Woman Stabbed to Death by Comando Vermelho Gang Members in Brazil

Woman Stabbed to Death by Comando Vermelho Gang Members in Brazil

According to the info I got, the killers in the video are members of the infamous Comando Vermelho (Red Command) gang from Brazil. The handsign shown on camera at 0:35 seems to confirm that. This faction of CV must have uncucked itself somehow.

The video shows the presumed CV members stabbing a woman to death in some backwoods area at night. The stabbing is relentless, targeting primarily the woman’s neck and head areas. As far as biceps workout is concerned, I’m sure this Brazilian maximum gain method is effective, if not a tad extreme.

Props to Best Gore membere @BoscoTkc for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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188 thoughts on “Woman Stabbed to Death by Comando Vermelho Gang Members in Brazil”

    1. Am I the only one who thinks in the following way?

      When watching these brutal-as-fuck videos, I always think to myself at the time, “Whilst I’m watching this, somewhere in the world some poor fucker is on the receiving end of some shit like this and being filmed in readiness for the next Best Gore episode.”

      I wonder who is going through hell right now?

      1. I sometimes think the same thing, what horrific things are happening right now at this moment. I admit though, that I really don’t care much about the people, it’s the animals (literally, animals) and the abuse they often go through that bothers me.

          1. That really depends on perspective. One has to have a soul in order to be “Human” obviously the s0-called people of Brazil have no souls. Pretty much simians killing simians. Chimpanzees are known to stab rival chimps in the face and neck with sharpened sticks very much like this beast.

      2. Yeah I think like that too, u always wonder if this person was guilty of something or falsely accused, or whether or not they gave a shit about life nor death. It makes me wonder..if you didn’t give a shit about life but were falsely accused of some mess, Wouldn’t you want to go out taking a majority of these trigger happy scumbags with you? I mean if all hope is lost anyway and you know they’ll go on killing more after you. I mean a gun is easier accessible than a job in the favelas so it’s kill or be killed. Doesn’t seem as if too many people give a shit about your death so it should be vice versa under those shitty circumstances of the community. Lord help Brazil…

      3. I think the exact same thing…and then I think…its ok its almost over for them n I even think towards them “don’t worry its ok its almost over n so are all your troubles…its ok don’t worry your troubles are no more”….a lot of brutality but at the end of it we all end up asleep in sheol! Our troubles…our cares…our ambitions..planning…hopes dreams…love…hate…stresses…everything has passed…that’s what I think when I see um dying violently…that they’re almost there n it’ll be ok once they can throw down all that baggage…

      4. WOW you perfectly described the root of my morbid fascination. RIGHT NOW, somebody is going through a hell so unfathomable by anybody living because the experience itself, causes death so being alive automatically makes it impossible to know what they are going through but 9 times out of ten you can WATCH it because some sick monster filmed it and it somehow made its way here. I dont watch this shit because it “turns me on”, I watch it because it needs to be watched.

    1. Now you see what she’s bloody of.
      I mean, now you see what she’s bloody of.
      I meant now you see what she’s bloody of.
      Now you see what she’s bloody of.

      Now you see what she’s bloody of….pardon me, I’m a fuckin’ juvenile.

    1. Yep, but why just now? Maybe in this case, the secret denunciation caused a big financial prejudice because drugs and/or weapons were seized by police. Or the girl was a persistent informant that had already got a pussy pass… . Only @Boscotck could maybe give more details.

  1. Sounds just like a juicy melon being sliced. I guess she didn’t scream because she was too busy dying?

    “Papers said it was a crime of passion, but he told me there wasn’t any passion to it.” (Sherriff Bell, No Country for Old Men)

          1. @pesmaniac

            Well, both you boys can just scroll over my comments if you don’t like them. I won’t lose sleep over it and neither should you. Just chill out.

            “Go out and fuck somebody. But wear a damn rubber, everybody’s got the damn herpes these days.” (Upson Pratt, Creepshow)

          2. @john-singleton-mosby

            I hear you. Unfortunately, in every forum there’s gonna be at least ONE troll; one immature kid who thinks he’ll get a rise out of people he’s never met with his bullshit.

            The truly sad thing is that not all of them are kids, though. Some of them are grown-ass men, who still think that kind of conduct makes them cute and appealing in some way. It don’t.

      1. They aren’t lame. I just think the citation part is lame. Like if you knew it, you’d know exactly where the line was from and when it was said. (TLJ, Opening monologue, NCFOM lol) <– lame citation
        “Be there in about 15 minutes”

    1. @ellysua A while back there was a similar one – Mexi dude, yellow shirt, hands bound behind his back, as a fat Paul Rodriguez lookin’ fucker goes to work with an ice-pick, hitting all the hot-spots – pecs, heart, neck. So fucking brutal – these are the ones that don’t just fade back into the red ether of a memory hole – it’s a trip that I still have a visceral physiological reaction. Gotta DL this one, too – pulling ’em out once in a while is equivalent to at least 5 minutes of doing light cardio exercise, right? Bit of a rush.

    1. as we have tons of leftist in brazil those “innocent kids” have a lot protection
      you know, the “victims” are them, “victims of the society” they say
      if one of them is underage cant even get arrested or punished…

  2. This site has taught me that most people are pieces of shit and there is absolutely nothing in life to look forward to… Drugs alcohol and hoe is life. Reality is quite depressing.

      1. Hey you forgot all the female negroids he raped before, and I do certainly consider them non-humans.
        Not every beast walks on all fours, some even talk and act like whores.
        Sorry, couldn’t resist, or as a leftist would say, sorry I couldn’t racist. 😀

  3. Juse wondering,anyone else think a lot of these kinds of people see other members of their gangs doing this and wanna catch more of it on video/commit more murder? The guy flashing the peace sign seems like he’s used to being on camera stabbing girls, maybe Internet fame has gone to their head?

      1. I’m pretty sure a few of the guys she fucked over would love to see this….reminds me of a friend of mine a few weeks ago. His ex wife and mother to his kids had gotten shot in the head and killed….when he got the call from his kids he was like “fuck that bitch I wish I could’ve done it myself”…n then he started crying…he still felt bad for her but was glad she got killed…

        1. No guy has ever upset me enough for me to want him dead. Well one, but it wasn’t a romantic thing. He screwed with my family. I won’t let someone have control over my heart to the extent of deep hatred – gives them too much power. Would make me weak.

  4. A single blow on the carotid artery or a slice in the femoral artery could bring instant death in a second. Or a single stab in the ascending aorta, located beneath the solar plexus. Can be tricky to hit but if you manage to hit it in one stab can cause a damage on the blood flow from the heart resulting instant unconsciousness and death in a few minutes. Such a mess they had made in that video. Well, I think they don’t want her to die instantly. More like a torture to me. Not a decent kill.

  5. Not what I was expecting. It was mainly only the one guy, and she was pretty much gone by the start of the video. I was picturing more of a Julius Caesar scenario with multiple arms stabbing at the same time.

  6. pussy passes are increasingly being revoked. could it be the fact that women increasingly treat men like shit and without respect? the two are intertwined ladies. the bigger the divide the more you will see this. if you want equality yet treat us badly then this is how it will end, its just the 3rd world has got there sooner as they are naturally more inclined to this behavior.

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