Woman Kills Two Daughters and Self in India, Father Devastated by Find

Woman Kills Two Daughters and Self in India, Father Devastated by Find

Woman Kills Two Daughters and Self in India, Father Devastated by Find

In Morbi, a town in the state of Gujarat, India, a man returned home to find his wife had killed both their daughters and then self by hanging.

The killed girls were 5 year and 9 months old. The father cries as he filmed the gruesome find. I guess that’s one way to “spare” your children the trauma of watching you die.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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170 thoughts on “Woman Kills Two Daughters and Self in India, Father Devastated by Find”

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      1. yes my thought is that he murdered them. maybe they became a burden for him or maybe she was leaving him and taking the kids. or maybe social media has him in a grip that he so needed to share this with his friend group before he call authorities.

  1. Hindus in Gujrat are very easily offended they hate cow consumers & low castes alike

    Indians in Gujrat as well as other states are infamous for castrating men & raping girls as young as 6

    Gang rapes are on the rise where foreign objects are brutally inserted causing immense internal damage to the organs

    Tourism is vital for the economy therefore vast majority of crime doesn’t get published & victims are threatened as well as murdered

  2. I think the real killer is still alive (father). Who comes home to find a scene such as this and think..”wait, let me get my camcorder on and film each body and twirl them around to show all angles of their hanging?”

    I realize everyone handles things differently under circumstances such as this…..BUT….the first thing 99.9% of people would cut the rope and lay the bodies down to check for any pulse.

    This is not normal and certainly is not even on the charts of what some people do that is crazy.

    Filming to show this is what he came home to? Alibi? See the full picture and you know this is not what it is intended to look like.

    1. Yes, his reaction is utterly odd! Cut them off would be the first reaction, followed from some more or less well done cpr. Didn’t think yet about that he may be the killer unless I read your comment. And I think there is a high chance you’re right with that. Damn..

  3. I saw the video of the kid witnessing their mother’s suicide, and if your gonna do that shit… at least don’t do it in front of your kids. It doesn’t bother me to watch us die, but it nerves me the fuck out when children do (not that it doesn’t happen all the time, I just don’t like witnessing it). This will probably be the only comment I make on a child murder video btw, just cause watching this shit is fucking sad.

  4. Something is telling me that he was going to divorce her and this bitch wanted to hurt him the best way her crazy ass knew how to..shit leaves me so sad, not for her disgusting ass of course but for those innocent kids. They were taken out of this world in such a short time and by the person that they never would think to even do something so inhumane smh I really hope something so foul happens to the mothers soul that we as mere humans can’t even comprehend the pain and agony her shit of a soul is going through right now!

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