Mentally Ill Woman Found Dead with Knife Stuck in Vagina

Mentally Ill Woman Found Dead with Knife Stuck in Vagina

In the city of Itaquitinga, Pernambuco, Brazil, an elderly woman with mental health problems was found dead with a knife stuck in her vagina. On top of being murdered and defiled, her house was trashed, and she was robbed.

62 year old Carmelita Severina de Oliveira was childless, and lived alone. According to police, the killer broke into her house through the kitchen door during the night to commit a robbery. Fragile victim, unable to defend herself, was an easy target.

Neighbors reported that at about 3am, they heard the agonizing cries as the desperate lady called for help. She cried relentlessly “Call the police“, but no one responded, because neighbors believed she was going through yet another one of her behavioral crises caused by mental problems she had. The victim, they said, had outbreaks constantly.

What absolute lowlife do you have to be to pick on an ill, helpless and poor person to rob whatever little money they have, and don’t stop there, but also kill them and violate their dead body to make mockery of the tragedy they are living through?

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65 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Woman Found Dead with Knife Stuck in Vagina”

  1. She loved a long life for a Brazilian. What did the killers expect to find in the home of a poor woman? A stash of gold bars? A kilo of weed? More like an abundance of dust bunnies under the bed. I hope we see the killer(s) on BG in the near future.

    1. I’m not Brazilian, but I can assume that wealthy business men, celebrities and politicians have armed bodyguards and bulletproof cars. Poor people are defenceless. Drug addicts Rob and kill the poor because it’s easy, although they will only earn a few rials from the robbery.

  2. What a traumatic way to go, screaming for help and people hearing your cries but ignoring it thinking it was down to her illness.
    I call that bullshit about them thinking it was down to her illness as the screams would be completely different and a lot more terrifying.

    1. I don’t think so A friend of mine has a neighbor who suffers from schizophrenia. He often screams for help towards my friend’s house, telling us to call the police because someone is trying to kill him. He’s always with his mom, and when we go there to see if everything’s alright it turns out he’s just having an episode. I can imagine why they wouldn’t notice, if this was a usual event.

      1. I get what you mean as I’ve worked with mentally ill patients before but the sound of the pain would bring something else to her voice, as yes, with the mentally ill they can genuinely believe they aren’t safe so I could understand fear in the voice anyway but pain would bring in a different sound, wouldn’t you think?

  3. She finally got the point.
    My half-brother killed his mom. He did it with a gun.
    His mom, my step-mother, was an evil, psychotic bitch that richly deserved what she got after all those years of abusing both of us.
    Every time I hear the song Jeremy, by Pearl Jam, I think of my brother.
    He put the gun to his own head and pulled the trigger just after he shot his mother.

  4. Maybe she drove her neighbors crazy having fits of yelling , one of them must of snapped and shut her crazy ass mouth for good , no one called the police because she would yell all times of the night . People have to get sleep crazy ass !!! Who paulie you wont be seeing him no more.

          1. From the DS: ‘Muslim Brotherhood sheiks have issued a fatwa permitting “anal jihad” for terrorists far from their wives, which is exactly what it sounds like.’

            Like they weren’t engaging in that behavior already…

  5. its not shocking these days but the killer is insain, it goes to show be attentive to your surroundings if you hear desperation in screams it just might be better to be safe than sorry make a call to police or if youve the courage check it out as youll save a life or piss someone off but thell get over it. in the future they wont be so loud.

  6. Who ever did this probably did it for shits and giggles, not really a purpose. Just killing an old crazy lady for the hell of it. A weak helpless target for sure. I may be an old woman but if someone tries to kill me I will fight them until no longer able. Also my dog will probably tear them a new one.

  7. I sincerely hope we see the killer on BG in future, preferably with his dick slashed off, yay!
    I don’t really care much fore the killer, what a cvnt! I don’t really care what personal problems the killer faced in life, fuck all that! No excuse. I just hope he gets caught, bummed and done for.

  8. Poor woman, she must have lived in a shit decrepit area, and the loser fuckers murdered her for probably a few Brazilian real currency, what a fucked up world where people target vulnerable people.
    That is a no no in my bloody book.

  9. seems to be alot of sympathy and deary me comments left on here lately, come on she was a fleshy virus she was scum like the rest of us, were all scum in our own way because we are human and none of us are without ‘sin’ or whatever you want to call it. the only innocents on this planet are children and animals, the rest fuck it we all become a plague on this beautiful planet, maybe if the human race came together as a collective and tried to make a positive change to this planet and quit the jewish usury matrix for a start then maybe i would have some sympathy for this hag, shes old so shes probably left her fleshy skidmark on this earth somewhere there wil be a trail of scum from this person just like the rest of us. until we quit the system and all its evils then evil itself on this planet will never cease.

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