Would-be Hijackers of Cash-in-Transit Truck Shot by Security

One Hijacker Down, One Kneeling

Would-be Hijackers of Cash-in-Transit Truck Shot by Security

Best Gore member @unicorncharlie has the backinfo:

What’s up!

Been on BG for about 7 years but only registered for about 4. Never commented, never liked anything but I scroll through weekly. I would love to contribute some content for the site. Not something too gory, but it’s a dead body.

Backstory: this happened in Dawn Park, South Africa. Cash in transit bad guys caught and a shootout occurred. So far one confirmed dead. We currently have a syndicate going around and hijacking cash in transit trucks proving very professional in what they do. This time round these guys didn’t win. About all I have! This happened on September 23, 2020.

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Thanks a lot for the pics and backstory, @unicorncharlie:

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59 thoughts on “Would-be Hijackers of Cash-in-Transit Truck Shot by Security”

  1. You don’t have to steal and kill to end up with a lot of money. The biggest thing is to be a saver. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Don’t get in debt. Every time you get some money, the first thing you do is take some out for savings. Just save save save, and don’t stop. Eventually you’ll have enough money to invest in something that makes you even more money.

    The media keeps people in poverty because they keep showing you shiny things that you think you need to look rich or in order to impress other people who don’t give a shit about you. LOL. Stop buying things to make yourself look wealthy. Don’t buy anything. Keep saving saving saving.

          1. Congrats Sonny…

            Especially when the food you’ll eat, may be a barometer on how long you’ll enjoy your retirement. I may add that learning to grow food when possible, can help as well.

    1. Exactly POZ! Been telling people for years to spend with cash, not card, that way they can save all the coins and dollar bills that they get back.
      That’s right, don’t ever spend your single dollars or any coins, just put them away and watch how much you have after a year.
      It’ll be between $900 to $1,300 that you never felt leave your wallet.

      Rolling up coins and rubber banding $100 in dollar bills and stashing them has never been more fun.

    2. I retired last year at 40. Only ever earned 30k sterling a year. Bought 1st flat at 20yr old. Rent 2 spare rooms to pals so lived there free. Saved and saved for deposit for next house. And on and on. 10 houses/flats i own. 2/3s paid off mortgage free. Everyone can do this but they are too stupid. If i had a oil workers salary of 100k i would have 100 houses but they buy fancy watches and jeeps instead. People are so stupid.

      1. You aren’t Einstein I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Some of us enjoy hobbies that we live for and the thought of living with other people in my own house – no thanks! That’s why I bought my own house doofus. I don’t want or need 10 houses and have no plans to take a million bucks to the grave. I have a great life and people are not stupid just because they don’t want to live in a dormitory like you……

        1. PS. There is SOOO much more to life than money. I think it’s a bit sad you don’t seem to realise that so maybe you’re right – people are stupid……Tell me, who is going to come visit you now you have 50 yrs of twiddling your thumbs in front of you. You didn’t mention anything about family, children?

          1. Yeah im free to take my son to school and collect him now everyday which my own dad never had time for as he was busting his balls then in the pub daily. Also i never married his mother so she couldnt screw me over for houses. Also i shared my house with 2 good friends and we shagged loadsa pussy for 5 years it was a party house. And ive spent 2 years backpacking also in the 20yrs since starting to buy and was a cigarette runner for 8 years so also travelled the world doing that(mostly europe) and that was my playing about/living money….i could write a great book about my life duchy. But now im free to do whatever i want i make 3k profit a month for a little maintenance and in 5 years when all paid off about 4500 a month. Maybe 2hours a week i spend managing them. You keep spending duchy and keep wasting 40+hrs ofya life a week chasing pay-cheques and kissing your bosses cock. Out of 30 mates 3 done this including me and all the others are jealous and do exactly the same hobbies as me. You sound stupid to me.

    1. Its not Nigerians, these are black South Africans from Soweto, Dieepsloot, Mamelodi, Garankuwa etc. They rob cash vans for drugs and bling. I havent heard of a single Nigerian prosecuted in South Africa for robbing a cash van. Xenophobic South Africans blame all their vices on foreigners.

  2. I would have loved to see these fat old fucks even try to carry the money let alone get away from beefed up security. They probably had no intention of getting away, preferring to be caught and spending their retirement being looked after in prison with running water and 3 meals a day………..

  3. Look at that fat shit in handcuffs. He was expecting millions of Rand (they aren’t worth much, maybe 6 cents) now he’s thinking 20 years in a South African prison “FUCK”.
    That look is priceless.

    1. despy…

      That’s what I picture…

      Similar to the Federal Reserve depositing funds into banks, without the Treasury indicting them on money laundering.

      If these guys attempted this in the U.S, they’d be out on the campaign trail right now.

  4. Damn, I remember seeing a documentary a few days ago about the rise in transit truck robberies in South Africa. Apparently this type of crime shot up in popularity right after the release of the 1995 crime movie HEAT, as criminals were inspired into replicating that one scene where the armored truck gets knocked on it’s side and robbed. Crazy that that type of crime is still happening to this day.

    1. @hopingfornemesis,
      That’s the full description of South Africa women and nothing can be added. The Xhosas as you offensively call them The San/Hottentot are believed to be the first kind of Mixed race dating back to Jan Van Ribbeck time. Most people from across the globe adore them. Typical examples of them is Sara Baartman. I recommend this breed for you otherwise if you wanna be suffocated to death go for Umfazi WesiZulu

          1. Holy shit, I wonder if Cloaca has some Hottentot blood. I looked that up on Wikipedia and that’s her except she passed four inches years ago.
            Seriously that is freakish, like having a foreskin that reaches the knees. I wonder what intercourse is like with those things wrapping around the shaft. Like fucking wet cardboard comes to my mind.
            It said the aunt typically begins stretching the labia at four years, fucking nauseating . I guess that’s what the Hottentot men find attractive, myself, give me a pair of long legs and some firm perky tits.

        1. Names have issues, example of slaves in the Us; at first were called Negroids, it became an offence and changed their name to Black American. Wasn’t happy to be called blacks either and they further changed to African America. Soon one will call them foolish Africans and they will cry foul start looking for another name.

          Boer means farmer in South African Dutch dialect Afrikaans. In schools since our system was against white South Africans were taught that all whites from Dutch origin are Boers just to fool them off.
          Dont go to South Africa and call a Xhosa a Hottentot lol or a white man a boer!

      1. Its not Nigerians, these are black South Africans from Soweto, Dieepsloot, Mamelodi, Garankuwa etc. They rob cash vans for drugs and bling. I havent heard of a single Nigerian prosecuted in South Africa for robbing a cash van. Xenophobic South Africans blame all their vices on foreigners.

      2. The Xhosas are not mixed race but are an indigenous tribe occupying the Western and Eastern Cape along with the San and Khoi people. When Jan Van Riebeck came in the 1650s, his Dutchmen intermarried with the local tribes and spawned a tribe of mixed race people popularly known as “Griquas”. In modern times the Griquas are now commonly referred to across the globe as “Cape Coloureds”. Their women have big sexy butts that draw crowds of African men to Cape Town every summer

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