Woman Intentionally Run Over and Killed at a Gas Station in Mexico

Woman Intentionally Run Over and Killed at a Gas Station in Mexico

A woman was intentionally run over at a gas station on the Mexico-Acapulco highway by a driver who accused her and her companions of being kidnappers. The driver followed them to the Servicio Cumbres gas station located at the Acapatzingo colony in Cuernavaca where he waited for the opportune moment and ran the woman over before fleeing the scene.

Three days later, Mexican authorities had the culprit identified as 27 year old Ricardo Fajardo Ambriz Sánchez and arrested. 56 year old Ofelia Arellano Cortés died at the scene. CCTV video of the fatal hit and run (murder by vehicle would probably fit it better) is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. Just like playin grand theft auto. She nearly got lucky as she went under the middle of the car, it didn’t look like the wheels went over her. If she had been a little more “petit”, she might have gotten away with it. So in a way, it was her weight that killed her. That’d be my argument if I was the driver anyway

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