Woman Shot Dead by Drug Traffickers in Belém, Brazil

Woman Shot Dead by Drug Traffickers in Belém, Brazil

Video showing a cold blooded execution of a young woman in a wooded area in Brazil surfaced today. Apparently, the woman was shot dead by drug traffickers for being an informant (whatever that means).

According to the info I got, 19 year old Mayara da Silva Martins went missing on July 14, 2016. Her dead body was found by her own father on the afternoon of Friday July 15, in the Utinga forest reserve in barrio Aguas Lindas, in Anantapur, the metropolitan area of ​​Belém, the capital of the state of Pará, Brazil.

The video shows the woman getting shot at close range at least 9 times, that’s 2 shots more than there are letters in “da Silva”:

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    1. somehow…this murdering video makes me sad, i can feel the despair, sadness, fear and innocent in this woman eyes. Im done asking people why they did it. I ll only pay them an eye for an eye. Rest in peace and in god’s hand, girl. And i wish you will never be born as a brazilian again.

        1. That was awful. I really hope her father never sees the video.
          I didn’t realise how fucked up Brazil was and we’ve had the world cup there and they are getting the Olympics. Doesn’t make sense, unless all the officials are corrupt.

        2. very refreshing to see sympathy in the comments rather than mockery :’)
          I would say atleast they killed her quickly, but it looks like she took quite a beating prior to that. RIP

      1. Sad.. someone’s daughter,sister.. nobody deserves a death like that.. I’ve seen dogs put down better than that. But as it did happen we could have done with some close-ups ) it is BG after all.

      1. Slightly turned on by Zui Killswitch’s comment…I’m weird tho,
        Oh don’t forget kids…grasses are like traffic wardens , paedo’s ,
        The inland revenue and Yemeni immigrants who get a dental appointment before you , the world would be easier without them

      2. Sadly …It is. I always thought Brazil was a paradise from viewing 80s Classic flick ‘Blame it on Rio’ when I was kid. …and their passion of Futbol. Home of the thong,and waxed pussy. But I guess that’s just all a trap. Hell even our American porn stars go there to shoot scenes and come back with AIDS.

      3. Zui take those sunglasses off. You’re pretty fucken stupid if you believe these guys are as bad as isis. The south American countries can give 2 fucks if you don’t want to visit or move there.
        You probably believe that the USA goes into other countries to offer people freedom.
        What a dumb cunt.
        Attention seeker I bet. All day you hash tag everything all day lol

    1. So Joe,Your wife, sister, mother or your child someone you love too much was murdered. Taken from your house, all is left is a pool of blood, police say she can’t be alive after losing that much blood.
      All you want to know is where she is to lay her to rest and want the man in prison. You can’t sleep or eat, you need to know where her body is.
      I come along arrested for a stupid crime, that hurt no one maybe drugs. I know where your dead loved one is and who killed her.
      If i snitch i can leave the police station today and help you. So you’d want me to not tell because to you snitching is a crime and I’d be a pos trying to safe my own ass….
      Only a thug who does wrong goes by your motto about snitching and normally the first ones to rat.
      You don’t know what she told, she could’ve saved someone getting killed, maybe a child or she could’ve told a family where their missing loved one is, Maybe got a murderer and rapist of the street… Most people here read a post, hear a few things about it take it as 100% fact and run with it and always find away to blame the person who’s dead…

  1. She goes from smiling and laughing to scared and crying and then back to smiling and laughing… almost like she didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation. Either that or she was high on crack… fucking crackheads.

      1. I’d shit my pants too if i was about to die. I’ve shit myself during a near death experience once and you dont even notice it or care when you are trying to survive. So sad to see someone killed like this.

      1. Agree’d I’ve been here for over 3 years and videos like this always bring a gloominess to my world. Sad to see someone have to beg for their life only to be mercilessly killed by some da Silvia’s in flip flops

  2. Shit !!! Just shit……. No matter how many times I see shit like this it is always shocking… I hope I never get used to it ,…. And I practice feeling compassion and empathy … whatever she Did she never knew what she was getting into …poor girl

      1. Yes, that’s part of the reason I come here, to try and feel compassion and empathy (it’s a Buddhist thing) by watching the extremes humans get to.. Still don’t get emotional… But I like to imagine what it’s like to be in either persons shoes

  3. i guess for “informant ” they mean someone who supposed to report to police about activity of shitbag incognito.
    or not police but another cartel or something.

    anyway, tons of reason to kill her , even for no reason (thats still a reason)

    i like human reflex to try protecting with hands. you know… just in case the hands will stop the bullet

    1. Yes, you are right. But in this case I guess she told about their criminal activities not to the police but to other criminals, rival ones.

      My cousin was shot dead back in 2013 as far as I remember, he was a drug dealer, it was not his fault, he was borned in a fucked up place. Anyway, he tried to protect himself with his hands too. In his funeral, his hand had a bullet hole. I kinda miss him, was a nice person, at least to the family, only God knows what he did… I’ve got really sad when I got informed about what happened to him, they shot him 13 times, they are still in the streets living their lives…

      1. I too am sorry about your loss, but your comment of him being a drug dealer and it NOT being his fault rings hollow. A lot of people born into fucked up families, situations, or countries go on to make their lives (and a lot of times the lives of those around them) better.

  4. They are asking her where “he” lives, she says she doesn’t know, they start to scream at her and she decide to say where he lives: Marituba. They ask for the exact address, she answers she doesn’t know it, only his wife knows. They question her about more information, and she answers that his wife name’s Larissa and his name’s Paulo.

    They say they’re going to kill her for being “cagüeta”: I think the correct translation is informant in English, a grass person, a person who tells the plans and activities about someone to someone else who “shouldn’t know it”, a traitor.

    She replies with lots of “No, please”

    They ask her where he lives and she says: “I have to take you there”. They reply: “Just say it!”

    And then they start to aim at her and she comes back with her “no please” and another one bites the dust.

      1. @brokeback I’m totally speculating here but I think it was nervous laughter. My daughter does the same thing when she knows she’s in trouble. Used to get me kinda pissed at first, because I thought she was mocking me. With a bit more patience, and some input from my wife, I found that it was just from her being nervous. Some people just do that when they are scared. It’s a bit strange to me, but it happens. Could be the same with this girl here.

          1. @IP Config, I’ve said it before to you, and it still stands, you are an example of somebody who stopped the cycle. Whenever I see you here, I always wonder how your daughter is doing. Hope all are well. 🙂

          2. @illegalsmile55 Thanks for thinking about them. My girls are both thriving. I couldn’t be happier with their development. My 2 yr old is very headstrong and curious. My oldest (8) is going into the 4th grade and is very excited. Had to get her into some math tutoring for the summer but she’s tenacious with her studies and loves to learn. They are both awesome kids and I am very proud.

        1. I laugh out of nervousness and defensively. Say if you insult me I will probably laugh even if it hits close to home. I used to get in trouble all the time as a kid because, “It’s not funny! Why are you laughing.” I remember one time my nephew almost choked to death. Sure enough I had a smile on my face, and got in trouble. I didn’t even realizes I was smiling. I was actually scarred to death.

  5. What a waste of young life. 19 short years wasted just like that over something that I am sure is fucking stupid. I hate a fucking rat/narc but goddamn I don’t really see such a young girl being much of an “informant”. Most likely she dropped a name and got someone some unwanted attention. One would think that in such circumstance that these fucking parasites would teach her a lesson in a some other way than killing her although if they raped her it would probably be a toss up as to what would be worse.

  6. In Brazil “Life” means nothing . How fucking sick can it get
    There she just keeps pleading for mercy and the killer probably a stoned lunatic thought it apt to shut her living daylights out .
    This woman was a mistaken identity and was picked up wrongly by the Drug lords.

  7. damned cowards its easy to kill but its divine to forgive. drugs equal death or prison. i watch a poor girl who was beat an raped then they shoot her that pissed me off i hate those bullys id run them over and see if they pop like a big zit.

  8. “Ok fucking shoot her!”


    “Godamit let me fix my gun,”

    “Ok boss what should i do?”

    “I dont know just keep yelling at her!”

    “I got it,”




    “Fuck it, just shoot her jaun da silva flip flop the 3rd.”

  9. An “informant” is basicly a snitch… she must have been working with the police.

    They were asking her the address of someone named “Paulo”, she couldnt give them the whole address claiming that she “had to take them there to tell them the exact location”, but that wasnt good enough for them, so they killed her.

  10. I’m usually pretty numb when it comes to these execution videos. Even the little 12yr old getting beheaded the other day didn’t do shit to me. But I felt horrible for this girl, watching her plead and cry. They were total bullies kicking her and God knows what she endured to be completely covered in blood like that. My dad decided to end his life in Front of my mother with a 357magnum, so maybe that’s why I have a sore spot for these handgun executions. But only when they plead for help haha. Isis captives don’t make a peep before getting a bullet from the “goat horns”. Rip Da Silva #4,397,001. Get in the pile with everyone else. Sucks you died in vain. Ps….she was kind of attractive lol. That makes it worse than if she was a troll because I’m sure they raped her too.

    1. The Portuguese is a beautiful language, most of the videos from the gore sources are from the north and northeast of Brazil where they accent indeed sucks. But the Portuguese accent from the southeast and the south are pretty beautiful, they sound like Romanian or Russian, there’s the accent from Portugal which is totally different from Brazil, also amanzingly beautiful, sounds a bit like French. Also, those guys are screaming and talking with their shitty slangs, so don’t act like a fucktard when you don’t even know the language and post bullshit on this site! Have you heard any good song in Portuguese? No, I thought so.

      1. I know two guys who speak Portuguese and I told them it sounds like Russian to me. They both said I don’t know what I am talking about and that it doesn’t sound anything like Russian. I listened to them converse again after hearing their comment and it still sounded like Russian, as much as ever.

        1. as to this girl- why feel any more sympathy for her than any other victim of these animals- especially if you consider that she was probably mixed up in their crimes, and was possibly responsible for murders in her own right. Her facial expressions to her murderers didn’t lookinocent to me- she just looked guilty. whether she deserved THAT I won’t say, but I did cut the video before they killed her. Who the fuck wants to watch a prisoner murderedby a shot in the face at close range- that kind of thing is not good for you psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and maybe even physically.

          1. Even if she deserved it, it was a horrible way to die. She probably didn’t even get to shit herself before she died. I agree that seeing this can really mess with you sometimes.

  11. I’ve been in that situation before. Several times I’ve almost been stabbed to death with a screwdriver and blown away by an AK. I know exactly what’s going through her head. Say anything to get out and be friendly as possible hoping for mercy or a bluff, also (which was not an option for her) look for a point to overcome your attacker. It is quite a traumatic experience at the time. I’m just glad they put her out of her misery quick.

  12. Brazil is just a shithole that was left behide by portuguese , most violent countries are all in latin america that has alot of dangerous crime involed with drug dealing and cartel, especially is mexico or honduras
    dont they get arrested for killing people? Life is not worth than garbage in these countries
    Are they law system corrupted?
    Latin american is most dangerous with crime
    Middle east and africa is most dangerous with terrorist and rebel groups

    If u want to travel ,u should visit countries in europe or asia , they re non-violent countries with no dangrous crime or terrorist like this
    Most asian country are very peace and safe with no existence of guns and violent , guns are banned and civilian is not allowed to use them
    If u wanna kill someone u have to kill them by knife ,u will go to prison very long time

  13. just a contribution with useless info
    the term they used for her: cagueta / cagoeta
    it refers to someone who delate / denounce something
    it could be anything as tell important / secret info to a 3rd person or authorities. like someone is cheating its BF/GF, a traffic spot, an important criminal to the police…
    on other regions could be called X-9, and theres a popular tell that someone who delates other doesnt live long
    they were asking where some other guy lives, so it probably shes was into some messing with the wrong ppl…
    oh, and here in brazil its sux of course, we have a continental dimension filled with crazy and ignorant ppl… basically we left our houses everyday w/o knowing if im goin to return at night…
    and this could be for any reason like criminals, mosquitoes with a tropical disease, exploding sewer pipes, bad drivers, a simple lesion that turns out a lethal problem because you dont have decent medical care…

  14. Yasmanian devil you are a prize jerk. Of course she didn’t deserve it, you don’t even know the full facts of the case. All she wanted was a clean neighbourhood, free from drugs and shit.

    At least she died very quickly. The first or second shot killed her outright.

    They didn’t show her any mercy whatsoever and she’s just a young girl. Fuck it, I hope I don’t get to share Heaven with those prize turds one day.

    Fuck all drug dealers and gangs. They are all low IQ retarded superfucks that need to hang around in gangs.
    I don’t give a shit if it’s hard to get a good job in Brazil. I just like judging silly cvnts in any country.

    Brazil is a prize shithole. When Germany beat them 7-0 in the World Cup, I was rejoicing.
    (No disrespect to any Brazilians in here).

  15. Play with feathers and you get your arse tickled, if you get involved with these guys you know only too well what the consequences will be if you don’t follow their rules and if you do cross them then you have no one to blame but yourself. To be honest I think she got a pussy pass here cause we’ve all seen people getting a lot worse for a lot less!

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