Woman Shot Dead While Performing at Wedding in Pakistan

Woman Shot Dead While Performing at Wedding in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a folk singer Samina Sindhu was performing at a wedding when one of the guests shot her dead. Samina Sindhu was reportedly pregnant.

According to local reports, the guest shot the singer because she had refused to go dance with him. There seems to be the thing about killing women performing on the stage at weddings in that part of the world.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

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  1. Well yeah whatever but with due respect you missed the ‘heavy military presence, airport style security outside shopping malls, annual dedicated commando unit & military protection of sikh pilgrims’ bit. Comparatively you’d be far safer there than getting mugged or shot by some trigger happy cop who just happens to be having a bad day & worst of all no one would even care

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