Woman Found Dead and Half Naked After She Was Raped with Condom

Woman Found Dead and Half Naked After She Was Raped with Condom

In Ji-Paranรก – a city in the state of Rondรดnia, Brazil, a dead body of a woman was found near BR-364 highway half naked and with signs of rape. Next to the corpse was a used condom.

That must have been one dumb ass of a rapist. If he used the condom because he didn’t want to make the woman pregnant, then he killed half the pleasure for nothing because she wasn’t gonna get pregnant after being bashed in the head with a stick till she died. And if he used the condom because he didn’t want to leave any DNA evidence inside the woman, then he killed half the pleasure and still left behind all the DNA evidence the police will need. That poor woman ๐Ÿ™

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        1. I feel bad, more for the rapist than the raped. To be able to inflict such pain on another being, controlled by a piece of boneless flesh is most saddening. What a sorry state the perpetrator(s) are in. Nature might be more to be blamed here than the criminal himself, imo. Nevertheless, punishment no less than death would be beneficial for the criminal here. I follow the scriptures, and as per them, the death penalty frees oneself from a sin like this.

      1. A very sick individual that is most likely a potential serial killer. Not a bright one tho as serial killers are proven to be rather intellectual. Prove of condom dna would get him fast behind bars as he won’t be a first time criminal.

  1. Is that a lil mummy tummy I can see in the 2nd pic? ๐Ÿ™ Along with her droopy boob, I’d say she has had at least 1 child. Child bearing will stretch a woman’s body and it won’t always ‘bounce’ back to what it was, though she was still hot enough for someone to rape.

    1. I didn’t know that breasts could deflate(for lack of a better word) like that after having children. When looking at the pictures I thought maybe it happened to her in death but everything else looks ok. Very interesting though. Makes me more nervous about having children ๐Ÿ™

      1. When you first start breast-feeding a womens boobs can get very large, then they settle somewhat. Some ladies can get a very saggy chest after feeding ๐Ÿ™ some it doesn’t affect. This women seems very young to have a droopy breast, so unless she doesn’t have popped implants (did you see the comments the other day?) I’d say she may have a child?

      2. After your first kid and deciding to take birth control can make your boobs huge. Obviously depending on the person , and what type you’re using. I’ve had this low hormone IUD and it made mine grow bigger than I’ve ever had them

    1. Heyyyyyy!!!! Fucking flies just because they’re moving never hurt anyone. I hope you don’t have a problem with that.

      Besides, fucking flies because they’re moving is a new sport in Brazil. Children and adults are playing this game all over Rio De Janeiro.

      In Brazil, it’s becoming the number two sport next to soccer.

    1. @Minuteman ~ it didn’t happen in the ‘Muraca but there was the curious case of a deceased Yankee Doodle in a bathtub full of water in a nice hotel in Laos, i tink it was. will that satisfy? i think that is the page alot of non-muricans have been beating their meat intensely…….what God awful part of the middle east shit fight are you from?

    2. Idk but I know prochan deleted everything they had that included U.S stuff from the past 4 years , and well it sucks but I’d rather have some gore than no gore .. is there anything to be mad about ? Brazil delivers.

    1. Men have penile implants to make them “firm” for duty and then “deflate” for convenience and comfort during off duty periods (it would suck having an erection all day). I’m surprised they haven’t developed some similar booby inflator lol. …ladies, why should you have to be confined to only one size? Pump them up for going out and stuff and then make them a more practical size for sleeping and lounging. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. @little-foot haha, droopy boobies scare you? You better be on guard during full moons then! Saggy, wrinkly boobies are kniwn to sneak under your bed and hide in your closet at night until you fall asleep, and then they crawl out and slither onto your chest like slugs that have been sprinkled with salt and begin to suck all the life out of your youthful breasts until they look like they belong on a 99 year old African woman who has suckled her entire village until they were well into their 20s! Be afraid…be VERY AFRAID BWAHAHA! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. Let’s look at the location, does brazil even reached DNA technology yet? They prob just sniff it & go by scent. To do an std check they prob fuck the person them self & wait to see if anything happens. Yes mam or sir, it may take awhile for the results for your std screening while we wait for symptoms in our death row inmate test subject.

  3. Now what do we have here again ………….is a huge bare bottomed babe with those inviting contours except for her titties which seem to have sagged or did she have small tits to go with on such a huge frame …….heaven knows … but they seem under developed and not well rounded orbs and melonish enough to let someone jerk off ……….whatever, whatever …..now the baffling mystery is why the fuck did he have to use a condom after all when he could pleasure himself skin to skin . ….knowing what he did will have him soon in the police dragnet ……….I think he has thrown an open challenge to the cops with all the evidence littered around on the crime scene to come and catch him. I wonder how good the cops are in Brazil in sniffing out a criminal with such a hard evidence . .

    He will have the police on their toes hunting him down and feeling screwed with or without a condom . or even when caught he may go scotfree letting cops to have their palms greased up and be out and about somewhere fucking like creatures of the night ……….
    “Mr Unstoppable Condom Man”

  4. maybe the used rubber has nothing at all to do with this shocking crime of sexual violence.. i know on the rare occasion, when my pocket pussy is in for repair, that ive rubbed one out after rolling on a homemade sheep gut penile sheath – sometimes when going solo you just dont wanna deal with the mess…im sure im not the only one fellas ? this one just happened to be disposed of in what was soon to become a crime scene.

    Or theory number two is, the sexual predator stole this used spoof catcher out of his arch enemy’s bin and left at his crime scene to set him up and see him thrown in an over crowded Brazilian gaol and then wait for his torture video to be submitted by his fellow rapist hating inmates and uploaded onto BG for his own viewing pleasure……

    1. I don’t have a lot of experience with rubbers (been married way too long to remember much about them). My questions are – how does a rapist hold someone down while putting one on? Or does he already always have it on? If so, how does the rubber stay on a limp dick? I know you’re not a rapist @firstinline (Dutchy), but what do you think?

      1. Well @gramps you ask some valid questions. Firstly though, how do you know I’m not a serial rapist? Everyone has secrets and many people live double lives. You only ever know someone until you don’t know them, don’t you think? Ok so in my experience with condoms ive found you can get one on pretty quickly provided two variables are met. The first, is that your erection must be as hard and full as it can get. If your cock is not throbbing with every heart beat, forget it. You can get it on but it will be full of air pockets and won’t be comfortable. The second is you have to have the correct size condom. If your a big boy then trying to pull a standard sized rubber on is a mission. Again you may do it but it is a struggle and very uncomfortable and likely to break. So provided those two things are on your side you can roll on a condom in less than 2 seconds. But I think this rapist is in the minority and most rapists don’t worry about it as they don’t care about that shit – it’s all about power for them. As for your second question, no you can’t wear a condom if you aren’t barred up. It will fall down and get full of air and shit and be totally useless. Condom use is strictly for hard dick. How was that? Did I answer your questions to your satisfaction?

  5. I don’t like rapists at all ~ if you can’t get a girl to agree to a beef injection then you just have to move to plan b and offer her some pork instead. You don’t just take it on your self to make her cry?? That would be such a buzz kill for me. So much more fun with a horny girl guide who is begging for your baby batter, than for you to stop…..

  6. Is that a bottle of Milk of Magnesia on the floor next to her?
    She probably had the runs and pooped on his junk just as he was about to go bareback on her. It’s happened to me before, but I did not split her head wide open because of it. Or did I? I can’t remember. I better go check the video I made of that encounter.

  7. This is why i love Obli. Super intell/smart, can draw a line between personal emotions and fucked up people. Have respect for women and do not generalize. Some people will always think women is sluts and at wrong. Piss me way off.

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