Woman Shot After Attempt to Strangle Her to Death with Rope Fails

Woman Shot Dead After Attempt to Strangle Her to Death with Rope Fails

A Brazilian flip flop gang captured a MILFy woman and killed her. At first, they tried it by tightening a rope around her neck, but the chirpy woman wiggled her way out of it, so they eventually shot her.

The cameraman could have done a better job capturing the action, as he missed most of the best bits, but maybe the reason he kept pointing at the ground the whole time is so he know where his flip flops are leading him?

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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61 thoughts on “Woman Shot After Attempt to Strangle Her to Death with Rope Fails”

      1. No she’s not tranny:
        -Small shoulders, flat forehead, small brow ridge, women hips..

        You’re joking but that is serious issue as all “actresses” and host appearing as women are born as man.
        -Same thing in banners on streets, models(F channel is flooded with transgenders), new movies are flooded of course.
        For big example check Miami Vice series… ALL “women” there are 100% born as man and we talking about early 80’s!

  1. Looks like street criminals executing a rape victim or maybe she stole from them.

    If they were in any organized group they wouldn’t be running off like that right after the shot. They obviously were worried about witnesses.

    Pieces of shit should all be tortured and executed. I can’t believe humans are like this in other places.

  2. Damn this is brutal, can we create a hunting crew like from the movie inglorious bastards, and just murk all those evil scum Brazilians that do these disgusting murders. Someone needs to clean up brazil.

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