I have been to to many gun ranges to know what sound a hand gun makes.

      1. Omg it freaked me out when he first held the gun at the pretty blonde reporter. She didnt see it because she was interviewing. He was a nut. He should live and suffer after his failed attempt of suicide. He was angry because he was black and gay or that was just his excuse for being a dick.

          1. Youu really need to learn how camera work. Shell expulsing REALLY FAST. The camera simply haven’t caught a frame that you would see the shell.

            If it was filmed with a less shitty camera, you would have seen the shell

          2. The staged shooting scenario has an inherent flaw. It will always be easier and more effective to actually carry out the shooting. A hoax has many more moving parts not to mention being easier to see through the production. Why would a hoax be more ideal than an actual shooting? These people obviously don’t care about human life.

        1. You clearly have never seen someone be shot or been shot because you just like a lot of these other idiots don’t seem to understand this shit isn’t like a video game you don’t see blood INSTANTLY as well as have y’all ever heard of adrenaline? In the heat of the moment I’d bet anything she didn’t feel shit because her fight or flight kicked in

        2. @MastaK**$%#666 . after reading your comment in this post and others, I wonder why are you posting comment here, in BG. Most of your comment is nothing. i mean its better for you kid to think first before commenting, don’t just press enter what your retard dumb brain thought. MastaKfuck666

      2. Where are the physical reactions to bullets hitting her? Do you see any rounds hit her center? Legs? Upper? …
        He is 5 feet away ..how can he miss when he even practiced aiming the glock at them… as they keep up the interview oblivious to the menacing weapon Pointed at their heads and shoulders.

      1. I actually read today that his many firings was due to his antisocial behavior, constantly accusing his coworkers of racism, and his poor reporting skills. He had many jobs and they all said he was difficult to work with.
        Also, as of about two hrs ago, his suicide attempt failed, and he is in very critical condition.

    1. im calling bullshit, this is msm manipulation pushing a gun control and race war agenda. call me paranoid if you like but i dont have much trust in the mainstream media, with the platform they have and human heard mentality its so easy to manipulate the masses

      1. You’re far from paranoid for thinking that. It’s entirely possible, entirely likely I’d say. But there’s a longshot of him being a murdering cunt acting under his own enterprise also. Knowing what we know of the government, I’d side with you on this one. Nothing at all would surprise me anymore anyway.

      2. I’m with ye pal and everyone here should have a closer look at the two videos he shoots her first at nearly point blank range and she doesn’t collapse or anything looks like he fires blanks not real bullets, remember if they got away with Sandy Hoax this is a piece of piss.

      3. Keep hitting that crack pipe of conspiracy theories.
        Maybe Alexei Jewns of Infowars is more your place.

        This was once again violent black on white crime which will be spun as those whites did a racism on the dindu so they deserved to die.

        Fucking negroid dindu nuffin.

        1. It’s all owned by kikes. Most people who have been around and are regulars to BG have never met a an honest kike. Ever.

          Not a chance in hell the kiken-vermin would fake a shooting by a nigger unless the motive was 100% demonstrable racism without any doubt, which the MSM is already trying to spin as such.
          Too bad this isn’t the case here.

          This is a talking ape trained to wear clothes doing exactly what they do.
          A severely disproportionate response, to a perceived slight or racism, with murder on his mind for retribution of said perceived slight. It’s the dindu way.

          Acneska does an ok job exposing dindu on white crime but could do a fuck of a lot more for an “uncensored” news site.

          Niggers and Muslims are the problem, Jews are the cause (which Acneska and BG know all too well).
          I no longer trust anyone whose motives fail to recognize that fact.

      4. Ha,Ya know I’m kinda with you there.i mean this is so fucked up,yet we live in a totally fucked up World where people are so whacked out,and fact we use new age media to express ourselves this seems/could be legit. I may be lil paranoid too,I believe sandy hoax was staged,AND I live in CT.! But that’s a different argument. Bottom line here is niggers are evil,monkey man child tantrum throwing,reverse racism proclaimers,who hate themselves,and work.

    2. He was motivated by the white supremist church killings recently .The biggest mistake Americans ever made was to set Niggers free into civilised society, i hear about how Europe has a problem with Muslims blah blah all the time from Americans.But the United States has a serious Nigger problem Riots,Murder,Rape,Theft. “Gibs me dat”

          1. I hear you , I’ve long suspected Niggers carry a gene prone to Schizophrenia.Not only that American Niggers have been given a unique opportunity to grow up in a developed first world country where the generous handouts mean they can sit on their asses all day ling complaining about the Whiteman or commuting criminal offences from theft right up to rape and murder.They give nothing to a civilised society apart from trouble.However I am happy the American police deal with them harshly there is no other way,and also happy the death penalty is still in affect….

    3. I would not call the shooting nigger a person. More of an 1/2 intellegent ape at best. But why arnt we rioting and looting ? Because again only animals act like animals. Now we have rich white kids who riot over sporting events. Again they a spoiled white kids. But most of this niggery comes from south side of the tracks.

    4. This is fake as shit, wake up you idiots.. First of all the gunman is waving his gun around and nobody noticed?? Second the camera man isn’t even filming the women ?? Third he shoots the woman 3 times at close range to the upper body region, and no blood what so ever ?? And if that is not enough? She then runs away quickly with no problems, limping ore falling?? And then we are supposed to believe he then shoots the camera man and the second woman, shooting the second woman only once ?? Then op loads it to his Facebook ?? I am not buying it.. Bullshit

      1. @vic vega. Go to a different site I wish all of you this is fake people would go somewhere else. This shit was all over the news. You got your fucking horse blinders on. Please stop commenting and go away. Besides youre the fucking dumbass idiot who didn’t do your research. Calling uys fucking idiots I’ll shit doiwn your fucking throat and spit in your eye

    5. I can only get the second video. I saw this on the news about twenty minutes ago. He was also gay. He had angry out bursts about people discriminated against because he was black and gay. It was all in his head and people on past jobs that fired him were afraid of him. He said he got the idea to kill the innocent people from the charelston shootings.

      1. That’s what I was trying to convey at one point. Thanks honey. There was just so much speculation on here. It was becoming irritating. I’d rather know the truth than speculation. I always go find more to these posts anyway. There’s usually a lot more information available. He also used to be a high paid escort

      1. meh, i prefer third person shooters – i like to see the character. PLUS, the chance of changable skins.
        i would have liked to place a sequined, feathered yellow and green brazilian fiesta costume on fatty-brice…. would have gone well with the glock and the pencil moustache

    6. I’ll comment about this farce. In the video from the “shooter “the reporter looks right at him. And she didn’t see a large light skinned black male holding a gun and a cell phone? Really? They are such things as blanks. And miraculously there was no blood spilled on the deck boards either. Stop drinking the Kool aid and realize that the US government and all its various entities are on the gun control crusade. They are gearing up for something big. Mark my words.

    7. That video looks staged. Whether the young lady Alison is dead or not. I truly doubt it was from the actions in the video. If he hit her in the first volley blood would have splashed all over the real estate lady. And the shooter was not holding the pistol on the right, it would have jumped out of that pussy little hand, even though it’s only a .40 glock designed for girls to shoot.

    8. This shooting was a hoax, it was a staged event. Nobody died and nobody was injured. If you look at this video very closely you will see that none of it is possible. She could not run off that with after being shot 3 times. Also the final shots have an echo sound. The reason for that is because those shots were in an inside gun range, and then added to the audio. It was completely stated. She, the cameraman, and the woman that she was interviewing are still very much alive.

  1. Was just trying to send the second video then saw it pop up here. Such a sad and shocking way for a young 24yo woman to leave this world. Was so sad to hear her boyfriend, who she lives with, commenting that she was his world, he loved her and ‘for some reason, she loved me to.’
    A disgruntled guy who’s career path doesn’t go how he wants it to go decides to put his pain across many other people’s world. Selfish beyond words.
    RIP Alison and Adam.
    Rot in Hell Vester!

    1. Will Obama make a speech saying that the white woman could have been his mother?

      Anyone who is white and lives in the US better arm themselves when they leave the house. Any whites who remained unarmed deserve what they get. There has been enough warning for everyone.

  2. People are the problem, not guns.

    Look — you lie a gun on the table. Will that gun kill anyone? Answer is 100% no. Put that same gun in someone’s hand and then the gun becomes a lethal weapon (an extension of the user’s intent).

    Just as such, take a look at that empty car in the parking lot. Will that car kill anyone? Answer is 100% no. Put a person behind the wheel of the car and then the vehicle becomes a lethal weapon (an extension of the user’s intent).

    Getting rid of all guns is not the answer because they will still exist and bad guys will always get their hands on them. If this stupid individual who did the shooting did not have access to a gun, he would have plowed them over with his car, or driven a sword into them. Would people then have the same outcry that all cars need to be removed or be limited to 25 mph (which can still proove lethal)?

    People are the lethal weapons, not inanimate objects.

    1. Look – you put a blonde chick on a bed with her vulva pointing at you. Will that vulva kill anyone? The answer is 100% no. Put that same vulva is someone’s mouth and that vulva becomes a lethal weapon (an extension of the user’s intent). Moral of the story, don’t mess with the vulva. Vulva yummy, but it can kill you. Specially if it’s a married vulva.

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      1. Driverless cars are programmed, and initiated by human interaction. The human is at fault for giving the normally inanimate (while unmaned) vehicle the impetus to go about busy thoroughfares with the power of life or death. a car didn’t roll off the assembly line and decide to start driving all on its own. “Forget humans, I got this”

        If you write a program for a drone to drop bombs on all red Nissans in the middle east, all those red hungs of twisted metal are the human’s intent, not the machine’s.

    2. We don’t have guns in the UK (not in the same way America does anyway) and this shit doesn’t happen here.
      Guns give you power you can’t get from a knife or a car, cars are big and people just get out of the way, knives require getting up close and personal.
      A gun allows people to stand at a distance and kill, it cannot be compared to a car or a knife because it makes killing too easy.

        1. Well then maybe we’re wrong. Perhaps we should melt all our weapons and bring our brooms and shovels to bear when an overseas-imported weapon kicks our door in around midnight.

          It’s like nukes, why do you think everyone wants them? Because they exist, and if you have the potential of being threatened by a device, then you need the equal/if not greater to that device in defense.

          Look– does the military carry feather dusters to fight the enemy? No
          Can you name a difference between death on the battlefield and the deaths at Charlie Hebdo? No

          Life is life, whether it is on the battlefield or in your own home. The enemy can be anywhere, at anytime, bearing any appearance. If anything can happen at anytime, there is no difference in properly preparing yourself for the worst on the battlefield or at home.

      1. Respectfully,

        Oh the fuck it doesn’t happen in the UK. Regale us the tale of one David Gregan who murdered to unarmed female constibules with a firearm AND grenade.

        The world is what humans make it. You go around thinking that all humans want this to be a good world, free of weapons and crime, and you’ll have made yourself susceptible to the evil that hunts blind innocence. Be vigilently innocent.

      2. Fuck off you self righteous Europeans, he was up close and personal, he could have easily have stabbed them both. Don’t act like you fucks don’t have any problems. I remember a serviceman being beheaded in the middle of a London street not too long ago. Crazy fucks exist everywhere regardless of thier chosen motheds.

        1. We europeans lost our dicks long time ago. So we don’t have what it takes to fight for our rights. If armed criminal goes in and murders half of our familly in our house, while taking a nap, criminal would get pat on head and really cozy cell with phone, computer and internet and even a cable tv. He will be treated like a rock star and will write his garbage book, and he will have faithful fallowers too.

          As for victims, fuck em…

          So naturally we envy you Americans and your gun-in-face attitude. Fuck please come to Europe and impregnate our wifes so that at least our children will grow a DICK in next couple of decades.

          Thanks in advance…

    3. I say ban all guns! Then when people get stabbed to death, ban all silverware! Then when people get stoned to death, ban all rocks!

      It is 100% not a gun problem. Its that some people have a lack of respect for life. I have been a gun owner all my life. None of my guns have ever hurt a human being, nor an animal that I didn’t then eat. Because I am not a piece of shit, like ol’ doucheface that can’t film for shit.

    4. Your sophistry is stupid as fuck, and it’s also reprehensible because you’re using it to defend a murderer’s right to a fire arm. The difference that ”harmless” inanimate object makes is HUGE. It’s the difference between a murder and a massacre of innocent people, destroying the lives of many. Why the fuck would you argue that guns are a non-factor? Why would you argue that it’s OK to arm a murderer simply because ”it’s not the gun’s fault”. Are you a fucking moron? Stop advocating enhancing the killing capability of murderers you fucking imbecile. The guns ARE responsible for the difference between a murderer trying to kill someone without a firearm because they’re illegal, and a murderer casually buying a firearm from his local store and, due PRECISELY to the existence of that firearm, end up killing 20, 30, who knows how many more people. Sort your fucking morals and your logic out because as of now they’re both fucking shambolic.

      1. You ARE a fucking moron…

        So… Let me get this straight… Guns are at fault… Not the human?…

        If ANYONE wants guns banned worldwide is trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube?…

        So next time when a drunk driver gets pulled over by a cop and he says – “It wasn’t me officer… It was the alcohol’s fault…” That would be OK right?… O_o Where’s your personal responsibility?… Stuck straight up your ass huh?…

        Once again… I repeat…


        Cars kill a hell of a lot of people each year… So… I guess we need to ban cars now?…

        Get your head out of that dark place you keep it in…

      2. This comment is a disgrace and the moral principle being promoted is that it’s OK to continue allowing psychopaths to walk into schools with full auto weapons and kill as many kids as possible. And someone had a gun so don’t make that argument. A teacher there had a gun and it did nothing. All the children were dead and their parents stood waiting to get told their kids were dead. Strive for prohibition of firearms for those kids, just like the victimized parents said when they spoke out against guns on TV.

        1. Who made an argument for psychopaths to have guns?…

          Your words just admitted that it’s not the gun’s fault but the individual that is holding said gun… And you know it…

          No inanimate object has ever murdered anybody and you know it… It takes an animate person to turn an inanimate object into a weapon… But it’s still the weapon’s fault?…

          What complete bullshit… And you know it…

    1. I was scratching my head at that too, dunno how she didn’t see the gun when he first aimed at her. My guess is she saw him approach without the gun drawn, and thought he was gonna stir shit so tried to ignore him. And then he went full psycho.

    2. she actually did glance as he walked up but before the gun was raised. she probably only saw the cell phone camera thinking it was just like any other shoot. Plus she was in the middle of her television persona which demands more attention of yourself and interviewee as opposed to the tranquill surroundings. only soldiers are trained for something like this–to be vigilant at all times. Lesson learned for everyone to think a bit more like a soldier and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Im sure that is what they would want people to take from this. People on other sites are like “take this video down” but it is a great learning tool to the type of power you give other people when in their presence.

    3. Have you heard of those selective attention tests where people who are focusing hard on one activity won’t notice unrelated things? The one they always tell you about in behavioural science is a video where a bunch of people are passing a basketball and you need to count the number of passes. Supposedly most people don’t notice the guy in the gorilla suit that walks through the room.

    1. he faxed the ABC news station 23 pages of the different things they did to bully, sexually harass, and racially discriminate him on a daily basis before they decided to fire him. He said he had come to a boiling point, waiting to explode. I’d be mad too.. but I still don’t think it warrants this type of carnage and self destruction. dumb.

      1. Maybe Alison Parker, and her cameraman Adam Ward can come back from the grave and file a discrimination complaint against him. He did murder them after all, I’d say he racially discriminated against them.

        Let’s see the media call this a racist hate murder. Fucking lying ass Jew media. Jew media is responsible for the spilled blood of this white woman. We treat blacks like they are children. This black “man” is a man, a grown adult man that shot a defenceless white female to death. Let’s see the women march in the streets. Let’s see the black women march. We treat these black men like children.

    2. No different than the cunt crackers who’ve killed many innocent people right? The majority of mass shootings in the US have been from straight white males with a victim complex, just as was this “nigger”.

          1. But I’d rather not find out that way… I doubt anyone would care less if I changed mine but I’d imagine everyone would be very upset if you changed yours…

            Sooo… Can I change it without having to worry about you changing yours??

          2. Well I would for one and I think I speak for more than a few others as well when I say that they would be to. You’re a beautiful woman @LF, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise πŸ™‚

          3. “Well I would for one and I think I speak for more than a few others as well when I say that they would be to. You?re a beautiful woman @LF, don?t let anyone tell you otherwise πŸ™‚ ”

            I second that!…

        1. @jack It’s good to be back. I’m still having gateway issues connecting to the site but it’s been more intermittent than before. Hopefully the worst is behind…I was experiencing BG withdrawal symptoms.

          1. I am too @DOS. The site is fine at work though so I looked into it and I think I need to restart my modem so it stops thinking there’s still a problem with the site. I just haven’t done it yet.

          2. Fuck, man. I can only imagine what that shit is like. I don’t get why the site got so fucked up for some people but for others it’s like nothing happened at all. I didn’t have to clean my browser cache or anything, everything just went back to normal on its own…

        1. @LF, it’s not about seeing a set of tits…it’s about seeing yours. There’s something missing in my life that only you can provide. Have a heart will ya? My life won’t be complete unless you show me what I need to see.

      1. Thats exactly it @hopeduo he wanted an audience. Fucking tv hosts face after, jaw could not have been nearer the floor. How do you fucking deal with that shit? ‘Cameras back to you love’ errrrrr wha?

        1. Yeah she was real professional but the newspeak and tone she rattled off had her sound like a real ‘utensil’

          ooo , did i just make that up? I hear guys being called tools (garage), conversely couldn’t a woman be called a untensil (kitchen)? Irony abounds as this paragraph alone has been might ‘toolish’, but I like it.

          Talk amungst yourselves =)

          1. Im gonna stick with spatula. See who i can say it to today as an insult. My husband was worthy of being called a utensil this morning but its not even 7am here so my brain wasnt in gear for my witty remark

      1. That cunt just screamed “victim complex”, of course they’ll throw in mental illness in there for good measure not to leave anything out. Of course fucking it up for those who are legitimately mentally ill because these fuckers have a get out of jail free card.

        The gorilla should have just iced himself instead, typical cuntish behavior.

    1. @tard-o-matic, they will have no choice but to admit it when his faxed manifesto gets shared online. Apparently he states that it was revenge for that black church shooting and wants a race war to happen.

      The liberal left will say that white society with their white privilege drove him to this and Obama won?t miss a trick and will use it as an excuse to talk about gun laws.

      At the end of the day it is still people with personal grievances using societal issues to distract from the truth that they acted for themselves and only for themselves whilst everybody else around attaches their own personal perspective to it in order to fit it into a convenient position so as to use it to further strengthen and support their present-day perspective.

      Those in positions of authority will no doubt use it to further their own agendas for society and will probably hope that it creates enough ripples to cause a change favourable to themselves.

      Still though, white and black people rarely get along at the best of times; oil and water you might say. The black population also blames much of their present day, self created problems on the ?evil white men? which only further exasperates their problems. Coupled with the self hatred present in many black men and their dismissive attitudes towards restraint and responsibility it creates a surge in resentment and anger which gets reciprocated by the other side culminating into tit-for-tat situations.

      Segregation may be the best solution. Each group keeping to their own section and allowed to self rule, it would take away many of the problems and the excuses.

        1. @thedre, I?m surviving just about but life isn?t too good at the moment.

          You may have noticed that I have been going through cycles of clear, coherent thought and ranting/raving whilst on here over the last number of months and it is due to my battle to come off the booze; it?s been an emotional struggle that?s for sure.

          Anyhow, I recently spent a little while in a drying-out clinic and now spend my days sober and depressed to fuck.

          I need to keep myself busy and exercise a lot in order to reduce the cravings and so I will not be posting as much for a while until I can get my head screwed on straight.

          Thanks for caring Dre and take care.

          1. @Empty soul, you can do it, if I can get off the booze and cigarettes, anyone can. I used to drink 2-3 litres of boxed wine a DAY, and smoke a pack a day. I had a break down one day, just thinking how much my kids need a sober mum, I was scared of getting lung cancer etc. I gave up cold turkey, I smoked a packet of smokes that day, the next I gave up, never to smoke or drink again. I’m a very boring person now though… but I could care less.

          2. Well, hang in there my good man,,, my thoughts are with you bud! You WILL make it through this tough time, i know you will πŸ™‚

          3. @empty.
            dont “play with” the cravings and start down the road of making a plan – and you will find they go away more quickly.
            its nothing you dont already know @empty – its just maybe nice to hear that someone else understands sometimes? good luck mate. it does start to get less & less…easier & easier like.
            its just that the hard times seem to drag and drip..drip..drip…
            you can do it though mate.

      1. it might just be me – but i have never got the impression from @empty’s comments that he is “preaching”? or in fact that they have any thing to do with “church”?
        ive always found the guys comments interesting, informative, and on a lot of occasions they have helped me to look at the subject of the video/pictures from a new and interesting angle (he ALWAYS sticks to the topic of the page).
        further to this – i have NEVER in all these years seen him make a crass, tacky “one liner” in attempt to mock or deride another member, or the comment of another member?

    1. ?? This guy had a short fuse. Took conversational disagreements and made it into physical violence. That’s wrong. No verbal provocation is worthy of a physical reaction unless there is a verifiable, iminent threat made (as in the case of the guy who killed the mob hitman who made threats and he proved in court his actions were self-defense because the hitter had every means of following through on the threat)

        1. Man, i’m digging for it. Heard it on news in passing. Feels like it was pre- or circa- 2001 because I didn’t start paying attention to news after that. I’ll keep digging. Believe it was east coast though.

    1. Well they “say” he killed himself.
      After what happened here in Colorado regarding the theater shooter receiving a life sentence, as opposed to a death sentence.
      I guess it’s better to report that this fucker “killed himself” so no one gets offended about a white female cop taking him out.
      And now we don’t have to go through another trial that serves only a life sentence, rather then death.

        1. Nothing to fumble with, is my point. I love my Glock for that reason. It’s my carry gun, because fumbling with a safety will get you killed.

          The safety on the Glock is: don’t put your booger hook on the bang switch.

  3. I was born and raised in this area and this is not the first trouble this news station has had the two weather men about 8 or 9 yrs ago evidently had a heroin addiction and after work one day scored them some of that south western Virginian nose candy and well one of and was put in the bath tub by mark Lamar the other weatherman and left were I believe he later died andark wAs charged with some sort of crime!?!?!? But none the less this is tragic loll

    1. The bath story reminds me of a kids tv presenter over here in england, his girlfriend was fucked on coke and got out of their bed to run a bath in the middle of the night, got into it and might have passed out but she didnt have the cold water running amd died with 60% of her body including her tounge burnt. He hung himself not long after at paddington rail station. Sorry, mention bath and thats where my head went!

      1. I don’t recall hearing bout that but I’m not 100% but the time lines not making much sense to me cause she’s fairly new to the channel. And it’s my u derstanding he was fired a while back if that being the case he probably thought she took his job we some shit racial slurs from the dude he looks the part but from her she looks to Jane Brady for me?!?!?! But by noeams am I say she isn’t capable of hate cuz we all are!!!!

      2. Haha I remember that well! Yes he presented Smarteenies and after having to watch it al the timeit was funny to see a Cbeebies presenter coked up an suicidal…we were well shocked. Haha fun memories!

        1. You are, both, correct. I was aware that he had worked as a reporter! I was being anal with regards to the monkey not holding his cell phone steady after the initial shots. We did not get to see the cameramen get shot because, monkey, was pointing cell phone somewhere else. Do I have to explain pun? Do I have to explain what “pun” means? I hope not.

  4. Ohh a nigger willing to go on his last showreel… what a surprise… I bet no one will cry “White lifes matter” after this one, even if this actually managed to happen live. But hell, at least now they cant deny it, so good job, nigger, for showing your true nature LIVE! πŸ˜†

      1. People die everyday by other’s hands, its inevitable. Im just seeing the larger picture, where the “bad apples” from certain groups of people acts in a more degenerate way in larger frequencies than other “bad apples” form other groups, and noticing that when those certain groups in question have the larger majority of the “bad apples” in them, i reached the conclusion, based on years of events within today’s broken society, that the certain group in question has a big issue to be solved first before living in society with the other humans, on wich they will deny and render the issue “false”, promptly pulling out the “race card” against who points out such facts, since they are supported by the unfortunate sheep, who have the outdated idea of “multiculturalism”, not knowing that it has failed to help in the progress of their society, and therefore ignoring the dire facts of that certain group, because they constantly ignore their history in such an hypocrite fashion, and dont realise that unlike those other humans, they only started to live within a large civilization for 500 years, and only learned how to live basicly as human beings for about 300. I hope that helped you explained whats troubling me, good sir.

      2. @rs 1
        if you research this topic further, you will find the race-hate filler manifesto of the killer.
        therefore, very strange that you accuse Der Kopfsammler of being the one who “takes it to race”?
        seems the killers whole motive was based on race

          1. Im pretty sure “keyboard warriors” dont show their faces online, let alone their whole profiles, and all they do is directly attack random users who dont agree with them… wich is exactly what youre doing there. Hell, you dont even have a gravatar image so to speak, so that by itself is already off the jar. πŸ˜† As for the “looking down when arround others”, i have nothing to prove to the likes of you, but ill just give you a hint – im a Leo. Now go make a research to figure out what that means. πŸ™‚

          1. Wtf is up with the name calling. Especially a contributed like Der. You can certainly shove your head up you ass where it belongs. This isn’t the place for that. Comment on the content not the users

          1. @owl eyes, no apologies needed, mate! I agree with you and @trainwreck, but there are always people that come out with heartless comments. I would rather read them than have the freedom of saying what you want taken away. People think us ‘gore lovers’ are a heartless, murdering bunch, that couldn’t be further from the truth, I’m very sympathetic and have mostly good morals etc. πŸ˜‰

          2. I still want to shit down their fucking throats for being dumb ass fake wannabe rapist for the sake of trolling or attempt to impress. Youre right freedom of speech @tas I get it. Youre right. But I hate people who try too hard. Be yoyrself

    1. What,s confusing in Harlem???? Father,s Day! Why are black kids so agile when they are born ???? Because they spend their first 9 mts. dodging coat hangers! What do you call a black man in a suit???? Will the defendant please rise! What,s long, and hard, on a black dude???? Grade 2. What did the Black man, get his son, for his birthday???? My bike. What,s brown, and black, and looks good on a black dude???? A Rottie. B.T.W. these are all just jokes, and nothing more. No insults intended, to our black b-g members!

  5. The latest in sky news in the uk is that hes an ‘alleged shooter’ who may have ‘planned the attack’…..i fucking hate the media, with their precious allegedly and well fuck me, of course it was planned! Im in a sweary mood today.

    1. @owl eyes
      The only “unplanned” story that I believed, was when Monica was down on her knees in front of Uncle Bill.

      Her original story, was that she was reaching for her prayer cloth, because Jesus didn’t wash away that stain on her dress.

  6. damm, he was taking his sweet time aiming the gun at the clueless woman. I bet he could told her to move to the left so that he can get a better aim and she would have done that. He could have even handed her a marker and she would have drawn a bull’s eye on her forehead.

      1. @ dutchsalad
        adrenaline is a powerful thing. i recon she dropped at the end of that walkway, and (as you said) bled out.
        i heard 14 shots – i think (no expert) those glocks hold 15?
        maybe he reloaded, followed her and shot again?

    1. That’s exactly how the racists want you to think.

      They want you to hate and fear the black man, and watch him. Meanwhile, the racist whites go around killing and burning like they’ve always done in the name of race – and the power of their own leaders. But oh no. One black guy gets the fame equivalent to Dylan Roof for his racially motivated murder, and BAM! Smoking gun!

      1. Wow.
        You are some kind of apologist.
        Read some crime stats. Of any western country. Take note on which demographic commits on a regular basis a disproportional amount of violent crime.

        I might give the “racist justice system” excuse a pause, but the same type of crap happens in all black nations of the caribbean and afreaka. These nations have very strict gun laws too.

    2. That’s just how the racist goons of the power hungry white racists want you to think. Congratulations on changing herds of sheep, and nothing else.

      It’s always the black that has to be watched. The black is always the criminal. The black, who, despite THREE black supremacist groups, still only kill whites not out of racial motivation as much as whites kill blacks for that reason. Meanwhile, there are dozens of white supremacist groups who kill with racial motivation in mind.

      The black knows this – that’s how it’s all been warped. They’re the ‘violent’, the ‘criminal’, the ‘thug’, despite the common sense tie of economical downtime = rising crime. Ask yourself how many blacks killed whites during times of economic prosperity, even in liberal states – during the 50s, the 20s, even, hell, the 70s. Then the economy goes down – the black gets pushed into the inner city – they’re overlooked, crimes goes up. Then when the economy bounces back, it goes down, as we see nationwide.

      And yet, it is the black we have to ‘watch’ out for. After Charleston, the paranoid white expected what this fuck did – a black on white racially motivated, publicized killing – while ignoring the church burnings, the whites going crazy, the supermacist groups killing.

      And now, that there IS one racially motivated, publicized killing by a barely black guy, ask yourself: does it really compare? Of course not.

      Rise up against those who seek power. Not your fellow human.

      1. Relax BornAgainJew,

        Here’s some real stats to unfuck your head from all the liberal propaganda.
        1. There are more black on black murders in one year than the entire 70-75 years of lynching after the Civil War before it was outlawed. These numbers are verified by the Tuskegee Institute.
        2. You are 57 times more likely to suffer a violent crime from a black if you are not black, than vice-versa.
        3. The Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party along with other Black Power organizations have been openly calling to killing all whites since their inception.
        4. Number of rapes committed by blacks on non blacks number over 20K per year. The number of non-blacks raping blacks is less than 10.

      1. Blacks don’t own pools! Not enough money from welfare to purchase one. They do get enough money from government to live in shitty apartments and purchase guns and marijuana. Sometimes they have a little left to buy watermelons.

  7. “Watch out for the mainstream press, and sheep dominated social networks exploding with reports that the cameraman dived to shield his girlfriend, or similar dumbfuckery.”

    I know this site is generally full of cynicism, but are you so unattached from other humans to not believe that someone would protect someone else they’re emotionally vested in? I’m not talking about the cameraguy. I’m talking about Aurora.

    The only other place where someone chided that report – accepted it as truth, yet chided it because it was guys protecting girls, and the writer is some kind of massive feminist. Why does Ate, then, challenge that idea?

    He’s not saying that he believes the shooting was hoax, that it never happened and thus the reported heroics are played up for heartstring value, at least that cannot be taken from that sentence alone. He’s saying, ‘Oh, I don’t believe someone who is in a relationship with someone else would protect their loved one’. Does Ate really believe that?

  8. Stalin said ” A man with a gun can control a hundred without one”. Think about it before cuz makes your neighborhood safer for the babies. And with that much time to lingure cuz be thinking juicy gord, this shooter was one prissy nigger. -951-

    1. Probably not black enough? He only looked about 1/6 negro? Or does that count for shit? Once you have a small bit of black blood, you’re instantly black? Why can’t they be proud of the mostly white blood?

  9. The shooter obviously had a huge chip on his shoulder, he just couldn’t overcome the insecurity that dominated his whole being. There really is no point in attempting to reason with such a poisonous individual, the peevishness is too deep seated to be overcome.

    1. He must of been obsessed with her, he targeted her first. Probably turned him down on a date and his poor little self-esteem was crushed. I can’t wait for this to get turned around on the victims and the race card pulled. That’s coming next.

        1. Monkey had severe penis issues. Monkey upset that he was not getting enough penis in rectum. Monkey mad that white woman getting fucked all the time. Meanwhile, monkey at home shoving dildo in ass while watching gay monkey porn. Monkey mad.

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