Woman Slashed and Gashed by Cheated Husband in Chisec, Guatemala

Woman Slashed and Gashed by Cheated Husband in Chisec, Guatemala

Woman Slashed and Gashed by Cheated Husband in Chisec, Guatemala

In Chisec, Guatemala, San Miguel allegedly found out his wife was having an affair and was cheating on him. Mr. Miguel did the only rational thing and chopped off his wife’s limbs using a machete. Long bloody gash ear to ear creates a disturbing gurgling; I suspect this was the first method of attack.

Anger fueled the blind rage within as he committed a heinous crime of passion. For you see, when you desire your life partner to be chopped in half -quite literally- it might be time to split ways.

Deafening screams and dying moans of pain caught neighbors attention, they alerted authorities who were slow to respond to the scene. A daughter was present at the crime scene screaming bloody murder.

An eerie ambiance is created by mother and daughter in this real life house of horrors. Unsurprisingly, the lady died later from her injuries. The perpetrator from the brutal attack is still at large.

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    1. @seraphim-serenata Hello Mr. SS I’ve watched the video several times there is some spanish talk however most of the talk (besides the screams) they mostly speak “Poqomchi” a local lenguage of that municipality of guatemala. Anyway here its the translation of the few spanish words they say

      – (camera guy) look he minced both hands, oh my lord, jesus
      # Screams and bubbling sounds
      * Look how he did her
      – Oh my god
      # Screams and bubbling sounds
      And well thats all I can translate simce I dont speak Poqomchi

  1. Billy got up enough courage, took it up
    And grabbed the first blunt thing he could find
    It was a cold, glass bottle of milk
    That got delivered every morning at nine

    But Billy knew just who was starting the drama
    So Billy took dead aim at her face
    And smashed the bottle on the gal who left his dad in disgrace, and
    The white milk dripped down with the blood, and the
    Girlfriend fell down dead for good
    Right next to the preacher who was gasping for air
    And Billy shouted, “Daddy, why’d you have to come back here?”

    Well now you heard another side to the story
    But you wanna know how it ends?
    If you must know the truth about the tale…
    Go and ask the milkman

  2. Hopefully she was, in fact, cheating on him, because it would be sad, if she went out on a mere rumor. She looks ugly, and too indigenous, but i still would have married her, because of her delicious curves.

  3. It would be so cool one day to see a detached hand just like hers Suddenly Give You The Finger??
    Or Better Yet,,, to see it get into The Shocker Position, lol, fuck that’d be the best laugh that a bunch of dying nerves could Ever Give Us All, No??? lol. 😉

  4. So The Moral Of This Story Is,,,
    Ladies, Do Not Suck Another Mans Penis, Like A “Real” Bitch,
    When Your Very Own Man Is “THE” Meanest Son Of A Bitch!!!
    You’s Gots-It my Ladies??? lol, Then Let-It Go, bwa,ha,ha! 😉

  5. This one turns at the rotting pits in your stomach…….I’m numb to all of the corpses and beheadings, stabbings, stonings, etc……..but this woman’s eyes tells how she is fully aware and conscious while going through this……I hope the man is caught and fed to wild dogs.

  6. Violence can only be countered with violence. If only it were the victims of aggression who knew how to direct violence. Such a shame that there must be the defenseless who must face off against aggressors. Yeah I repeated myself… fuck me if you got a problem with that. It’s not my fault that I believe people benefit from having things stated different ways.

  7. I’ve seen a lot of disturbing shit, but this by far is one of the most fucked up things I’ve seen (I think the sound effects are what made it so disturbing to watch). I was thinking the entire 2+ mins of watching someone please shoot this woman & put her outta the agony she’s in.

  8. this ‘lady’ was on the cock carousel, this is how i can just picture nero or caligula warning any of his harem that they must never betray him. when a man is played its not just the pain from love its the sapping of your vitality your essence that makes you a man is seriously distorted and this spells very bad news as violence is a way of men grabbing back their life force, i dont think women fully understand when you sap a mans life force it is devastating.

  9. holy shit!! that’s savage! look at the face of that bitch!! cut in half like terrance & phillip from south park, the bitch deserved it for cheating tho, set her on fire or put a bullet in her head would end her misery sooner I guess, her husband made a work of art

  10. Definitely a Best Gore classic. Amazingly the woman maintains consciousness throughout the video. It’s rare to see a strike across the face in that manner but if you consider that it doesn’t cause a quick bleed out to death a very effective way to make sure they have time to consider why / what is happening to them.

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