Woman Found Dead, Half Naked and with Signs of Rape

Woman Found Dead, Half Naked and with Signs of Rape

On December 30, 2016, a corpse of a half naked woman was found in the woods behind the Shell gas station on Avenida Brasil in the West Zone of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. Evidence suggests the woman was raped before being killed by strangulation.

A resident shopkeeper who lives and has a sales outlet nearby said the victim may be the same woman who used to wander the streets of the neighborhood and people called her “Negona.” She sustained her life with handouts from people. They must be generous in Manaus, seeing as she’s quite chubby.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Yep, It seems the word nigger comes from ”negro”, which means black/dark in Portuguese, although the word ”preto” is more commonly used for referring to the color and negro is used only seldomly in a more figurative sense, at least nowadays. Now, how it got to the American lexicon I don’t know, it could be from Portuguese slave traders (some jewish) which would sell negroes to the Americans, though I am not sure about this.

  1. I detest rape, so don’t misconstrue what I say next. If a moron is going to rape and kill, why choose from the ugly tree. Pick the one you can really have fun with. The pretty one that turned her nose up to you. But hey, I guess I don’t get the mindset of a delusional sociopath.

  2. You guys come up with the most violent punishments for people who slap kids. But rape is so funny. You have messed up minds. Sincerely. Something is fucking wrong with your brain. If you ever get sodomized and it fucks up your psyche forever and it will, don’t expect sympathy. Expect jokes. And this comment will be laughed off or some other smartass or dismissive comment but getting ass-raped would fuck you up for the rest of your life.

    1. You won’t find any sympathy here. This is not the place for it. People here post nasty stuff all the time. How is this any different from the comments on the video that had a (presumably innocent) African guy being castrated in Rwanda? Yet, you are getting offended at rape. Double standards, much?

          1. @Hindustan I think it’d the words “Yet, you are getting offended by rape. Double standard much?” that caused me to believe it was, indeed, aimed at me personally. Say what you want, but don’t back peddle like a pussy. Believe me, my skin is thicker than you could imagine. I can take whatever you wanna dish out.

    2. how can men have sympathy when they have no mothers to give them sympathy? this is the effect of the monetary system stealing mothers. i said it would backfire a few years back and each year i am being proven right. you cant raise children in a cold loveless stagnant environment then expect a generation of romeo’s. you will get something more leaning towards the opposite actually. and couple this with pornography and rape style porn then you can see why men dont have any respect or care for women. if you are not attached to something emotionally it doesnt really bother you as much.

  3. Is there a special brand of flip flops. Like nike, reebok etc. around these fucked up parts of the world ?? I’m inventing a solid pair of flops. Trying to figure a name out for them. Come on lets do this. Start the next year off rich. Wait. These fucktards won’t pay for them. Fuck!! Back to the drawing board!!!

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