Woman Slashed and Gashed by Cheated Husband in Chisec, Guatemala

Woman Slashed and Gashed by Cheated Husband in Chisec, Guatemala

Woman Slashed and Gashed by Cheated Husband in Chisec, Guatemala

In Chisec, Guatemala, San Miguel allegedly found out his wife was having an affair and was cheating on him. Mr. Miguel did the only rational thing and chopped off his wife’s limbs using a machete. Long bloody gash ear to ear creates a disturbing gurgling; I suspect this was the first method of attack.

Anger fueled the blind rage within as he committed a heinous crime of passion. For you see, when you desire your life partner to be chopped in half -quite literally- it might be time to split ways.

Deafening screams and dying moans of pain caught neighbors attention, they alerted authorities who were slow to respond to the scene. A daughter was present at the crime scene screaming bloody murder.

An eerie ambiance is created by mother and daughter in this real life house of horrors. Unsurprisingly, the lady died later from her injuries. The perpetrator from the brutal attack is still at large.

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    1. Terrifying! Breaks my heart how she was trying to breathe. Maybe the screams in the back were funeral dirges or witchdoctor chants to help her in some way?

      Who said this was a crime of passion? Where is the lover? This could just as easily be a drunken husband who slashed his wife because his eggs were too runny like that Virginia hick.

          1. All of us here at BG have some shit in common. We all make fun of someone dying or suffering here or there, one time or another. We wouldn’t be here if we don’t share some of the traits.

            About her? Oh man, she must have suffered A LOT before passing through the thresholds of the next world. Pure suffering, pure cruelty!

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    3. So after watching the video several times I noticed even her eyes can’t move…I’m thinking maybe she is in shock because she doesn’t reach for her face like the guy with no hands and no skin on his face when they started ted to cut his head off…maybe she didn’t suffer that long.

    4. Ive tried very hard to find a news article on this video with no luck. Anyone able to find something online about this? His articles always seem to say the woman was cheating and half the time its not the case so i like to look up the real story. But this one i cant find

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        1. Im as well desensitized but this is torcher for this woman. can you imagine the pain, i was watching to see if the top part was still attached, or it was a clean melon cut. ether way you can see the shock she is in. twisted

          1. That shit was amateur hour compared to the skinned headed dude with no hands reaching for his face.
            Btw… if you look close you can see a “fleshy-bubbling” in her face gash when she gurgles.

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        1. that is definitely top 5 (face peel) for me too. this video would be worse if she was screaming and her eyes rolled around like cookie monster but her shock dulls it. i would be asking if she could see, see me being a prick with a video camera instead of trying to help her or at least call the cops. but without the pricks we wouldn’t be here having fun so theres that too

        1. Women doesn’t enjoy sex as much as men… maybe men should be allowed to cheat. The problem is women like to cheat. Evil! We don’t know if the whore involved the child in her atrocities, but he definitely shouldn’t. Very brutal 🙁

          1. mmmm we used to be savages back then but we had evolution. If you think men cheat cuz they like sex more than woman then thats your own thinking cuz believe me men are able of not cheat like there women that like sex and are mean and bitches. Your problem is not the fact that you are a man. The problem is your shitty moral and values and lack of self control.

        2. I fucked a 21 yr old skinny bitch into preterm labor when I was 28. She was married. Her spawn was in the nicu for a week or two.
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          1. We guys, should not fuck each other girls because we know how that shit hurts like motherfucker.
            I had few chances to do it but i didn’t wanted. Especially when i had chance to do it with married women.

            Family brake is bad bargain.

          2. @srbijabgd
            Definitely was not her first time on the cock carousel.
            In any case, with age I have come to agree about not fucking another dude’s wife.
            She tried to lead me to think she was gonna leave him for me. I didn’t believe her and didn’t care.
            Since then, while spelunking the southeastern country meat caves, I grew to appreciate and respect marriage vows.
            My first wife was a serial cheater and I wanted to destroy someone’s marriage. Ultimately, I moved away from the bitch and swore off married women.
            Now I’m at an age where I wouldn’t cheat. Too much respect for my wife and kids.
            But my past behavior forces me to recognize the twisted sick shit Of which I am capable.
            Btw… I turned down a hottie who’s husband was away in Afghanistan. She was smoking, but there are some things you don’t do. Fucking a deployed military man’s wife is near the top of my list.

          3. @Xavior
            Interesting post.
            I was with few of them who were with other guys and i never wanted to F them before they end with their guys first. I end with them soon after because i always hated to wait, wished my girl to be just mine.
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      1. Hahahahahahaha. I’m not even religious. What does this have to do with religion anyway? You can’t condemn adultery unless you are religious? I believe in what’s right regardless of religion.

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    2. Life is real. It exists. The majority of religious believes are not real, they do not exist. Crazy thing about humans is they think that when something not real happens then there should be real consequences.

        1. Ok in this instance I will define “real” as something that happens in nature and not a construct of human society/human mind i.e. not real. God damn all those adulterous animals, slash them and burn them for their crimes. Remember every word you have said is something made up by a human or group of humans, however the attack on this woman is real. Just like tigger in Winnie the Pooh isnt real but the tiger who ate 13 indians was.

          1. Morality, right and wrong are also human constructs. Society says that killing another human being is a bad thing. Society says that cannibalism is bad. Society says plagiarism is wrong. Society says rape is wrong. Everything is a social construct. Without society, humans lived in the jungle and acted solely on their animal instincts and killed and raped without any empathy.

            Without any rules and laws, society would be no different from the jungle.

          2. My argument was “real” vs “not real”. I completely agree with you that morality is another construct. However there should never be real consequences for not real constructs, good or bad ain’t nothing to do with it.

      1. I rise from my bed at midnight. Sit cross legged on the floor in a dark, empty room and whisper the words : “Evil, live, live, evil” over and over for one full minute. In my minds eye, I picture the one I want to curse. As your image appears to me I visualize and cast all the evil spirits and demons follow you relentlessly until Belial Leviathan swallow you up. Can you hear them? They call your name.
        You bring your fate amongst yourself by the evil thoughts you practice.
        The gates of hell are real.

    1. true dat. Im from Panamá in central american and i can tell you that the only cool and nice countrys in c. a are my country and costa rica. the other ones (Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc are fucking savages and dumbs. Im sad cuz my country was very nice and peaceful but with tje situation in those countries many are flying to Panamá and sadly violence are rising up 🙁 Venezuelans are fucking annoying too

  1. I’m hearing two women screaming and two men talking calmly. And she’s fully clothed. So WTF? It doesn’t look to me like he walked on her in the act. I know that there’s a lot of dark shit that goes on in these Latin countries on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). I have a feeling this was some kind of satanic thing.

      1. If he walked in on them and started slashing, then why are there two guys there talking calmly? And why is it on video? If I walked in on my wife, I wouldn’t call my friend first, and I wouldn’t get out my phone so I could make a video. My wife is Hispanic, and she tells me about the shit that goes on there on Dia de los Muertos.

          1. Satanic sacrifice is still a crime nonetheless, but I don’t think that was the case. It wasn’t alcohol ether… Betrayal, or much heavier drugs. Schizophrenia perhaps?

  2. Oh God sweet lord, the moment she first turns to the camera and makes those sounds, oh maaaaaan…

    Maybe it’s the mad scientist inside of me speaking, but being terrified by seeing such a display of agony and human brainlessness, and yet facinated by trying to guess which connections are still on, and if the optic nerves are still sending optimal visual data to , and if not, what is she seeing…

    I’ll try finish watching it in a bit. I just need to chill a bit.

    Funny coinkydink, I saw this pic by Will Laren just this afternoon, thinking “man, I need to share that as soon as someone gets gashed to the face in BG”. Didn’t took long!


    1. Well its her daughter screaming. According to the author. So i think she gets a pass. I gotta ask though how do we know she was cheating? And if she really was, maybe just maybe, she had good reason? Either way i dont think she deserved this. People are truly nuts.

          1. Nar I actually thought I clicked on the reply bit for his comment I have no idea how my comment is above his though, And no dude I certainly don’t think this women deserved what happened.

          2. I am a curious fuck @curiouspussy.

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  3. No wonder her infidelity led her to grave and that’s what was bound to happen as the couple were natives of Chisec, Guatemala …the place infested by vermins
    The guy possibly must have had seen her with the paramour smooching , bedding each other .
    Hence she got struck with the infernal anger and her very own became the life taker
    Thanks to machete fucking being so easily available like some potatoes
    and some pocket knives on the go in their part of the world.

    1. that’s not always true.
      some country (and mentality) didnt allow to “break”…
      in some place, if you decide to divorce, the husband get the right to refuse and you cant do shit. and if you do it anyway, husband is in right to kill the wife.

      fucked up mentality… but some countries are like this.

    2. If husband can do this, then I doubt there’s an option to break up. He’s most likely extremely possessive and would kill her at the suggestion of breaking up, or if she left when he wasn’t about he’d hunt her down and kill her.

  4. I understand they wanna preserve the crime scene, i mean i assume they do that there? And they want to document the scene as well (i guess) but daaaaaamn… shes still alive! Can nobody offer any medical aid or try to comfort this woman!?!? Why isnt her daughter at least comforting her or holding her hand ( the attached one)? I would think that for the authorities that would take priority until shes actually dead.

  5. I theenk the guy whose cock she was playing with while her husband was out working is the one screaming in the background for the first section. Husband is steel dealing weeth heem.
    I find it awesome thinking how quickly the cheating woman would have regretted it when husband entered with his beeg knifey. Regretty-Wifey probably verbalised her regrets quite quickly but found that her husband was not very responsive to her heartfelt regrets at getting caught.
    Once the choppy-knifey, swordy-swingy shit from Angry-Hubby started going down… I bet Regretty-Wifey really, really regretted wringing out those vinegary orgasms while Rodriguez and his crusty fake designer boxers pounded at her clunge. Regretty-Wifey and Unlucky Rodriguez probably both wished they had never crossed their eyes across the Taco aisle in the Qweekee-Mart.

      1. I have pointed out that her “heartfelt regrets” were at “getting caught” (line 5). That is really a regrettable thing to regret when husband has “beeg-knifey” and is keen to play “choppy-knifey, swordy-swingy”.
        Aaaah. The eternal regrets… one could cry. Almost be moved to tears.

    1. Billy got up enough courage, took it up
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