Woman First Shot Then Chopped Up with a Machete

Woman First Shot Then Chopped Up with a Machete

This horrific crime happened on June 4, 2012 in Teolândia, state of Bahia, Brazil. A woman identified as 51 year old Matilde Guilherme dos Santos was brutally murdered inside her own house on the Rua das Flores.

According to the military police report, there was a second woman inside the house when the attackers stormed in, but she managed to escape and call for help. Two men came on a motorcycle, entered the victim’s home and shot her twice with a firearm. It did not kill the woman so the assassins attempted to finish Matilda off with machete blows. You can see massive defense wounds on her arms with fingers on both hands amputated. One blow just above the elbow damn near amputated her whole forearm.

Miraculously, when the military police arrived, the woman was still alive. An ambulance quickly took her to a local hospital but by the time she could be admitted, she was already dead. Seeing the amount of blood she lost and considering that she also had to bullets in her body, it’s surprising she lasted this long.

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