White Man Beaten to Death in Zimbabwe

White Man Beaten to Death in Zimbabwe

This white man was allegedly a farmer in Zimbabwe, but I could not verify this information. If it’s true, though… farmer in Zimbabwe? Why would a white man choose a country like Zimbabwe to start a farming business in? Even black people run away from Zimbabwe (thousands seeking refuge in South Africa) cause it’s not safe there, so why would a white man linger? Well, I guess we’ll never know the end of it. He was beaten to death. Sustained severe head trauma and bled out into that dry, African dirt next to a shed.

Poor dog was probably the man’s pet. Animals are so awesome. They remain loyal to you even in death. Very sad seeing that pup sitting there all heart-broken by his lifeless master.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “White Man Beaten to Death in Zimbabwe”

  1. I heard awhile ago that for some reason alot of the guerillas in Africa target white farmers. Don’t know WHY these white people are there, but then again my gorgeous, model like, white, pale blonde hair and blue eyed 7th grade english teacher was from Africa as well. So I dunno. Might want to look it up? Might be an interesting read!

    1. Yes, That’s the future for South Africa also. Take out the Anglo/Saxon administration of the country and mix it in with 90 percent of the multi-cultural population and what do you get? A rapid decline of civilization that ends in chaos.

  2. I did search “white farmers in Zimbabwe”.
    Seems there are a lot of them.

    “White farmers return to Zimbabwe land
    At least 120 white farmers in Zimbabwe have returned to the land by setting up farms under leasehold deals with the black beneficiaries of Robert Mugabe’s land seizure policies.”

  3. They probably chose Zimbabwe because land was cheap to purchase and labor was also cheap. That’s what they got for being cheap. You do business in economically and politically unstable countries, you put the lives of yourself and your family at risk. Many African countries are run by militant groups and have no laws to protect the innocent. You stay there long enough, you’re gonna get murdered. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

  4. He’s probably a descendant of European settlers, Dutch perhaps. He was probably killed and robbed, as most whites were educated when they went to Africa, and so were very succesful and rich.

  5. most of the white farmers out there are left overs from teh colonial days and as in south africa are often descentdenst of the dutch colonists. A few years ago Mugabe decided to “reclaim the land for teh people” and a lot of white farmers were either butchered or fled. some have since returned but i bet they find it hard to buy life insurance

  6. Zimbabwe was formerly known as Rhodesia – there are still a lot if white farmers there – it was a very lucrative farming country for coffee tobaccoo potatoes and other bits. I am a white South African – Africa has vast white populations !

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  7. Bravo good job should’ve cut em into pieces and peeled his flesh off. Blacks get treat like shit pushed to the edges of society regardless of behavior or education in nearly every nation on earth for no reason at all. Then some bad shit happens to some white piece of shit in an majority black country in Africa now it’s boo hoo hoo. Yeah it is give me a fucking break wish they would’ve beaten his family and friends too and their naked bodies posted.

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