Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute

Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute

Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute

In Datong City, Shanxi province, China, a woman was hacked on the street by a man with a meat cleaver. The man’s rage was reportedly sparked by a neighborhood dispute.

There was a parked car between the cameraman and the victim, so much of the carnage view is blocked by the car. Some woman tried to interfere in the attack, but the hacker was too focused on the job at hand to give a shit.

Props to Best Gore members @bloodstorm09 and @geilixiaohai for the video:

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139 thoughts on “Woman Hacked on Street with Meat Cleaver Over Neighborhood Dispute”

  1. I didn’t want to have to comment if I have to be very honest. But I’m angry. How are we gonna be so unlucky to see the bits where the dumb bitch is barely being grazed by the meat clever but when that chinky nigga goes full on we don’t get to see SHIT. Like I said, I didn’t wanna fuckin comment but i’m angry.

  2. The car blocked all the chopping and ruined the whole video.
    But the guy was determined to get the job done, i wonder how much prison time he will get on china, i heard those murders are seen as crimes of passion and get light sentences.

  3. Im new to this site and never commented before but I thought I should, The alleged attacker might be the 28-year-old reported on the news. The article said they were a former student of No 3 Middle School, surnamed Zhao, who had been bullied there, it reported. But that’s all I found on Google for recent attacks. If this post broke any site rules please delete it and sorry there wasnt more info omo

  4. In a place where people you save can sue you for SAVING them, no wonder why no one gave a shit besides that one guy, China is just a shitty place with nothing besides people that slave away in the sweat shop.

    1. The Chinese are psychopaths. They all have the same psychopath haircut, and where would our gore come from if you guys weren’t? When I went to China last year (Hong Kong) I couldn’t breath from the pollution and I got extremely sick from drinking the water. The flight I took was on the news (Cathay Pacific) Because it had CONTAMINATED food and water on board FROM CHINA. Everyone there has a fucking mask on and China is disgusting!

      1. 用中文回答你吧,用英文跟你交流对于你来说太废话了,香港是中国的一个地方,你不会没有去过其他地方吧?还有,注意你的言辞,否则当你再次出现在中国时,你会发现这里的人不是很友善。

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