Woman Shot Dead While Performing at Wedding in Pakistan

Woman Shot Dead While Performing at Wedding in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a folk singer Samina Sindhu was performing at a wedding when one of the guests shot her dead. Samina Sindhu was reportedly pregnant.

According to local reports, the guest shot the singer because she had refused to go dance with him. There seems to be the thing about killing women performing on the stage at weddings in that part of the world.

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  1. Mark is wrong in the description and i feel i have to correct him. This ain’t no wedding, it’s the paki version of X Factor, the judges just shoot the ones they don’t like

  2. The things people do to get out of paying someone for their services! Smh. My friends a photographer and once a newly married couple claimed they didn’t like the photos taken and refused to pay her. Also refused to give back the photos. But they also refused to pay the wedding singer too claiming he sucked. I guess for this occasion someone took it up a notch.

  3. I’m reading info from other sites and apparently after the singer was shot, a police chief who was attending wanted to list her death as an “accident.” It took two days before they arrested the shooter and I’m not even sure if they charged him with murder. Everyone at the party seems to just continue on with their business as if this is a common thing and someone was taking care of trash.

    It’s amazing how backwards this country is.

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