Woman is Beaten, Raped, Killed and Left to Rot

Woman is Beaten, Raped, Killed and Left to Rot

One of the main curiosities I find in death is the fact that it reduces to a raw form what we used to be in life. There is nothing else that so perfectly illustrates what we truly are in essence, which is nothing more than an organism that somehow managed to develop a highly complex brain. Apart from that, we are still not that different from all other animals, from bacteria even, driven by an uncontrollable reproductive urge, perpetuating a never ending cycle, regardless of how ruthless it may be to most. If anything, those of us here know that humanity is as savage as a pack of Hyenas, subduing all of those who are weaker, and removing by any cost those of the same species who pose a threat. Thinking we stand much above these animalistic instincts is ignoring humanity’s true, vile nature, one that only grants survival to the strongest. Granted, many humans can be magnanimous, but is it accurate to assume it is done by pure altruism, or as an attempt to inflate one’s ego due to the attention he/she receives? Have we really evolved to a point of acting truly selflessly, or do we pretend to act as such?

When I read this article, considering the drastic before and after changes the girl who was killed underwent, I saw how much we put too much emphasis on beauty, considering that it is purely temporary. Unlike the Metamorphosis the Butterfly goes through, starting out as an ugly larva but ending it’s short life as a beautiful Butterfly, humans may have a “good-looking” stage, but most always meet their ending years in an ugly way. Biologically speaking, we are driven to feel attracted to the most beautiful members of the opposite sex, as they make us believe such person is the carrier of good genes, but are we exaggerating when we prioritize beauty over personality? Thing is, one tends to end with time, while the other might improve with it.

That is something we’ll never know in regards to Paola.

Here’s what happened to her.

On the 5th of June of 2015, 20 year old Paola Bulgarelli, who lived in Araçatuba, a municipality of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, disappeared. On the 12th of June, her body was found by some fishermen on a small river by the name of Baguaçu, not that far from where she lived. Her body was bloated and practically unrecognizable, but after DNA tests, it was conclusively determined that it was indeed Paola’s body.

Two days later, an anonymous report arrived at Araçatuba’s police department, which pointed 18 year old Emerson da Silva Lins as the perpetrador of the crime. He was located about 120 kms (74 miles) from the city, in a family member’s house. He was arrested at a party.

While under detention, he still tried to run away, but with no success. He then confessed the crime, to both police and journalists.

Emerson claimed to know the victim, since they lived in the same neighborhood, and to convince her to follow him to a deserted bush area, he said a friend of his had killed a large snake, which he wanted to show her. After arriving at the scene, Emerson hit her and asked her to remove her underwear. She resisted, so he forced himself on her. After raping her, he killed her with a log he found nearby, hitting her multiple times in the head and face. He then proceeded to dump her body on the river. Emerson, or “Miojo”, as he was known for, said he was drunk and under the influence of demons (of course, like always). Before dumping her body, he made sure he grabbed her cellphone, which he sold to a fellow ex-con of his for $30 reais, about 8 US dollars.

After being transferred to Araçatuba’s jail, 600 people awaited him (could you imagine if, for some reason, the cops surrendered him to the locals?). Her sister, Mariah Bulgarelli, had this to say: “My sister didn’t deserve to die like this. We want justice, and I forgive him, but we want the police to arrest him and throw him in jail, where he’ll know what justice truly is like. They have to send him to a jail where he’ll suffer (I thought she had forgiven him). He cried, they showed a photo of him crying, but it was not out of regret, but out of fear of what would happen to him.” Emerson can face up to 30 years in prison, but we all know he’ll only serve a fraction of that.

She was buried on the 13th of June.

Facebook now provides the possibility for a family to manage the personal profile of a diseased loved one. Above the name, it reads “remembering”. Paola’s Facebook profile is still active and run by her family, and can easily be found, but I will not post the link here.

I feel no empathy for criminals who meet brutal ends, but it is disturbing when we’re talking about innocent people. A life cut short in the worst of ways. From beauty to horrid decay; its what awaits us all. If anything, it shows us how the present is unmeasurably valuable, for what happens to us after we perish, is anyone’s guess.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. Really? Just gonna rape and murder her off the bat, huh? Are all Brazilian men seriously this bad with their urges? I mean, I get grumpy when I dont get some for a few days, but, damn! That boy better have enjoyed that hot action he got. When he gets out, he won’t remember what his sexual orientation was. Can someone please slip some testosterone reducing medication into their water supply?

    1. I think his new default orientation will be “designated bottom” lmao.

      On anther note, I’m not sure what causes humans to act in such a manner. I’d like to blame it on the Brazillian water supply as well but if that’s the case, the same river must run through the Middle East and have offshoot springs in the USA.

      1. Very true, but we can attribute that range of distribution to the fact that you just can’t contain stupid. These hopeless romantics in the South America’s shouldn’t be allowed to emotionally or sexually involve themselves with anything besides local fauna.

      2. Whatever his causes were my friend, I have a feeling we’ll be watching a good old video from him soon filmed by one of his new friends in prison.

        I can’t wait to see what these Brazilians have stored for him.

        1. I don’t think rape/ murder can be blamed on testosterone. I’m horny as fuck all the time but never think about raping and murdering someone, that’s ridiculous. testosterone is definitely linked to crime though, that’s why most violent crimes are by men but it’s much more than that. honestly not sure what causes rape. if you just want sex isn’t it pretty easy to get a prostitute especially in Brazil, probably doesn’t cost much either in Brazil.

          1. Well, there’s an inclination to do evil in everyone, unfortunately. Just as when you’re not told to eat a cookie, you eat the cookie. (Yes I’m comparing a man’s misplaced sexual desires to a child disobeying his/her mother) It’s all psychological. Apathy paired with intense sexual desires lead to rape. People just don’t give a fuck anymore

      3. @DOS, yes the US has some very (in)famous killers, some would say that America is the land of the serial killers, but I know that is not the case. South Africa has had some disgraceful SK’s, so has Brazil, Europe and Australia, Canada. So have the Asian countries. We just know about the American ones because so much is written about them. What about the Russian killer Andrei Chikatilo? He killed 50+ little kids/young adults, both sexes. That monster actually bit their necks like a dog would, he bit off genitals and swallowed them down. He was given the shot in the head he so deserved.

    1. “Come and look at the big snake ! ” Paola, he wants you to do a lot more than just look at the big snake girlfriend! That stinking piece of dog shit will get his love, don’t you worry about that. You didn’t deserve any of this, you were just a beautiful trusting girl who wanted to see the snake. Piece of dog shit, should have had control of his desires, just like the rest of us. Life is really unfair sometimes. RIP Paola……..

        1. @re-pete
          We will soon get to hear of the news emerging from the jail about the scumbag ,either gotten killed face fucked or ass raped by all the inmates .
          and equal Justice awaits this son of a bitch rightly meted out to him .

    1. @Re-pete, Nick Lachey, I nearly died laughing at that one; goofy looking cunt. It never ceases to amaze how the human body can deconstruct itself, albeit gruesome or not. Don’t these fuckers realize when they commit a crime of this nature that a similar or worse fate awaits them? Emerson Lachey will find out soon enough.

        1. I laughed so hard at these back and forth comments and kudos to you for keeping the ARIF alive.

          Some people underestimate the need and importance of a good ass rape in the face, especially in situations such as this. 🙂

    2. Maybe Nick/Emerson Lachey can get a boy band together in prison. He’ll be the band bitch and they can use his asshole as a musical instrument. Or something like that…hopefully he will suffer torture and ultimately be killed in the most horrific way possible.

      1. @illegalsmiles55. That’s hilarious. I imagined a prison band playing a gig in the shower room with an inmate plunging a loofah in and out of his asshole. Then he sets the loofah on fire during the anus solo.

    3. Really Nick Lachey, hmmm i do not see it at all. Haha mad how we can think someone looks like someone but someone else is saying what the fuck. I use to love him, looking back now i see he was just a big money hungry moan, he’d never let her spend her own money haha.

  2. I hope this POS doesn’t live to breath the fresh air outside his prison’s walls, but before a hopefully brutal death, may he be on the receiving end of a barrage of std infested dicks, daily!!!

  3. Beaten , raped , murdered and left to rot all because some fucking worthless rat wanted some pussy . Lucky Brazil prisons aint known for tolerance so this piece of shit will get daily beatings and he will be the new fresh tight assed BITCH in the wing then be will be treated like a piece of meat .. What goes around comes around BITCH !!!

      1. Yea good point although you get the same end result ie orgasm , it does feel very diff doing it your self and with a woman but yea there are other ways to satisfy the urge / hookers etc not to go kill a pretty looking young girl just cause he can’t get a willing woman . fukin scum bag

        1. Well his going to realize soon that that “awesome”sickly orgasm he had was not worth it …. And on that note i got to step away cause this makes me really upset to put it mild =)

      2. What has he got is what he hadn’t bargained for now he can settle down wanking with his itchy twitchy dick for about 10950 days and keep getting butt raped face fucked and jizzed on at the same time every hour.

      3. @Omnos, I think when a man loses control and sexually assaults or even rapes a girl/woman, once they’ve blown their load, they snap back to fucking reality and think “what the hell have I done, she knows me/can identify me” so they murder them to shut them up, frantically trying to get rid of evidence and/or the body. This is usually called a ‘disorganized’ type of killing.

  4. @Portuguese Dude…
    Awesome piece! IMO, your best writing yet…

    Now to the topic at hand…Poor little hottie had to have her life cut short by some asshole who was “possessed by demons”, a defense as plausible as “I was oppressed by whitey”…
    Would love to see a follow up to this maggot’s demise…

  5. Yesterdays Prom Queen is tomorrows Swamp Thing, all thanks to biology and the passage of time.

    Would Adam have been so enticed by the fruit had he sat back and watched it slowly rot before falling into it?s own mushy shadow, probably not. He instead wolfed it down without a second thought because he was driven by desire in the present tense and strong emotion in the present overrides critical thought for many people, particularly niggers.

    In this post the perpetrator(who will soon have an ass like a clowns pocket) raped and murdered for a mere moments pleasure. He could have jerked off by himself, he could have hired a whore, he could have found a drunk woman at a bar but no, he had to throw away someone?s life and his own future for the sake of sexual desire in the present. Not even Santa Claus would do that and he has to wait an entire year before getting the opportunity to empty his sack.

    What a world.

  6. This is an impressive bloater. She reminds me of a Latina, waterborne version of the “Blonde on a slab”.
    It doesn’t happen often that we get to see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ pic, that makes it even more interesting.
    The Nigh Indestructible Eye has survived once more, after a week in the water, and the fish haven’t nibbled it.

  7. I have to disagree that this life is all there is. The original poster and others are certainly entitled to their opinion but we aren’t just animals although some act like it. I’m sure we can debate for years about faith and religion and difference of opinion. I’ll just recommend the best book I’ve read on the subject of near death experiences (NDE), Imagine Heaven by John Burke. Over 100 NDE discussed from across the globe, faiths, religions (no religion), nationalities, genders. I know some still won’t believe, that’s your personal choice but at least try to have an open mind.

    1. I didn’t say there wasn’t more to life than this. I said that what happens after we perish is anyone’s guess. No one knows for certain, and no one can prove anything. All we can do is speculate and share opinions. And even if there is an afterlife, in whatever plain of existence it may be, one fact remains: over here, humans are naturally inclined to respond to primitive instincts. We may want to believe we have suppressed such impulses, but they are always there, lurking, and jump at any given chance.

      1. You’re right you didn’t say there isn’t anything more to life, but I’m talking about the spiritual side. I know there are a lot of books and stories out there about NDE but the book I mentioned is very well written by someone who started as a skeptic who also has not had a NDE. The book addresses the subject from an perspective of what is common in the experiences instead of a focusing only one one event. I get it that some people still won’t believe but having an open mind helps. I personally do not believe that out of the estimated 500 million galaxies and 3-6 trillion planets that this one planet has approximately 8 million life forms and we are the only living things that have morality, laws, written language, and complex machines to name a few things that set us apart. When one considers that all of these things happened on one planet it becomes absurd to not at least contemplate a higher power. It just doesn’t make sense to me that there isn’t something beyond this existence with so many mathematical improbable individual things all happening in one place.

    2. I’m not going to get into a religious debate but this reminded me of something I heard years ago, don’t remember where but it gave me a good chuckle. ” if one person has a hallucination he’s considered insane, if a group of people have a hallucination it’s considered a religion”

  8. I want him, so I can fuck his little Brazilian ass until I infect him with my herpes. How dare he kill an innocent girl? I’m over here with a limp dick, no pussy in months, but I won’t go out and fucking bash a bitch with a log to get her snatch. Let’s all be on the same level, can we?
    What the fuck is up with Brazil though, this is too goddam common there, same goes to Thailand. I have nothing against you folks, but what the fuck man?
    Heil hitler

  9. I could never understand how some could indiscriminately kill, for a quick sexual fix, when so many beautiful women are out there, and willing, if you are a descent, goof-less, individual. Maybe for these losers, this is too much to ask for. Fucking sad, man. I,m sure this degenerate, neanderthal, will have his Arsehole, turned into a Living Manhole, in no time, Big-Time, inside. Have fun Sunshine.

    1. Of course he will dre, oh yes indeed, he will get his alright.
      Thing is with these sick fucks, the sex act is secondary to the ultimate power they crave. They rape to induce a feeling of helplessness in their victim, which makes them feel all powerful, and then finalise their sick fantasy by inflicting the coup de grace’ .. literally.
      Absolute craven scum.

  10. What a waste… I know ive said it before, but i still find it funny when humans claim and pretend to be more than mere animals. Its sad that its still something that has to be reminded and clarified once and for all, demystified even, when theres still a mass of “people” behaving like savages amongst the remaining human species. Its just giving everyone a bad name, although theres no other specie in the world to judge us. And maybe thats human’s main issue…

    Back then, when men feared god’s judgement, fear to sin, to act selfish or from mere greed, even if that restrain was seen as a bad thing, a “taboo”, it helped keeping men on a leash to act in such a primitive manner at most times. Today that has become obsolete, replaced by public laws and a justice system, but as you can see, when men doesnt know the difference between right and wrong, one day that wont be enough. Humans are devolving, the more freedom they have, the more power they get, and the less fear of judgement they’ll have… And when there’s not a single drop of self-discipline or anyone giving him such, and when they cant even think of the cause-consequence, the natural events of their own actions, why do people still claim that humans are “rational” beings? Self fulfilment of their own Egos? When you see a wild dog, who has been free from any leash since the day it was born, do you expect it to behave like a tamed one? Obviously not, and the same logic applies to humans, theres absolutely no difference on that.

    I do hope he suffers a great deal behind those bars, what men cant learn, they can feel. How unfortunate that common sense isnt as common as it should be… 😐

  11. No way have we got to the stage where we’re selfless, have you ever met someone who was helping others without some sort of personal gain? If we all gave a shit the world hunger problem would end within a day 🙁

    From what I’ve seen we’re no different from any other creature or animal, except we’re complex enough to understand our mortality. Religion is a vain effort to survive past this inevitability. When a spider dies, it ceases to exist and we accept that, why would it be any different when it comes to humans?

    The main thing I don’t get is how we come into existence in the first place. What makes me, me? and you, you?

    1. Thankyou for this comment. I especially like your sentence “religion is a vain effort to survive past this inevitability” (of death) That is about how I some it up too, though I can be envious of those who are committed to believing of life after death, I know in my heart it can’t be true. I believe in the constant evolution of our planet, it just changes so slowly we can’t see/feel it. The environment you are born in, including the climate makes you, you.

      1. Thanks Tas, really appreciate your reply. I really hope we’re right about our theory of life and death. The idea of death itself being oblivion is confronting to me, like the longest sleep but I still fear the unknown. I guess all will be revealed…

      2. @Tasmanian tiger – you said in your comment of life after death, ” I just know in my heart, it can’t be true.”. Thats the thing about this stuff though, no one knows what is the truth because noone has ever died and come back to tell us what is on the other side. I always think just because something can’t be seen or explained, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. For example, bacteria, love or oxygen. To say, I just know it cant be, is like saying you fully comprehend all of the universe’s laws and physics. Unfortunately, not even Eienstein could have made that claim, because we don’t even know how we came to exist in the first place……We can only say, ” I think…..” or “my belief is…..”. When you think about how amazing the human body is, or migrating birds needing no maps or bears going to sleep for 6 months, nothing seems impossible. We are but merely, human beings…….

        1. @Dutchy, one of the main reasons I don’t ‘believe’ is because when you die, your brain dies too. I don’t believe in ‘souls’ or ghosts or any psychic stuff.

          @greetsob, thankyou for your kind reply, some people are very good at explaining why they don’t believe in life after death for humans (or anything else) I am not one of them, 😉 but sometimes when I read someone else’s view, I, too think “yes” that’s what I believe too!”

  12. Thankyou to @Portuguese Dude, for such a great post! I especially like how you didn’t blame this young lady for her own death. You didn’t accuse her of being a prick tease one too many times, for example or to say she used up all her ‘female privilege’. You probably saw a post of another young lady’s murder the other day? She was very neat and tidy, had a touch of wealth about her, (or maybe not? you can get cheap make-up & false eye-lashes, fake Ray Bans etc.) but totally covered up in most pics, she looked like she worked as a legal secretary or some other job where they have high dress standards? She didn’t look slutty in any way. She didn’t get any sympathy from many people even though she was kidnapped from her home at gun-point! Then shot in the head! Go figure.

    1. I agree that, mostly likely no human is absolutely selfless. From what I have observed, people often help others because it has some kind of advantage for them (recognition, promote themselves, helps their resume, get praise from others).

      and about the whole looks thing, it’s out of our control. we are naturally attracted to the best looking opposite sex . and I agree that we are no different than animals or bacteria just more complex. if you break it down life is really meaningless, we are just hear to fuck and reproduce and die so our offspring can repeat the cycle. but humans are so complex they like to think that they have a purpose in life, and that “love” is real, and that there is an afterlife where we all hang out with our dead ancestors.

      life is pretty brutal in a way. no matter how rich you are, or how good looking you are or how great your life is right now you’re inevitable future is just like this girls, you’ll be a bloated rotting corpse. I personally want to be cremated when i die, I know it doesn’t matter when i’m dead, but still i’d rather be turned to ash than rotting and bloating like this.

      1. @Persian, same here, I’ll be cremated too. More and more Aussies are choosing cremation, it is very expensive to hire/buy a burial plot. In 100 years (or less) you are all but forgotten about anyway, no-one tends to the grave-sites of their great, great, great grandparents, they didn’t know them! You might want to deduct one or two of those ‘greats’ too. No-one really can remember their great-grandparents. Cemeteries have boundaries or borders too, imagine how full most inner-city cemeteries are these days? So yeah I just want my ashes chucked onto a garden, at sea etc. No use keeping my ashes in a vase, they will eventually be handed down to someone who never knew me or cannot remember me.

      2. @Persian, your comment about people believing “that there is an afterlife where we all hang out with our dead ancestors” Arg! that does my head in, so called ‘psychics’ the ones who claim to talk to the dead or whatever, they will tell grieving people anything to get their money. One famous one Allison DuBoi, she tells her clients, and anyone else who listens that when we die we go back to our favourite age which she thinks is 27, I can’t believe that would be anybodies idea of heaven, where everyone is 27 (approx. but no-one is *gasp ‘OLD’) and what about dead babies? Ohh that’s right she claims dead babies are ‘recycled’ back into the family. She can say this stuff with a straight face and many, many people believe her!

        1. yeah people believe what they want to hear. I grew up going to church when i was really young and reading the bible and one part of my brain believes in the afterlife and the other part of me says it sounds absurd. like it was already mentioned why are we more special than a spider or a dog or do we think animals are all in heaven too. I also accept that humans barely know shit about the universe. we are just on a tiny planet within a huge universe that we barely know anything about that supposedly is never-ending and goes on for infinity.

  13. The horrible shit you think about when your daughter wants to start going out on her own. Fortunately I can stave that off for a while yet. Poor girl….he probably could have got his end away if he had been nice to a girl….or just plied one with drink (or demons??) . Hardly great but better than rape and murder. Better of two evils anyway. Gosh he is gonna learn all about rape now….just don’t get it. Why not just crack one off or go pay a girl? HOw desperate can you be?!

  14. Really liked the description under this particular set of photographs…very heart-felt.

    What I don’t understand is why this guy felt the need to go out, rape, and kill a woman. Bad haircut aside, he’s not an unattractive person. In fact, nearly 80% of all the Brazilians I’ve seen on here are on the verge of being model material, including that guy who got his face bashed in several times with rocks, before AND after. I guess therein lies the problem…when EVERYONE looks fine, its difficult to stand out. If he’d moved to Central or North America, he’d prolly have girls trying to rape HIM.

    Now he’s just fresh meat. Hope you like the taste of semen, buddy.

  15. Having seen these pictures 1-2 days ago I thought nothing of it any longer until this morning I opened up a very ripe banana and I swear I got a flash of the after picture of the woman. I froze for a moment. Rip.

  16. The first picture reminds me of the reason I quit drinking so many years ago. I would leave the bar with the girl on the left only to wake up the next morning in bed with the girl on the right.

  17. Man, I really starting to love Brazil. Tons of great death these days. Especially the woman. This girl is really not my type, but it’s still fuckable. I wish I was from Brazil so I can see those live!

    Porn time. 🙂 *Unzips*

  18. ?There is nothing else that so perfectly illustrates what we truly are in essence, which is nothing more than an organism that somehow managed to develop a highly complex brain? ? Yes, that applies to you. (You came from a monkey, I see.)

  19. Just sick and wrong. Poor girl goes from looking beautiful to something crazy sick. Hope the killer gets butt raped. I can’t stand people who rape and chomos, they make me sick and all of them need to die.

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