Wounded and Exposed Syrian Soldier Being Repeatedly Shot At

Wounded and Exposed Syrian Soldier Being Repeatedly Shot At

Video from Syria shows wounded soldier being repeatedly shot at by the rebels. The soldier is exposed and takes a lot of incoming fire, but the bullets either miss him, or just wound him some more.

He’s clearly incapacitated beyond point of crawling to safety and with all the hostiles around, it was surely just a matter of time before he died.

39 thoughts on “Wounded and Exposed Syrian Soldier Being Repeatedly Shot At”

    1. I strongly suspect that this video was just taken by another soldier, behind the one who got shot.
      My reasons:
      He was facing away from the camera
      His back is exposed to the cameraman’s aim, whilst infront are barriers etc
      With my very limited Arabic knowledge, I hear ‘khalas’ at the end, which I believe means ‘stop’
      The bullets are being fired towards the cameraman, we can hear them whistle overhead
      It kind of make sense. The logo in the top left could have been added on, presumably by the website that first picked it up and wanted to show off a soldier being killed.

      My point being, snackbars come from both sides.. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong here.

      1. Oh and there is the fact that he in quite close to the soldier being shot, and with the low walls being used as defence, it’s unlikely the enemy would be able to crawl that close, let alone with the camera.
        And if the bullets are indeed missing the target, it makes sense if they’re firing from a distance.

  1. It is way too much of a nice day there for war. The sun is all bright and high in the sky. They should be at an oasis being served colorful drinks by women wearing grass skirts and coconut bras. They don’t know how to live like Men.

  2. Every time a bullet hits the soldier his mate yells snack bar! That’s what thousands of diglets have heard before death. If I hear it before my demise then I know I’m fucked as well.

      1. Hmm, Miley does come pretty close to a bunch of camel jockeys screaming their snackbars, but you are right, the snackbarists do take the honours. Only marginally mind you 😀 as for kylie minogue, I think I would rather have snackbars playing on a continual loop than listen to her

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