Woman Savagely Raped and Murdered in Lucknow, India

Woman Savagely Raped and Murdered in Lucknow, India

A thirty two year old woman was beaten, raped and then left to die from her injuries in Lucknow, India. The victim, a mother of two and a widow was looking for apartments when she was abducted, taken to a nearby construction site, beaten and sexually assaulted so severely as to cause hemorrhaging. An autopsy revealed that there was no evidence of an actual internal rape but the rape charge is holding due to a law passed recently that basically considers all kinds of unwanted sexual contact to be rape. Part of a massive crackdown on sexual crime after the brutal gang-rape of a student on a bus in Delhi in 2012. But the rape charge doesn’t seem too important here as the man is being charged with murder.

The accused, Yam Sewak Yadav, was working security at the construction site where the rape and murder took place. The victim had suffered at least a dozen separate injuries to her genitals and was left in the dirt, naked and bleeding to death once Yadav had had his way with her.

On a side note, Six officers have also been suspended due to a “delay in action” concerning the case. Although I imagine this could be due more to the “Higher Ups” trying to save face for perhaps not making the case a priority? We all know how that goes.

Since she was apartment-hunting (probably looking for a better place for her and her kids), it’s possible he lured her there on the pretense of having a place to rent. Fucking despicable. A woman with a job as a lab assistant in a hospital, raising her two kids, brutally sexually assaulted and left to die. All for nothing.

Props go out to Best Gore member carborandom for the pics.

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          1. Wow…Are men THAT thirsty? I’m just trying to get serious information here, no joke…I want to learn πŸ™‚
            I mean, as girls, nobody tells us about all that (masturbation, the needs of men…etc…)

    1. No. There are all sorts of ways a guy can drain his plumbing without hurting someone. This was just pure evil and wicked antisocial behavior. The only cure is one miserable fucking execution for the cocksucker.

      1. Everything is essentially a learned behavior. Whether it’s embedded deep in your DNA, or it’s a series of choices that you and those around you have made. I was taught to think with my bigger brain, not the little one.

  1. India you say, I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

    Third world is what the western profiteers seek, third world is what they get.

    Rape, murder, pillage, but cheap manufacturing. Larger profit margins all around and that means champagne galore but at what expense, the expense of their own souls perhaps, the expense of consumerism perhaps.

    Woe is love my dear.

    1. Yes most serious serial killers were impotent. Andrei chikatilo was so impotent that he could only impregnate his wife by jerking off and manually stuffing his wife with his demon seeds. He also ripped out most victim’s eyes out after killing and raping them coz he thought they could still see him

        1. Fucking christ on a stick!!!!!
          Are you serious?!? Wow!!!
          My friend, i am a cold, desensitized person and am very hard to shock/offend but you just shocked the fuck out of me with that baby raping nigger fact there… Hum thanks for making me feel something… No, but really tho, i rarely ever feel thx.

  2. That’s a lot of blood. SO much rage and violence, the obvious sexual element, no penetration.

    He must not be able to get it up. It’s like something you’d see in a serial killer with sexual dysfunction. Are they sure this is his first time?

  3. Wondering where all the blood came from?

    Take a look at the medial (inside) aspect of her right thigh in the two photographs in which it is visible; there is a distinct linear defect. I think that whoevert did this, did it by cutting her femoral artery and vein.

    1. Why’d you pick her or did you bust a nut in her on the first date , make spawn and stay out of duty to the kids whilst hating this woman you didn’t really know ? Lol I see how hate can grow but seems like you should have split right away.

      1. People end up having kids and split-up anyway…No judging or hating to people who have kids, for real…Just saying, it’s sad, these stories, where the man ends up hating the mother of his kids…Sad…One of the reasons why I’m not a mum…But thank God I can change my mind, I’m young πŸ™‚

  4. Take away all my bullshit moods and chaotic thoughts and give me a moment of clarity…I think I’d like to have a daughter one day.

    But young girls are so easily turned into sluts, It must be horrific as a father to find out, maybe even by your own friends, that your daughter is just the town mattress.

    This woman was working and raising two children and this is all the thanks she gets.

    1. Far more difficult then bringing up a boy , that is for certain. But your kids are your kids unconditionally. Given a decent start they shouldn’t end up being the town bike.

      Go for it mate , I’m sure you’d enjoy every minute, well , almost. πŸ˜‰

  5. Most rapes in India are committed by the people from uttar Pradesh,Bihar and the entire nation despises them in general for being such violent ,illiterate and gullible human beings but yeah there are always exceptions.

  6. What a complete loser Indian this killer was. No penetration?
    The guy doing that autopsy must have been tempted to stick his own cock in, especially seeing how light skinned she is, they prize that sort of thing over there.
    Her fine figure deserved to be fucked a few times at least. Ah well….

  7. Eminently fuckable…. A loss to her family and every man with a dick worthy of the name.

    I hope they string those contemptible pieces of shit up who did such an outrageous thing.

  8. Suddenly an arranged marriage doesn’t seem so bad after all. Excellent wifey material. On the other hand, I’m not such a good citizen because I like to form my own opinions so the relationship wouldn’t really workout lol.

      1. Hehe…I still find all the reactions around this type of murders very weird…It’s mixed between sadness, compassion, and for men, when it involves a naked woman that doesn’t look too bad, lust and masturbation…Eww. Really, but hey, it’s just human nature, who would I be to judge?

  9. the irony, he’s a security guard, & he did everything opposite, at the worst way possable. rape, which, in it at itself, extreme crime, let alone a security, then x3, murder. & a woman who isn’t a nobody, but works at a hospital, & 2 children on her stress list to watch over, alone. his urge destroyed 3 lives. there should b a thing where death penalty, “death by tiger” or “there loved ones” or something. y should they go so peacefully? when the victim went so violently? y do gov. b so humane, to monsters?

  10. Imagine the thoughts running through her head while she was being murdered. First besides absolute fear and panick was probably disbelief like “there’s no way this is actually happening to me”
    Then she probably thinks “what’s going to happen to my babies they’ll have no parents” and probably a little of “this is unfair! I’m too young to die!” and then there’s the inner rage as she probably got angry but despite her most fierce struggle, succumbed to her attacker and felt the fear and agony and rage and pain reverse sense of loss for the people in her life…

  11. the watching crowd full of men. The photographers also men.
    I wonder what’s going through their minds.

    Vote this the most beautiful death on bestgore. Every woman’s dying wish is to die beautifully / attractively… There you have it :)))

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