Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute

Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute

Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute

In Datong City, Shanxi province, China, a woman was hacked on the street by a man with a meat cleaver. The man’s rage was reportedly sparked by a neighborhood dispute.

There was a parked car between the cameraman and the victim, so much of the carnage view is blocked by the car. Some woman tried to interfere in the attack, but the hacker was too focused on the job at hand to give a shit.

Props to Best Gore members @bloodstorm09 and @geilixiaohai for the video:

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141 thoughts on “Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute”

    1. China is awesome. People mind their fkin business and just film shit when it happens.
      You can scream your lungs out, no one knows how the problem started so no one gives a shit.

      Contrast with the US. Any small domestic dispute / quarrel, you see armed cops at your door, your neighbours reported domestic violence. If your sex is loud, armed cops at your door, your neighbours reported rape. Stupid western society with scared people everywhere. Everything is a problem to everyone. FKIN west

      1. Sounded like someone was hanging drywall sheets in the background. Off topic, for the second week this month another 60 shootings in Chicago at least 8 killed. Let’s play guess the race we all know the asian are not in the running. I know I am just a racist middle aged white man.

      2. really? like some crazy shit got M4 shoot at school kill innocence student?whatever,china more safety than US ,do u ever visit china?i live in NY (upper east side)for a year,It’s not as safe as I expected.井底之蛙

  1. Wow, I lost count after 100 whacks, and no one but the old lady even gave a shit.

    When you have to put bars on the air conditioner, you can tell it’s a nice neighborhood,… that and the street cleaver executions.

  2. I can understand this one, neighbours are the fucking worst.

    I have personally come close to attacking someone a few times over dickheads parking their cars over my driveway when my car is visibly sitting right fucking on it.

    It is rage inducing to have to go around knocking on doors to find out which dickhead neighbour’s asshole friend/family member the car belongs to in order to ask them to move it so that I can exit my own fucking driveway.

    If that Chinese bitch is therefore getting the chop over her parking shenanigans she can fucking bleed and die for what I care. Fucking vinegar tits.

    1. yeah i live on a close and stupid family #1 today did that very thing and blocked their car in the driveway… but its none of my fucking concern until it happens to me, theres a way of the world and things are meant to happen until you solve something itll keep happening…

    2. Yup we had the Exact same issue at our last house., we lived there for 10yrs every other house had about 5 cars due to renters. We Sold and now we can park at least 10 cars in Our Driveway. If only Our old neighbours could see our new place.

      1. I just moved back to my rural property from my rental “in the city”.
        I absolutely get the shitty neighbors with bad parking habits. I put up with that shit for a year. Thankfully, I have 2 driveways for my wife and I.
        And no one shows up around here unannounced. Hehe

        1. @xavior99 glad you’re away from the shitty neighbors! and, holy shit. people showing up unannounced is THE fucking worst. i mean, i don’t get it. dude, if you have my phone number you can call or, preferably, text before dropping your happy ass in on my good times. fyi – i will NOT be answering the door if you come over randomly. i don’t care who you are. goddamn. now i’m all heated. lol …where’s my meat cleaver?!?!?!?

    3. Kill someone for parking in your way, a ass whipping is justified but to kill them there is a part of your brain that was lost when daddy pulled out to fast to shoot his wad on your moms back.

  3. fucking good effort Mr. Xi

    its ancient chinese wisdown: “dont let the bitch tugging your shirt stop you from hacking a bitch to death”

    Lao Tzu himself said it, confucious is a fuckign faggot, stop mentioning him….

    Lao Tzu wrote the Tao… which translates to The Master wrote The Way…

  4. Over 1 billion people in China, and only one little old Chinese lady tries to stop this idiot. Clearly China should stop the production of hatchets/machetes since that’s why that lady is dead. Really wish I could see the after pictures.

    1. 在中国故意杀人会被判处死刑,一个不到30岁的年轻人冒着死刑的危险去砍杀一个女人,原因是什么没人知道,所以也没有人敢去拦他,毕竟对于杀人犯来说杀一个人和杀十个人的结果都是死。我佩服老太太的勇气,她不顾个人安危,试图救下这个罪犯和受害者。

  5. so… instead of dialing the chinese 911 you use your phone to record someone butchering someone else?? that video was a few minutes long, dude, police probably could have intercepted in that time. either way, god i fucking hate people. though i do appreciate the BG videos. sigh.

    if anyone feels like butchering a bitch, can i nominate my neighbor? she is the absolute worst. shrill, trashy, drama filled, ghetto garbage. i’d love to see her on here.

  6. Chink 1:….”Yiu guys heard what Cho Ping did..?”

    Chink 2:…”No… Whad he do ..?”

    Chink 1:…”He fukn Chop SueYee..!”

    Chink 2:…”Holy shit!.. No fukn way..!”

    Chink 1:..”Yup..No bullshit my friend..!”

    Chink 2:….Daaamn!.. She was a nice girl, that’s fukn Lol Mein…!”

  7. You have to wonder what kind of “neighborhood dispute” would get someone this mad, this crazy, this insane, to do such a vicious relentless attack on someone in broad daylight? I wonder will he get the death penalty for this? I HOPE SO! HORRIBLE!

  8. Ahhhhhhhhh yes!, the videos are so much better when the scream! Oh the delicious suffering. I can understand, I also have a neighbor or two that I would just love to hack to death myself hahahaha, that guy has to be exhausted, too bad the car is in the way of the view. Did anyone else notice the womans hair hanging off of his cleaver? Brutal!

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