Woman Accused of Snitching to Government Killed with Machete in Cameroon

Woman Accused of Snitching to Government Killed with Machete in Cameroon

Woman Accused of Snitching to Government Killed with Machete in Cameroon

This happened in Cameroon. The men in the video are Makanga Muyuka fighters, loyal to the state of Ambazonia. They captured a woman, who allegedly confessed to being a blackleg, ie a snitch to the government forces.

The Makanga Muyuka kill the woman with a machete right on the public road connecting Buea with Kumba. The first blow appears to hit her in the mouth, and chop off her tooth. The second blow severs an artery in her neck and blood begins to gush in large volumes. From that point on, she had at best a couple of minutes of life left in her.

Government snitches are the lowest of low regardless of where. Props to Best Gore members @darcenc and @redwister for the video:

Here’s also the video of her interrogation, in which she tries to justify her snitching by claiming that her brother was arrested for not cooperating with the state thugs:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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