Woman Thrown Out of Apartment and Into Railing After Beirut Explosion

Woman Thrown Out of Apartment and Into Railing After Beirut Explosion

Woman Thrown Out of Apartment and Into Railing After Beirut Explosion

CCTV video from a hallway of an apartment building in Beirut, Lebanon, shows a woman being violently thrown out of her apartment and into the railing by the blast wave from the explosion.

The Yinon plan is happening right before our eyes. Not surprisingly, when the country needed them the most to handle the crisis, the entire Lebanese government resigned. The explosion destroyed the Lebanese port, and with it, the majority of Lebanese imports and exports.

The video of the woman is below. Props to Best Gore member @s7ayta for this one:

Also check out the hired Lebanese crisis actor not unlike the one hired to play Robbie Parker after the Sandy Hook debacle. Much like Robbie Parker, this actress is all joy and laughs before the official GO is given to record her lines and faked anger she had practiced so hard to pull off. Robbie Parker must have been doing cartwheels in the background:

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  2. Not going to lie. I kind of really liked the boom! Best one I have viewed was a dude in that bay with a GoPro on a jet ski. He narrowly escaped DEATH by ducking under water instinctively all while captured well by camera.

  3. The explosion originated at Beirut port with alarming collateral damage, and then the Lebanese cabinet and prime minister resign. Not exactly a call to arms against Israel.

    A terrible tragedy that could have been easily avoided.

  4. Explosions, fires and riots happening all over the middle east all of a sudden and the sheeple would still think this is all just a coincidence. Sometimes I wonder who is the worse the people who keep their eyes closed and let this all happen or the ones doing it.

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    Long Live Lebanon!!!

      1. Hostilius , I remember you said you were from Lebanon. Guess what? I saw this very video on another political site and they said it was the wife of the Dutch Ambassador to Lebanon who was shown, and that she was killed in the explosion. What have you heard in the street , and what does the gov say officially on the matter? Did the wife of the Dutch Ambassador really die? Is this really the vid of the Dutch woman?

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  8. I’m forty and married to a young hot piece of 26 yo. Lebanese ass and this is how she described the blast to me. She received 32 stitches to the grill and a broken wrist while just watching tv at one of those hotel high rises, blown eardrums too.

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