Woman Shot Dead While Dancing on Stage at Wedding in Bathinda, India

Woman Shot Dead While Dancing on Stage at Wedding in Bathinda, India

Footage is from Bathinda in Punjab, India depicts the moment a woman dancing on the stage at a wedding is shot dead by a celebratory shooter with a 12 bore rifle.

According to the information I got, the bullet got stuck in the barrel, so the man fired the gun to free the barrel, but it went straight for that girl’s head.

Also according to the information I got, the woman was 25 years of age, and some SJWs on teh interweb claim that she was pregnant.

Celebratory fire at weddings seems like such a good idea… Not!

Props to Best Gore member @ggek for the video:

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  1. holy elephant gun i bet that woman broke some type of rule in the dancing or snuck out the house! no one seemed to care its like another day in the murder of a woman i bet someone was waiting some kind of retaliation

    1. It’s evolution, Indians have evolved their arms long like that so they can prevent someone who wants to shoot them by reaching and grab their guns..but in this case she had no chance….damn..

  2. That awkward dancing was the saddest part. Hindu girls dressed like, and trying to dance like rap-style ghetto bitches looks stupid. They think they’re being ‘cool and modern’ but they better stick to their own culture.

  3. young pussy only gets shot or killed for one reason …. their young pussy has been getting filled by people who shouldnt have been. pussy doesnt usually go to waste unless it has ermm, excuse the pun ‘fucked’ somebody over.

  4. The truth behind celebratory gunfire at weddings/receptions:
    For the man or woman who couldn’t dare stand up in front of all to “speak now, or forever hold your peace”. Therefore, the happy celebratory gunfire is a *surefire* way to make an intention look like an accident. lol

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