White Man Violently Attacked by Arab Immigrants in Nice, France

White Man Violently Attacked by Arab Immigrants in Nice, France

White Man Violently Attacked by Arab Immigrants in Nice, France

This attack is said to have happened in Nice, France. It appears to involve a group of Arab immigrants who violently beat up a middle-aged white man.

Best Gore member @blunderbore explains:

Arabs in France are mostly North Africans. The video is not that gory, but it shows how our Muslim immigrants laugh and are happy when then kill someone white.

According to the backinfo from @icegore2017, the French police do not know the date when the attack happened, nor what the motive was. I do not know whether the victim survived or died.

Thanks a lot for the video, @blunderbore and @icegore2017:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Good thing “Jews” are on the tags. As always, Mark is dropping truth bombs left and right.

    It’s impossible not to mention them in a serious critical analysis about all of the innumerous crimes and problems the rapefugees, as well as several immigrants or “natives” with middle-eastern or african origin, have caused in Europe and other White countries, especially from 2015 until now. Actually, it’s impossible not to mention them when seriously talking about the root causes of most of the cancerous plagues that have fallen upon mankind, such as communism.

    That’s precisely why people should be dubious about persons who like to spout superfluous right-wing propaganda, such SJW bashing (which anyone with half a brain can do) and opposing multiculturalism, at the same time they refuse to dive deep and attack, or at least acknowledge, who are the ones controlling everything from behind the curtains. Watch the video below, and think about it.


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  4. The first to upload this video was the user dedel930 on Instagram. He is clearly not a native Frenchman, he wears a balaclava to conceal his identity, and he joined Instagram only a few weeks ago. His first upload was on 10 September and garnered 35000+ views, which is an unusually high number for one’s first upload. A few days ago he uploaded a video of a massacre that occurred somewhere in the Middle East in 2014 and I suspect that this might be an old incident as well. The guy in the black outfit was identified by some viewers as a ‘Yanis’ and others have claimed that the victim was an Arab; these are claims that should be taken with a grain of salt. The French media outlets have not offered any updates on the video for nearly 24 hours. The place of the incident was identified as Rue Louis Gassin with the city courthouse as well as other government offices just around the corner; the place is supposedly crammed with CCTV cameras. I would suspend judgement on this video until further information is produced in regard to the incident. In the meantime, it would be worthwhile to watch dedel930 very closely. I suspect that this scumbag could be a provocateur working for a foreign secret service.

    1. Update: The guy in this video is a Polish homeless man. The incident occurred on 4 September. The victim was treated at a hospital and discharged the following day. This was reportedly a fight involving homeless people; Rue Louis Gassin apparently has many of them.

  5. It was the evening of September 4, around 11 p.m., several weeks before the video went online on social networks. Most importantly, the survey identified a 40-year-old Polish homeless man as the victim of the kicks of three men.

    Wounded the day before in a first fight

    In the images, shot at night with a telephone, we can clearly hear a group of men claiming to be “Nice 06 000” encouraging one of their own to “fuck” another. “I destroyed him, he died,” boasts the alleged perpetrator of the blows. “This is Nice here! “According to France Bleu Azur, the police officers had, on the eve of September 3, noticed a fight between the homeless. The victim was reportedly injured in the head during this first fight. Driven to the hospital, the man was released the next day, without complaint… French newspaper extract http://www.leparisien.fr/faits-divers/violente-agression-filmee-a-nice-la-victime-est-un-sdf-polonais-01-10-2018-7907913.php

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