Woman Assassinated on Busy Street in Quezon City, Philippines

Woman Assassinated on Busy Street in Quezon City, Philippines

A young woman was shot dead in broad daylight on a busy street by an apparent pair of hired assassins. CCTV camera footage shows the woman crossing the Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, which is part of Greater Manila in the Philippines, when she is approached from behind by a gunman, who shoots her in the back in cold blood.

The fact that there were many people around him on the street did not seem to worry the gunman at all. Without concern that all these witnesses saw him kill the woman before their eyes, the gunman mounted the accomplice’s motorcycle, and both rode off. Apparently, despite there being many witnesses, no one is talking.

Props to Best Gore member koalabear1701 for the video:

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  1. I thought that the word assassination was only to be used in reference to the killing of an important or political figure.

    Anyway, I think that no one is talking because they know this guy and are afraid that him or his people will come back to kill them.

  2. LMFAO @ BGlurker.
    One day your walking down the street and then out of nowhere BAM! Your the punchline to a BG comment. Gotta love it. These comments crack me up. Great way to start my day. Thanks for the video as always.

  3. was in subic bay phillipines in 2013 sat in restaurant guy comes in & shoots white western manager in back of head with a .45. apparently he worked there & said manager had sacked him. crazy place guns everywhere

      1. To be honest, I meant the whole damned country.
        Unfortunately, many westerners, women in particular, get sucked in by the notion of making a quick fortune via the drug trade, usually in the form of being a mule. A fair few Brits have fallen for that one over the years. They’re the one’s we see on TV, peering through their cell bars while sobbing out a message to mum and dad back home, pleading for their assistance in attaining their release.

        This woman may have been involved in something entirely different, but still, to play risky games in those countries is known by all but extreme fools to usually end in tears.

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