Woman Fatally Shot During Robbery Attempt at Cannabis Shop in Oakland

Woman Fatally Shot During Robbery Attempt at Cannabis Shop in Oakland

Woman Fatally Shot During Robbery Attempt at Cannabis Shop in Oakland

On July 17, 2020 at around 10:10pm, a 33 year old woman and a 51 year old man were shot during an alleged attempted robbery at a cannabis shop on Julie Ann Way in Oakland. The woman succumbed to the gunshot wound. The man is expected to survive.

The CCTV video of the incident shows a group of five people (Asian?) exiting the business, but quickly turn and rush back in. One of them pulls out a handgun and engages a man who threatens the group with his own gun.

Caught in the crossfire, the woman who thought it wise to hide behind the door took some bullets and collapsed to the floor. None of her “friends” came to comfort her.

Props to willothewisp for the video:

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112 thoughts on “Woman Fatally Shot During Robbery Attempt at Cannabis Shop in Oakland”

      1. Aww she died so sadly, slumped in a corner. Looked cute too. Another succubus for Satan.
        Shitty security there
        Dispensaries cant bank all that sweet cash. But I didnt see any robbery.

      1. That definitely was a taco nigger that shot at the rice burner niggers but she was killed by the shop keeper. I don’t even smoke marijuana and I hate all of the gooks and zipperheads since the covid-19 pandemic so I actually enjoy this footage.

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    1. Actually no the robber shot her if you watch it in slow mo you’ll see his gun was pointed at the lower area of her belly/side then she crouches and puts pressure on her stomach from pain you’ll also see blood on her front side immediately before she crouches most likely from the gun being point blank and the blast/percussion Or hot gases from the barrel burned and blew up her front side and shirt a bit. It is kinda of dumb to speak confidently on a crime without evidence or facts. Moron

        1. @sentenza until you provide a reason why or evidence it’s nothing but your opinion which is as useless as you. Lemme guess it looks like that cause it’s an exit wound or from the expansion of the bullet even though handgun rounds are slower heavier bullets rarely going over 1800 FPS. Meaning hitting a small woman where it did would not cause expansion of the bullet and handgun calibers do not travel fast enough to rip a giant exit wound unless it tumbled which is doubtful if you were worth a fuck you’d notice the blood on the front of her belly was there immediately after the robbers gun pointing at her belly and if you knew anything about guns you’d also be able to put the simple pieces of the puzzle together fucking simp. Bestgore is full of bootlickers/copsuckers and simps nowadays with no critical thinking skills and the charisma of a retarded blm protester

  1. She was smart hiding behind the door, but she was shot by her own retarded friend who can not aim for shit – and they then left her to fucking bleed it out.

    1. she was shot by the supposed robber on his last shot. YOu can see her react after it. He shot her running out. Doesn’t look like a robbery btw. It looks like someone that got cut out of the business came back to kill the owner. But looks like he was the one that got the worst of it. Ya and thats funny poeple think vietnamese have the money to start their own business like that. Its usually just chinese and koreans running those kind of businesses. Most likely chinese.

      1. Hmm, it really looks like the chink with the white T-shirt(The first out, and I presume the owner of the little paki piping shop) shot her. The person attacking in the green pants missed.

      2. @urinedanger
        Still tough to tell, but watch this in slow motion just as the video is turning to the :21 second mark, looks like her wound appears right after that possibly ricocheted bullet from inside the shop after the robber leaves.

        If that was a wound/exit wound from the robber’s last shot, judging by the angle, I’m thinking the glass would’ve been shot out.
        I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  2. It’ll never cease to amaze me how easily a bullet can take your life ? One minute she’s bleeding a little and making a call to 911 (presumably), and the next minute she slowly topples to her side and fades away into the next realm ….

      1. I’m not sure about the states but in Canada the street prices stayed the same roughly, the government shit basically went gram for gram, I used to sell pot just after it was legalized here and made a killing because no one wanted to pay 280 for a ounce lol if anything it made selling weed here more profitable for the street guy

      2. Perhaps its different in America but in Britain Vietnamese are running a lot of the trade. They even bring in Vietnamese illegal immigrants as slaves to help run the cannabis farms and last year a truck load of them died while waiting for pickup.

        Also, yeah. Depending upon what cannabis you’re growing you can make plenty of money without drawing anywhere near the heat that shifting the harder shit can bring. Less jail time as well if caught.

        1. Thanks for that. In aus ,it was vietnamese in the eighties when they were first here in large numbers ,traditionally Italian Mafia with cannabis growing etc and the real bad shit like heroin amd coke was Native aust kingpins with chinese /thai runners and smugglers. I stopped paying attention but i now believe the Mafia here has gone clean-their kids are now like Pelosi and Juliani – and now mexicans and Colombians and moslems are involved. The moslems have also been taken in by bikie drug gangs as well. Talk about race traitors!

          Whilst the cops were watching the Italians /Irish pick each other off -both between and within groups -they allowed the fucken bikies to steal a march on all of us!

          This was how it was in Melb and Syd? ,maybe diff in QLD where Badfairy and Dutchy are from.


          1. Maybe i’m wrong but what i’ve heard is in the US, since weed isint legal in every states and drug related crimes are severly punished, Sellers buy their weed in states where it’s been legalized and resell it for several times the price in states where its still illegal. So if im correct, it could explain why the’re killing themselves for what we dont even call a drug here in Canada.

    1. I believe it there’s a shit load of them in San Francisco stirring up problems however I believe these were Chinese immigrants since there skin color was white and vietnamese are mostly of a darker complexion like Thais and cambodians

    2. This hot Asian’s biggest mistake is getting inside the galley rather than fleeing out to the full port side. We all know that Asians cannot drive (with the exception of Albon in F1) let alone use a firearm in a maximum percentage. The quality of the imagine does not make it possible to clearly distinguish all the shots, but the attacker’s first shot could have hit the girl in white and then misled us as to the real actor of her death by the response of the Chinese friend. Hope to get an answer in an update from our beloved bestgore admin.

      1. The robber shot her point blank in the stomach hence why you see blood immediately on the front side of her shirt from the hot gases exiting the barrel burning and blowing a chunk out of her. You can lose a finger if it’s beside the blast even if the bullet doesn’t hit your finger.

    1. You obviously don’t know anything about guns and wounds she was killed by the robber look at the front of her shirt before she crouches the point blank shot hit her and the hot gases escaping the barrel burned her and blew a chunk out of her body. You can lose finger having it near that blast even if the bullet doesn’t hit it. Also why do you run your mouth on this without providing facts or even a little evidence extremely stupid of you

  3. I dont think that was a cannabis shop since you can clearly see a buddha statue on the far right. second the gun man was definitely black look at his hand and it was Oakland after all. There definitely Chinese based on there skin color and the 04 blue toyota Corolla hybrid parked outside (no nigga drives that shit in Oakland). I assume that maybe someone in the group started up shit with the wrong people in the wrong place of town then shit got personal after that.

  4. On July 17th, 2020, at about 10:10pm, a 33-year-old woman and a 51-year-old man were shot during an attempted robbery at a cannabis business in the 500 block of Julie Ann Way in Oakland, CA. (Oakland has been a democratic shit hole for decades)

    As a group was leaving the business, a man ran into the business with a handgun. One of the group members also pulled out a handgun, resulting in a shootout between the two. The man and woman that were shot were transported to a local hospital, where the woman died from her injuries.

    Police have not made any arrests in the case. Anyone who has information can contact the Homicide Section at (510) 238-3821 or the TIP LINE at (510) 238-7950.

    1. I don’t believe that the robbers go into weed dispensaries to steal the weed.
      I believe that they go into these shops because they make some major money on whatever given business day and they (robbers) know that at the end of the day if all goes as planned they could score a couple thousand bucks maybe even more cause weed shops make thousands if dollars. all day, everyday.
      The video has a time of around 10 pm which is almost closing time for the business.

      1. @Bernardo Santo
        Yes,,, I Stand Corrected Bernie,,, as they must make tons of coin from these Pot-Shops indeed.
        And as you stated above, that it was 10 P.M. and near closing, (if not in the process of closing), the Cashes/Tills would Have been be packed with some serious coinage. And Thanks for correcting me dude as what you say makes much more sense. 🙂

  5. Those skinny chink fuccbois should smoke less weed and learn to shoot the fuckin gun if they gonna brag about it want to act like tough boys and those sluts should spend less time with face on their phones now she has to buy a new one on the Nether Realm…

  6. Dam that sucks idiot friend should not carry a gun anymore because he’s more of a danger than being helpful or useful. Idiot is useless and should be banned from having firearms. Idiot killed his friend he should stop smoking weed and use a firearm he is responsible for her death idiot retarded piece of Shit. May she R.I.P. 🙁

  7. I thought those chinks were going to go Jackie Chan on the mayate’s ass, fucking cowards proved me wrong. About the girl getting shot, what do you expect? I mean, have you seen how those chinos cochinos drive? it’s like fucking waving a gun around.

  8. The conditions of her death intrigue me more than the event itself. That already seems cleared up, probably some gang related drama between the chinks and some nigs resulting in this shootout and the chink shooting his own girl.. But what I found more interesting is how she succumbed to the wound so fast, it hit her lower abdomen and side, correct? So what caused her to die and lose control so fast? Bullet probably only hit a kidney and some intestines. Nothing vital should be there where she was hit..

    Someone explain this to a dummy like myself. Much appreciated.

    1. I’ve actually asked that same question before, but with family though, and one of the answers was major trauma causing the victim to go into shock before bleeding out.
      I’d like to know as well because we’ve all seen people survive worse looking shots than this.

      1. You are correct about the ‘going into shock’ bit. I’ve seen a lot of people ‘gut shot’ when I worked the ‘D&W’ area of downtown Grand Rapids Michigan (Division and Wealthy street corners) as a paramedic.

        We got called when these idiots would start exchanging lead love letters and saw more people than I care to remember being gut shot. They would react and then stay still for twenty, thirty seconds and then slump over just as that girl did.

        Besides the major blood aortic artery vessel, there is a parallel major nerve. Just the shock waves of being shot can paralyze you for a short period of time.

        Watching it happen in the video brought back some good memories! LOL

        1. Thanks @bigv and @illegalsmile55 .

          …exchanging lead love-letters!… Love it!
          Does anyone actually write love -letters anymore? Isn’t it all texting one or two sentences and dic pics now? What a shame.

          Didn’t know about the parallel nerve . Is it a plexus of some type in the psoas muscle.

          Ithought a cut and /or major blow to the kidney itself was enough to kill you and not just a cut to the kidney arteries?

          1. Thanks.
            The kidney can take a major blow and not kill you. It will hurt like a bitch, but it can be removed in a two hour surgery. Cut an artery, and you can bleed out in less than three minutes, less if it is something like the femoral artery.

            I wrote a lot of love letters and am almost done with my next ‘romance novel’ or novella, depending on where it ends up in word count. They sell well, so I write them. I also write murder stories based on guys I met while I was a nurse in a prison psych ward. Those sell well too!

            Currently, my #1 selling book almost every month is one that no one leaves a review for due to its content. It’s about a girl I met in college back in 1971/72 who became a hooker. Holy crow, did she tell me some wild stuff!

            I come here for the comments more than I do for the photos/videos. I’ve seen that stuff, but the comments are gold.

            I wrote a 4000 word chapter in a murder story based on three comments posted here. Crazy stuff.

            Thanks again.


  9. White shirt dude was definitely anticipating this, just look at him when he’s walking out, he’s already peaking over to the right and reaching for his piece.
    Not sure why the girl thought it would be safer to run back into the shop though.

  10. Poor chingy gal – she didn’t even get to smoke some ‘reefer’ to ease the pain

    At least she got on the floor to say one last prayer to Bhudda

    Who’s gonna do my French Acrylic Nails now, poontah?

    She’s in chingy Heaven now with bowl of jasmine rice

  11. I can see this type of thing happening more and more in USA [robberies of cannabis shops i mean] now its legalized.
    After all, cheap drugs are the easiest thing to sell wherever you are. Next best thing to a cash robbery.

  12. And CUT… that’s a wrap. Such a movie death. They were good honest Green Grocers!!. The tools above commenting on ol mate shooting back, if he didn’t, chances are they all would be shot, and also likely died.The door has a electronic release, to buzz in or out, the thief was waiting for them to exit,and rob the money.The only person, if caught, being charged with murder is the thief.

  13. a beauty flaty hairy asian babe, but unlucky and a bit dumb. She was already outside that place, in an open sky area, easier to run and escape from anything, almost, but death is a bitch. I hope she survived, though.

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