Woman Killed with Machete by Ex-Husband in Dominican Republic

Woman Killed with Machete by Ex-Husband in Dominican Republic

In Esperanza, a municipality in the Valverde province, Dominican Republic, a woman was killed with a machete by her ex-husband. 38 year old Luz Marina Arias Reyes sought restraining order against her ex, but justice system failed her.

She was hacked to death, her body bearing multiple stab wounds. 44 year old Nelson Alvarado was detained several times in the past, following reports of violence against his ex wife.

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    1. I can’t really understand why, if women keep getting killed, (because of their abusive partners) specially when they seek restraining orders~ they do fck all about it. It’s DISASTROUS.

    1. Oh Gosh ! why its always this late is my question ……. when that beast of a man of her’s was detained several times in the past why wasn’t he left better off cooling his heels in a prison cell instead of letting him walk free.
      and now what ? a life term in a jail feasting on the Government coffers as most prisoners are no more than a liability .Cases like these ought to go to the gallows but like ya said its a failed system a failed govt machinery where hope has no place .

    1. I can’t get the videos to play either. I think today is the first time this has been an issue for me.
      I’ll just come back and watch at another time.

  1. You see what happens…save crying about the man raping or hitting you for when the man is really raping or hitting you. Otherwise the moral of the story of the boy who cried wolf will have to reveal it’s ugly self to women like this. The system probably didn’t see any reason to act on this because they probably deal with dozens of cases of it per day. Sadly, majority of those cases will tie up the courts with bullshit claims for full pussy pass privileges while real cases like these get ignored.

    At the same time, you ladies need to understand that if a man is straight out abusive from the jump, you need to leave. Get the idea of “changing” him out of your damn heads and run. Press charges, file a restraining order, fucking stab him in the spine, but do not expect them to become better. Abusive dudes have deep issues that won’t be solved by your tender touch and choosing to stay around is just a dangerous thing to do, especially if you are not strong enough to physically defend yourself against him. I say this, not as a guy trying to game on the ladies and narrow the market, but as a man who is tired of being obligated to step in and help quell the situations that explode between a distraught woman and her violently raging ape of a mate. Choose wisely, ladies…

    1. Thank you. Well said.
      I spent so many wasted yrs waiting for my ex to change. He didn’t. I went through a lot. But nothing like being stabbed. Or the one I read yesterday where a teenage girl was stalked, raped and set on fire. There’s some real whack jobs out there.

  2. I came visiting again and saw someone with an uncontrollable urge to jizz later ; run his hands on her bust line .

    And that too bare handed first I thought a cop or someone from the law enforcement agency but its just another someone merged in the crowd who couldn’t hold back wanted her desirable skin felt in his hands .

  3. women abuse men too there is a solicitor over here he was beat on and shit on by his ‘wife’ for a few years before she finally stabbed him to death and now shes saying it was a sex game gone wrong and he loved to be abused it was a sexual kick of his yet they have a phone call recorded where they are talking about covering up the bruises and he says if your going to hit me dont hit me so hard then i dont have to avoid my family they know whats going on. he was a good kind man and he was murdered so in these days of eqaulity i say forget all this poor lady business unless your going to say about the poor guys that suffer too. eqaulity and political correctness is a joke the system will always favour the whore because of mans instinct to protect the female and lets not forget the pussy pass.

    1. @heydolf_hittler – Yeah, Sharon Edwards. Bin following that story myself pal, what a particularly horrible bitch. Apparently her latest “story” is that all the guys injuries were from self harm? But i dont think that the 3 convictions for Domestic violence on other partners that have been uncovered are going a long way to back her story up?
      link includes the audio of the “..dont hit me so hard..”
      message you referred to

      1. Wow thanks for the link, haven’t even heard about this case and Manchester is only a couple hours from me.
        Can’t believe she said “he walked into the knife” after she took it off him. This women won’t be getting no pussy pass that’s for sure.

  4. Can someone help me out? On certain videos such as this one…i have a large grey rectangle box but the video can be only partially seen in the lower right corner, I’ve tried everything I can think of the pull in into full view as I’m only able to see a corner of the video. Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas? Please and Thank You!

    1. Help is at hand but ya gotta be specific here…do pse care to specify
      #1. which is the device being used ?
      #2. is this generally the problem where video just sits in the
      #3. are only the videos in portrait mode only bring about this

  5. The way those Spanish monkeys were treating her, you would have thought they were in the presence of a celebrity. Looks like all those monkeys know how to use an IPhone, how is that possible.

    I thought that I heard someone asking the woman for an autograph. Does not look like she’s been dead for long. Vulva is probably still warm. Just saying.

  6. Two of the things that make my blood boil, is kids getting abused, or Women getting beat, or killed senselessly. People that do this in my books, are power tripping, sick bastards who like to over power anybody that is weaker than them! I would PAY DEARLY, to have 15 minutes, in a locked cage, with one of these Fuck-Tards!!! 🙁

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