Wonderland Murders Crime Scene Photos + John Holmes

Bloodied Body of William DeVerell at the Wonderland Murders Crime Scene

Wonderland Murders Crime Scene Photos

A modest house at 8763 Wonderland Avenue, Los Angeles, USA was scene to a gruesome bludgeoning of five people during early morning hours of July 1, 1981. Well hung porn star actor John Holmes was believed to have been involved with the crime which gained notoriety as the Wonderland Murders.

When the police arrived at the Wonderland Murders scene after being alerted of weird moaning noises coming from the house by a mover living next door, they found the bodies beaten so badly, the skulls were caved in making initial identification difficult. Four of the victims were dead, but one survived despite severe injuries including massive skull trauma. She was the person making the moaning noises the mover had heard.

The Wonderland house which was located in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles was leased by 46 year old Joy Audrey Miller who lived there along with her 42 year old boyfriend Billy DeVerell and friends David Lind and Ronald Launius. The four made their living by posing as police officers, busting drug dealer and confiscating their stash so they could resell it to their own customers. This type of career choice was bound to be short lived.

Famous porn actor John Curtis Holmes paid frequent visit to the Wonderland house that was already pegged by the police as the drug house. Though famous for his exceptionally huge penis, the porn career of John Curtis was dwindling as his addiction to cocaine kept growing. He was a broke, sore loser but his connection to a Palestinian drug dealer and a club owner Adel Nasrallah aka Eddie Nash made him an attractive friend.

John Holmes helped the gang set up a hit on Eddie Nash after he drew a map of his Studio City mansion, showing which sliding glass door he left unlocked. The Wonderland Gang entered the house on June 29, 1981 dressed as the police officers and not only robbed the drug dealer, they also humiliated him after a misfire shot made him go down to his knees and beg for mercy. The gang got away with what the U.S. Department of Justice would later estimate was worth approximately $1 million.

Once the take was safely at the Wonderland home, the gang would divide it among themselves heavily shortchanging John Holmes who helped set the whole thing up. An accomplice Tracy McCourt was also shortchanged making for two unhappy people. But there was one even more furious person left after the hit – Eddie Nash himself who not only lost a lot of money, but was also humiliated beyond words.

What happened next is left for speculations, but the Wonderland house was entered by steel rods wielding men who proceeded to bludgeon everyone they could find. Barbara Richardson, 22 year old girlfriend of David Lind was in the house and even though she had nothing to do with the hit, she was brutally bludgeoned along with everybody else. She was just visiting the house and was sleeping in the living room downstairs.

Ronald Launius who was in the bedroom downstairs along with his wife Susan were attacked next but it was his wife who despite being severely beaten and left for dead for 12 hours, survived the attack. The killings were finalized by bludgeoning Joy Miller and her boyfriend William Deverell who were upstairs.

David Lind who was also involved in the hit was fucking a prostitute in other part of Los Angeles at the time the Wonderland house was stormed and was as such spared. Talk about lucking out. Fucking hookers can save your life. Nevermind the fact that his girlfriend who had nothing to do with any of their drug busts was waiting for him in the house and was bludgeoned to death while he was cheating on her with a hooker.

John Holmes eventually confessed to his wife Sharon that he was forced to accompany the murderers to the Wonderland house but maintained that he was not actually involved in the killings. His handprint was found on one of the headboards of a bed in the house which was enough for the police to charge him with murder. They wanted him to rat out Eddie Nash but the pornstar fled to Florida and refused to speak with authorities. He was acquitted of the murder charges by the jury on June 16, 1982.

At the age of 43, on March 13, 1988, John Holmes passed away as result of complications from AIDS. The police spent two weeks at his death bed hoping he would rat Eddie Nash out now that he’s about to die anyway, but the pornstar told the police nothing. He only made a last wish with his wife to ensure that his legendary penis remains unremoved so he doesn’t get cremated without it.

Eddie Nash spent two years in jail after police found one million dollars of cocaine in his house but has never confessed to orchestrating the Wonderland murders. His bodyguard Gregory Diles who was believed to have been the one carrying the killings out was charged with the crime but the jury got hung after an 18 year old female juror held out.

Eddie Nash later confessed to bribing said female juror but has never confessed to having anything to do with the Wonderland murders. The case has never been closed and no one has ever gone to jail for it.

Events surrounding Wonderland Murders were used as motives for two movies. Boogie Nights (1997) revolves around the persona of John Holmes and includes some of the Wonderland Murder events while Val Kilmer starring Wonderland (2003) is all about the killings and what happened before and after.

Gallery of crime scene photos of the Wonderland murders is below:

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