Woman Stabbed to Death by Husband for Cheating

Woman Stabbed to Death by Husband for Cheating

Here’s another good example of how many people deal with infidelity. Some do their best to contain their anger against the cheating partner, punch a few walls and just walk away. Others crawl to a corner and cry for a month or two while asking themselves the same question “Why? What did I do wrong? It’s not even that small…”. And others just grab a knife and stab the cheating whore to death. It’s not right, of course, but why cheat in the first place? If a person doesn’t have the same feelings for the other, why remain in an unwanted relationship and cause this type of pain? Infidelity is probably one of the worst types of betrayal, and although I do not support any physical or verbal aggression towards anyone, I do understand the outrage one must feel after being cheated on.

This past Friday the 11th of April, 35 year old Maria Josilene da Silva (again, the cursed name) was murdered in her home by her husband, 22 year old JosΓ© Robson dos Santos, in front of her 11 year old daughter, in the town of Bonito, which in Portuguese literally means ‘pretty’ (yeah, pretty fucked up), in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

He stabbed her three times and fled the scene but police quickly caught him. He obviously confessed the crime and claimed his motive was the fact his wife had cheated on him. She was also two months pregnant. By whom, probably nobody will ever know.

So there you have it folks. Now I wanna ask you a question, how would deal (or how have you dealt with) with infidelity?

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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      1. Blacks are the minority in every country yet they commit the most crimes. I think it’s because they have high testosterone. Black females have higher testosterone levels than white males, I think that’s brain is different.

          1. Like the testosterone literally prevents thought and reason, and replaces it with saying the words “Nigga you gay!” over and over.. Remember that monkey that got tazed by the security guard? Even her 5 year old was saying it..

      2. @Portuguese Dude: I read the article, I like your posts πŸ™‚
        Now, I’m wondering: of course, being cheated is horrible, your own pride takes a blow in the face, never nice. But you said something that made sense for me: “Was it that small?” Yes, you guys seem to make a link with the size of your, well, you get it…Why? This is weird, and it’s a serious question, not just a joke. I’m really looking for information here. I already knew, because an ex, who thought I had cheated, went totally crazy with violence (no details, pls…). So…I was already assuming his virility ( does this word even exist? lol…) was “touched” badly. But why would there be any link between the “cheating”, and the size of…well, you…lol

  1. I have been cheated on by a woman. I certainly felt all of the emotions you would expect someone to feel. The mass media is brainwashing and encouraging this behaviour. There are even websites that encourage married people to have an affair. Ashley Madison’s website’s slogan is “Life is short. Have an Affair” It may come as no surprise that the owner of Ashley Madison is the Jew Noel Biderman. This Jew intentionally designed the website to entice women?married women, to cheat on their husbands. As long as we have these Jewish bastards in control of the media, the minds of our women will be filled with lies, trash, and filth. Everyone wants to get rid of Christianity. But Christianity always encouraged our women to stay virgins until they got married. To embrace marriage and motherhood. Christianity gave our women good morals. Now look at what has replaced Christianity’s influence. Our enemies, the Jewish filth. White men have let this happen. We have become cowards. Shame on us.

    1. @POZ,

      “Christianity always encouraged our women” that in itself is one of the problems.

      The above is a true statement in the sense of morality and religion but it contains within it the idea that women belong to men and that women need encouraging via external coercion to behave in certain ways, from a female perspective it is not a fair deal and will be met with resistance and rightfully so.

      Women cheat on men but men also cheat on women, gay men cheat on each other, lesbian women cheat on each other, therefore the issue is not gender based but that people in general just aren’t very nice to each other.

      My conclusion, It’s the story of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, the ego thirsts for pleasure and when you have been in a relationship for a while even sex becomes boring and you start wanting to have sex with someone new, we can use logic and reason of course to control that thirst but emotion is a powerful motivator and most give in sooner or later.

      Such is life.

      1. Women can often do without sex. If your with a guy that you love and he has an accident so he can never get a boner again, a women can deal with never having sex with her man again.. A man can be with a women thats he’s complety in love with and still cheat on her. I’ve been in relationships with men when I’ve caught them cheating, and not for the first time. I’ve told them I would’nt see them anymore and they cried like babies. Kept coming to my house at all hours. When they said the other women meant nothing I knew it was true because how much they were crying, but why would do that? If your with a good women and your in love why would you risk it for a meaningless shag?

        1. If you’re in a relationship and you cheat , you are kidding yourself too . I wasn’t perfect in this regard by any stretch , but I was in a solid relationship from a young age and would never have hurt my girlfriend in this way . I believe a large part of infidelity is down to how happy you are in your own skin , to keep straying means You have issues . And of course , being young and naive comes into play , although many guys continue being unfaithful all their lives , it’s swings and roundabouts really , works both ways .

          I firmly believe though that just for the sake of a shag , it really isn’t worth the hurt .

        1. But personally I don’t know about women going without. If your man lost is junk and you’re not being satisfied… A woman will do just as much to get satisfaction.. Maybe not cheating but toys or something. Which could make the guy feel less of a man which could lead to anger issues and so on.

          1. A man can satisfy a woman with his tongue, so if he’s paralyzed or impotent, it doesn’t matter. The penis is pretty useless to a woman, although men think it is the holy grail.

      2. @ empty, Not just women, but both sexes need to be encouraged to behave in a way that benefits our race and civilization, and Christianity does the job perfectly. What is the alternative? Well, we are seeing it everyday in the Jew media. They are encouraging both sexes to behave in ways that weaken and destroy our race and civilization. Of course the mob needs guidance, needs to be organized, or we are easily taken over by our enemies. Everything can’t just be about an individuals rights. We are strong when we act together. If everyone just does what they want, especially when they are being encouraged by an alien race to behave in a way that will lead to our downfall, then we are fucked! Our children will be fucked, and so on and so on. Christianity is an organized gentile force. And we are stupid enough to undermine our own gentile institutions. Soon, there will be no organizations controlled by gentiles left, only Jewish power. Christianity and the Catholic church is a powerful gentile organization. It is pure foolishness to undermine it.

    2. People these days don’t seem to fully understand sex and don’t seem to know what it really means to have sex. Sex is a sacred ritual that should only be performed between a man and a women within the confines of marriage. Homosexual intercourse is an abomination and is an act of rebellion against our creator, intercourse outside of marriage is fornication, and cheating on your partner is adultery, they are all sins. When you have sex with someone you are becoming one flesh and create another living being, not only do you become one flesh but you also form a spiritual tie with that person. That is why the satanic elite always have huge orgies, especially homosexual orgies because they are rebelling against God. That is why within the media/music etc. they are promoting and brainwashing people into becoming more and more promiscuous at younger and younger ages, they are promoting adultery, they are promoting homosexuality with all of their gay pride parades/rights. They are trying to destroy the youth and the generations to come, they are trying to destroy the people.

      1. i can’t think of a single instance where a person reported that he turned gay from watching a gay pride parade….and there is evidence of homosexual behaviour in nature. look it up. and since animals are pure and have no free will it can be said that god is responsible for making them do these acts. and no where, did god ever say that man was above all other life.

        i also don’t believe in cloning myself…what you humans would refer to as “having children”. i exist only in this reality through this body and that is all there is. there is no point in having a “legacy” because i am gone. it doesn’t matter what happens after obli… the world ends when i die.

        1. I truly believe that human beings will do whatever the culture tells them is the popular thing to do. If every movie, TV show, magazine, and newspaper said it was totally normal and in style to fuck cats, we would have a bunch of cat fuckers on our hands.

        2. We are above animals, they were made for us. They were made for us to domesticate, the Bible says we were given dominion over them. I know some animals have homosexual intercourse, but that doesn’t mean it’s in their nature, and it doesn’t mean those same animals don’t have heterosexual intercourse as well, they just don’t know right from wrong. That is why dogs will hump everything, they get horny and cant find another dog or one of the opposite sex so they hump a human or whatever they can find, they don’t know any better. Animals kill because they don’t know any better and its in their nature, its not a sin for them because they don’t know right from wrong, we do and it’s a sin for us. Animals cant sin its not considered a for them because they are not divine and don’t know right from wrong, but we can sin and is considered a sin for us because we are divine beings and have a conscience. Animals don’t have a conscience, they don’t have a moral code written in their heart that tells them right from wrong like we do. I know a gay pride/rights parade may not turn someone gay but it could confuse them and lead them to believe homosexuality is ok, especially young children. If you don’t want to have children then that is your choice and I respect your decision, if you don’t want to have children then you don’t have to.

          1. i don’t know dude. every gay person i’ve ever met always said they knew they were gay or “different” their whole life. that they didn’t just wake up one day and decide to fuck dudes.

            maybe “prison love”; those men who fuck other inmates their whole sentence and when released they swear up and down that they aren’t gay. i don’t know what to make of them…are they innocent because they just didn’t know any better and couldn’t control their base urges?

          2. dude, don’t preach your religiouse shit here ok, it has no scientific rational basis. right and wrong are subjective. whats right for you may be wrong for others. follow the golden rule, treat others as you want to be treated. thats all you need to do not follow a prestoric bullshit book.

          3. 24th elder is right. I’d like to expand a bit on the animal thing. Man is top of creation so all the earth and living creature was under man therefore, when man sinned the effects of sin and death came onto all creation. So animals exhibiting abnormal behavior and adapting to a savage , harsh world is what we see. Somewhere the bible says “All creation groans for the day when God will set the earth as it was intended” that’s my understanding of that. And he does have a point about the pedophilia thing , they think they are born that way regardless of the children they abuse. It doesn’t matter if the child is coerced or forced what matters is the self belief of the deviant.

          4. @Fatboy93, I can preach whatever I want so I would appreciate it if you would not tell me what to do, thank you. The Bible does have scientific basis, there are things in the Bible about science that are confirmed by modern discoveries that were not known by man in Biblical times which shows that it is Gods word. The Bible is a book of prophecy, there are many prophecies in the Bible and all of them either came true or are happening right now as we speak and then theres the end of days prophecy which will happen. The prophecies and scientific statements made in the Bible are due to the fact that It is not a prehistoric bullshit book and it was not written by man. Men were just vessels, prophets of God inspired by the Holy Spirit to reveal Gods everlasting word to the people, it was written by God and was established in heaven before we were even created. Good and evil are not subjective, maybe to an atheist, but there is still that objective notion of knowing good from evil and that stems from a moral code written in our hearts as divine beings. However the Bible does mention people that call evil good and good evil. Someone may think something is not evil but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. So unless a person has a mental disorder and has no conscience or ability to feel empathy or emotion, we know what is right and what is wrong. That golden rule you mention stems from a moral code that we know and have, we know what’s the right way to treat people that we also want for ourselves, and we know the wrong way to treat people which is not how we want to be treated. Atheists usually seem to be very smart people, they are about facts, evidence, and having knowledge, its just too bad they lack wisdom.

          1. I believe that a certain percentage of people are genetically predisposed to being homosexual or bisexual. The same way some are born genetically predisposed to being short, thin framed, or countless other traits. It doesn’t matter if I think it’s disgusting or not, lots of people do lots of things I find disgusting. It’s their right to do what they want as long as it doesn’t encroach on my rights. This world is overpopulated as it is.

          2. Its not natural, you cannot reproduce. No one was ever born a homosexual because it is a sin in Gods eyes, their minds became debased and perverted over time and they were given up to their desire, but there is hope for them to change. Lets say they were born that way and it is a genetic mental disorder, does that still make it right? Of course not. Pedophiles claim they were born that way too but does that mean its ok to have sex with little children? Absolutely not. If pedophilia and homosexuality are genetic mental disorders then it is the influence of Satan and happened because man fell into sin, God still didn’t make them that way. Marriage is a covenant, a vow made between your partner and God and is only for male and female partnership, if someone wants to go be a homosexual they have the free will to do that but they do not have the right to get married and defile Holy Matrimoney. Even though it is a sin they could still be forgiven, all sins can be forgiven except one.

          3. Pedophiles prey on children, I’m talking about what consenting adults choose to do amongst themselves. It’s not nearly the same thing. Homosexuality exists in almost all species of the animal kingdom as well as in humans. Could it be possible that we’re just another species and nothing special? As long as man has existed there has been homosexuality, this is not a modern recent phenomenon.

          4. Yes, yes! You are both correct. Humans are animals, and animals exhibit homosexual traits…. alas, animals do not drive cars, or think about inventing automobiles, aeroplanes, or space rockets, so can we stop comparing the human race to our lowly food? Just a thought. Sorry to interrupt this great convo.

          5. Most animals don’t, anyway…. I mean, personally, I’m agnostic… but if you’re sticking up for homosexuals, then you probably need to rethink it. It’s degenerate.. Bring the hate, and I will discuss. It’s a fiery debate.

          6. How the fuck did the conversation change from a slut wife to hating gay men?
            More to the point though is why the fuck should it concern you?
            There is no place for all the God shit in this argument, homosexuality is real, and you get the drift… I say this every time i post that i hardly ever post unless it winds me up, well i was gonna say i like her fucking blouse until i saw the hate from the fucked up followers of fiction. I love this site, for me its escape from day to day bollox and makes me realise that life isnt so bad. We all take the piss out of people on here, me included in that one, but preaching is not acceptable, and makes the preacher look really shallow. Yup im gay, i have no problem with that, i go to straight work, drive straight car, eat straight lunch, watch straight tv, and fuck a man or two without the need for tards telling me its abnormal! Some of the responses to the hate shocked me with the dressing downs they gave, it almost gave me a semi to think about it. In summary, i am the same as the next man in the street, i dont have a a flashing disco ball on my head and call everyone she, the only thing different is who i fuck. Which is of course not your business or your place to judge! And i still think the blouse matches her blood!

          7. @Norfolknman, Your right, the conversation shouldn’t be about homosexuality, I mentioned that when talking about the ritual of sex, I also mentioned fornication and adultery but for some reason people responded to the homosexuality part and kept talking about it. I just want to clear this up right now, I do not, I repeat DO NOT hate gay people, I am not a hate monger, I love everyone, including gays, including people that hate christians i.e everyone, I was just stating that I think homosexuality is wrong and that judgement comes from the Bible not me, if you don’t believe in the Bible fine that’s up to you but I do. I also think adultery and fornication and lying and stealing is wrong as well i’m not singling out homosexuality. Don’t think I hate you for being a homosexual because I don’t, I love you and you have the free will to do whatever you want. Also, preaching most certainly should be acceptable, I can say whatever I want just like everyone else on here. This sight is not about censorship, thats exactly what this site is against. To stop me from talking about God or the Bible or whatever else I want, as long as its’s not a threat, would be very hypocritical and would show a llot.

          8. I’ll make a brief chip in as a moderator:

            We have a few easy to understand rules and they are clearly published where everyone can see them.

            @24th Elder does not break any of our rules and he’s respectful with other members, even when disagreeing with them.

            I’d like to encourage everyone to accept that we all have varying views and beliefs. Best Gore will continue respecting other people’s views, so long as they are expressed without personal attacks and other douchebaggery.

      2. I really find it amusing that for all your hatred of Jews, everything you are saying comes from the ‘Old Testament’ and is therefore Jewish. Everything quoted from the ‘New Testament is also Jewish. Too funny. You claim hate and disgust, yet teach the same scriptures.

  2. It’s the story of life. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy stabs girl several times through the heart with a rusty steak knife for cheating on him with the local fishmonger’s son.

    How would I personally deal with infidelity?, like I have before I simply tell them to get the fuck out and take their cock polishing ways with them and then I find a bar to get drunk at before finding another woman to polish my helmet.

    What can I say, life goes on and it is far better to do the above than to do a Pistorius and end up in a hard, cold cell surrounded by chutney ferrets and brown coal miners.

  3. And she was pregnant . How sick are these imbeciles !? .

    I was cheated on back in the day . It hurt very much at the time , I remember feeling heartbroken and betrayed . I was a teenager though and even then I was aware that shit happens and the girl in question was not going to be the person I settled down with . I moved on to the next one , who also ended up being an ex .

    Fact is , man the fuck up and deal with it . Yes it hurts , but put things into perspective . If you’re married , I guess it’s a tough one but none the less , seek counselling or something along those lines , talk it over and move forward .

    I personally would never let a woman drive me so insane as this guy obviously did that’s for sure . There are other fish in the sea my crazy Brazilian friendo .

  4. I’ve been cheated on by about 8 or 9 exes. I think women in particular would rather cheat and stay in a relationship than just break up with a guy and be with another. They would rather stay with one and get their kicks on the side.

    I told one bad ex-gf in particular right to her face: “I’d fucking murder you if I had a free pass, but instead I just gotta deal with your shit and walk away, whore.”

    Aggravated Harassment. Cost me about $200 to say that I would kill her if I could. America!

    1. I just have to say, in my humble opinion that is, that each sex cheats for different reasons. Men cheat because they want to get more notches on their belt, they think it’s macho to sleep with a ton of different women. Women on the other hand usually only vhrat if/when the man their with is doing something wrong. Now that obviously doesn’t apply to every single male or female whom cheats but I think I’m accurate in saying that this applies to most cases

  5. If he wanted real payback he would of fucked her sister and lived out the rest of his natural life a free man. Or her mom, either one works. Make sure to get pics and vids as evidence.

  6. Bet she never thought that the last thing he would ever stick in her would be a knife and not his pork sword. I personally wouldn’t kill someone if they cheated on me, but I’ve no sympathy for her all the same. As we’ve seen, when you fuck over some people they just can’t leave it and have to have the last laugh. It’s the game we play.

  7. I get why he did it. It’s not about how great the piece of ass it was. It’s about everything you’ve done for that person. Everything you went through. The bullshit you put up with. Money invested…time lost. It’s why i stabbed mine.. they lived though. It was never the intent to kill. Only to inflict pain.

  8. Women are emotional beings which leads them to still make primitive decisions. It just depends if the whore is going out and putting herself in a situation to get fucked or she was seduced unexpectedly by some guy who knew what he was doing.

    Emotions are weird things.

    1. No, that’s what happens in your world. My way of dealing with it is just no communication and I turn into Mr Workaholic. Eventually she will give in and call me up to see what I’m doing. They always do.

  9. Although not emotionally effected when this has happened in the past, I have found it best to immediately cease all communication and unforgivingly destroy her name within our social circles. The results will be better or worse depending on factors such as social status, career networking, charisma, family involvement, ect; but, this can be a much more severe punishment than simply being stabbed to death.

  10. Iv been cheated on twice.I simply said you have 1 hour to get all your stuff and leave.Dont text me,call,anything ever again.Once they were gone it was straight to the shops for new clothes etc and out enjoying myself.Its the only way.Life is too short to waste worrying about someone who cheated on you.Get shot of them and move to greener pastures.
    Never stab them to death as it ruins your carpets and you want the house looking great for taking home your new squeeze).

  11. Jealousy and self doubt can be dangerous.

    It’s happened to me but I’m also guilty of straying.

    It’s very hard for humans to be monogamous but the point is……….. I handled her cheating with no animosity or aggression.

  12. I personally think the urge to cheat is inside every human person. But some just have enough perseverance to not give into it. BUT I do not support people who cheat. I would also go crazy if someone I love would cheat on me. Well, the easiest solution: don’t love to much. It works pretty well with me.

  13. I would never do that to someone, independently of condition that he would leave me. I still love my ex and I only wish the best to him. I had some fits of rage verbal but all end relationships are traumatic and the reactions are diverse and comprehensible (or should be). Now I just wish the best for my ex boyfriend even though he doesn’t mind with me. Btw, great post portuguese dude.

  14. I remember one time in highschool, me and my buds were cat calling at this really pretty girl, we had no idea her boyfriend was in line ordering food and he completely lost it. Not on us,(we outnumbered him so that probably added to his frustration) but her, grabbed her by the arm and basically dragged her out of the mall screaming at her..I can only immagine what she had to go thru because some jealous ass didnt like what some kids were saying. I remember thinking, I never wanna be like that. How pathetic he looked. Helped me alot when I went thru my infidelity issue..even tho I handled it non agressively..i still wish I woulda got a backhand in tho ^_^.

  15. If i got cheated on i’ll be like ‘ hey mi vida let’s go to Mexico so we can have fun i’ll promise i do you good papi’ and then his ass will never be seen again hahah then i fill a missing report in mexico and go back to the United states to play the worrie sick girlfriend. just kiding i probably cry my eyes out thinking what did i do wrong?

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