Woman Tries to Choke Newborn Baby to Death in Turkish Hospital

Woman Tries to Choke Newborn Baby to Death in Turkish Hospital

Man, Turkish language is incredibly difficult to translate. Both Jewgle Translate and Bing Translator are returning translations that are rather challenging to make sense of. Check it out:

Killed two girls born in Samsun diseased mouth and nose in the hospital room by closing one of the alleged attempted murder of a 26-year-old Fatma innkeeper two once in a lifetime and 24 years of imprisonment lawsuit. Little girl tried to kill her hospital room to work under arrest by the security cameras are GMT. The woman’s husband, 31-year-old is not complaining defendants stated that the innkeeper Arslan, Fatma innkeeper appeared to have been admitted to the hospital for the investigation of mental balance.

In October 2009, lying in the same room with his wife, daughter, Fatma innkeeper Özlem sleeps in a crib, allegedly by the hand of the baby’s mouth and nose closed for half an hour. Still in the thick slept as if nothing happened. In the morning, wake up screaming and told the other members of the family. Özlem enrolling in control of any doctor who understands that family buries her baby in the village cemetery. Already a patient suspected to be no one in the state. Selma 2.5 years old and the mother Fatma ambulatory innkeeper, watching television, mouth and nose closed for about 5 minutes. The little boy called his wife still runs thick in the nearby mosque construction. Armstrong coming home from the innkeeper, his daughter came to him Selma Put on water on his face. Leo innkeeper went to work again. But Fatma innkeeper, allegedly by the hand of the little girl’s mouth and nose fell off and out of breath. Hakeretsiz gave notice to his wife on his back again thinking. This time, despite the loss of water and the family did not own daughters Selma took the state hospital in the county. Doctors Selma H. their controls of the dead were buried in the village cemetery told the room.

Based on translations that look kind of like the above, this is what I concluded:

26 year old Turkish woman by the name of Fatma Hancı had in the past killed two children she had with her husband, 31 year old Arslan Hancı. After their third child was born, she tried to choke her to death too. She thought she had turned security cameras in the hospital room off but some were still recording so her murder attempt was filmed. The horrific incident happened in the city of Samsun.

The woman placed her hands over the mouth and nose of the baby, restricting the airflow to its lungs. She then had to leave the room but returned as if nothing happened and placed both hands over the baby’s face almost succeeding in killing it. Based on this video evidence, the woman has been arrested and admitted to a mental hospital. A lawsuit has been filed against her that could put her away for 24 years.

Props to Best Gore member Mndrs78 for the video:

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87 thoughts on “Woman Tries to Choke Newborn Baby to Death in Turkish Hospital”

      1. No! Don’t shoot her! It would be too quick! Coming from a woman who dilkes children I say she experiences being helpless! Tie her up, gag her and set her on a Spanish donkey ( its a form of torture look it up) tape her eyes open and show her pictures of her dead babies (if any). Anybody have any better ideas?

    1. I need to reply just to add on thing : I find people saying “OMG, this video is so horrible to watch, most horrible than what we can find on this site lalalalaal .;alallaalalla” : it’s just PATHETIC, LUDICROUS, RIDICULOUS, RISIBLE ETC.

      Killing a baby = killing any pig, sow, sheep in so far as it’s a primitiv life, with no emotion, reaction etc.

      In conclusion : if you can’t watch this kind of video, I suppose you can’t (YOU SHOULD NOT) watch animal tortures, slaughterhouse etc.

      Humans are so SUBJECTIVE ; whereas, in my opinion, I’m most affected by the death of a cow, which is separated from her babies, than a human baby.

  1. Can’t watch at all. I hope someone chokes this bitch
    If she already killed her 2 kids then WHY IS SHE STILL MAKING MORE && wtf WHY is her husband still nutting in her for???
    Women who have no emotion for their own children should just get their uterus removed & hope they get HIV instead….

        1. I totally read that wrong. I thought you meant at least the mother got caught because of this little baby dying. Just ignore me. I’ve been up for three straight days with tons of drama. And I’m not even drunk.

      1. I agree Juicy. Crazy bitch must be in some kind of wonderland to let her self do that. I’m happy the cameras were on!
        Btw, I am new here! I have been on this site for about 2 years now, I just never made an account. The names Annabellaxanarchy 🙂

  2. Unbelievable. Holding my new baby in the hospital was the single most happiest moment of my life! I can’t imagine doing this! I wish the camera would’ve caught her facial expression while she did this. I really need to see that. Sick fucking whore. I think these psycho fucks need their own world! Ship them to a deserted island and when its full- light it up! Problem solved!

      1. @Worzel- I’m assuming you posted this in the wrong spot, right? You already know I’m no where near feminist status! I’m just a “Juicy-ist” the badass chick that’ll fuck up anyone who preys on babies or kids, abuses animals or bullies! No feminist here..

  3. Mental hospital? So now she gets to tell the story of how she was abused and suffers from some sort of ptsd right. Ive seen too many times in this country, how women get away with murdering thier kids. I hope they dont fall for that shit over there. This bitch needs to be put to death, immidiately.

  4. Not too much bothers me and I’m not even sure there has been any other video on BG that I have needed to stop watching because I was so horrified…..I guess there is a first time for everything. DISGUSTING!!!

  5. Based on the comments so far, I decided not to watch it (my sister-in-law is pregnant – any baby stuff is going to upset me), but thoroughly enjoyed the translation. “The little girl killed her hospital room”. Good for you, little girl – hospital rooms must die!

  6. She needs to be in a rubber room, and that poor baby with romper room. How can a Mother do this to her own spawn ? She has to be extremely sick, and why did the father have another with her if she had already killed two previous offsprings ? Did he not know ? How could you not know ? He is just as sick as his wife for having more kids with her. He should have at the very least FUCKED HER in her ASS instead !

    1. Yes @CanadaDre- I don’t think he knew. Although is it the norm to place surveillance cameras in the hospital rooms of new mothers? Not here in the US it isn’t. Especially because of privacy. I was breastfeeding around the clock! That brings me to my next point- someone must’ve had their suspicions to put a hidden camera there… Maybe hubby was blinded by the puss. You’d be surprised by what some evil women can get away with just because of that!

        1. Yes and they’re not usually pointed at your bed- at least not in California. My babies had to wear alarm brackets around their ankles as well and my hospital didn’t have a nursery except for NICU. Babies stayed with Moms from minute one!

  7. Was she having fun or just making it seem that way to lower suspicion for having her hand over its mouth. I think she finally grew a conscience or a brain realizing babies don’t spontaneously suffocate. Dumb bitch is dumb.

    1. i was wondering about that too. She’s clearly trying to suffocate the baby, but she keeps stopping. Why? If she wanted to kill the baby, she should’ve kept her hands over it until it died. But something was stopping her. She eventually would have gotten around to it I guess, since she killed her others. But she sure is taking her time doing it.

  8. That’s the trouble-They place these types of people in mental hospitals and then, normal people have to take care of THEM. The best thing to do is, is to execute these nuts. She already has a history of murdering her two kids in the past. She doesn’t deserve to live. When will people understand this? Oh how I wish I was king…..even for just one year.

  9. Me thinks and it’s only a hunch, by dispatching the baby herself she thinks it’s “Kinder” then what her hubby would do seeming maybe it’s NOT her first Girl child she’s bore. As we all know that Boys are more favorable then Girls.

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