Wounded Syrian Man Shot in the Heart by Sniper

Wounded Syrian Man Shot in the Heart by Sniper

Video from Syria shows a grey haired man, probably already wounded and thus unable to run for cover, lying in the middle of a street as opposing sides engage in exchanges of fire. The man sits up and takes a shot in the arm. The bullet appears to have ripped through his right shoulder, but he’s already wounded enough to heed it any extra attention. After that, he’s shot right in the heart and lays down for good. The heart shot was precisely delivered. Must have come from an experienced sniper.

Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf provided translation:

@ 0:02 – come, come here old man
@ 0:07 – try to get to an alley is if you see one nearby
@ 0:30 – I think they are trying to shoot us too
@ 0:39 – after the final shot, a guy is trying to make sure if it got recorded, he said “are you recording it right?” which shows again a propagandist attitude.

Some say the old man was a civilian, but I sincerely wonder what a civilian was doing in an active combat zone. Props to DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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        1. Ya that sniper ,and im using that term very lightly , was a shity shity shot , even if he was shooting at others , the first of his last two shots missed his heart , dum ass that old man wasnt even a threat

    1. Do not feel sorry for any division of Muslims……. Its all down to there damn religion, there’s no non Muslims to fight ….. So they fight themselves. When Ramadan is at an end each year they celebrate by blowing each other up !
      The Qur’an encourages violence towards nonbelievers , it encourages deciet in futhering their cause.
      I read/watch things about the middle east and despair. All this violence over their “god” . I feel for the kids being abused by indoctrination by their parents, passing on their beliefs.
      We send them money to help and these kids will grow up to be just the same…… Cos they all read the same book. Read some other books by Christopher hitchins/ Richard Dawkins / Stephan Hawkins , maybe even Steven fry.
      ( I know this is nigh on impossible but I can dream)
      They start riots over cartoons and say that depicting their prophet is not allowed. This is a outright lie. Look up Mohammed library on the net. Muslims have been drawing mo for thousands of years. Admittedly some are pictured with the faces blank but certainly not all. Its all about what suits them at the time.
      I want to study Islam properly and maybe learn Arabic , but I cannot find a college where the teacher of the subjects are impartial.
      I could go on and on but I’ll leave it there.

      1. 1- I just hope you’re not american or british, because I laughed when I read “We send them money to help”

        Actually the US and the british goverment are funding the snackbarists in Syria..what a peculiar help ๐Ÿ™‚

        2- you said “Do not feel sorry for any division of Muslims”, I don’t agree with you but I don’t blame you on this either.. you’re not well informed about muslim culture.

        Actually suffi muslims are the most peacefull ones, they even remind me of buddhists ! Suffism is a branch from sunni islam, it advocates music and has a very beautiful background in literature and poetry.. I don’t know if you recognize Rumi (a persian poet).. he’s a suffi muslim for example

        1. I’m English and over here we are inundated with charities asking for money to send to a Syrian child. We are always generous.
          I understand that there are politics that we the people are not privy too.
          I’m gathering new insights from different sources inc BG.
          Did you hear of the buddists who could take no more and besieged a mosque killing Muslims?
          I don’t pretend to know everything am a willing pupil on this subject. At my very base I detest all religions.
          we should not be so vain as to believe in a god.
          Earth gives life and is in constant change.
          We should be grateful our species have survived as we have, 98/99% of all life the earth has played with has died out.
          The earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old life has been on this planet for approximately 3.5 billion years.
          if the earth life span was a calender year , humans wouldn’t appear til a quarter to midnight on 31st of December. All written history would take place in the last 2 mins of said calender year.
          We have been given something so beautiful and we waste it fighting over a load of bollocks.
          We think we are so important, but we are only a blink of an eye.

          1. The problem with setting up the idea that conflict and death are inherent to religion is that you take away the responsibility and accountability of action pertaining to the human being and instead pass it on to the system of control.

            Using the above premise you could even argue that an investment banker who bets and loses your money without your permission and places you in debt is not to blame but instead the financial market to whom he belongs is.

            Another problem with the idea that religion, in this example Islam, is the cause of conflict and death is that conflict and death exist in all countries under all systems of governance, indeed western ?democratic? countries tend to be even more inclined towards global acts of conflict and death all done under the banner of ?liberation? and ?trade?.

            The conclusion, I do not like the Muslim religion either but that is because I dislike all religions in general and because the Muslims, in my experience and therefore opinion, tend to not amalgamate well with other cultures, they tend to form their own areas and territories in other peoples countries and group together with Islam as their guiding source for self purpose and action.

            But lets be honest, it is our own politicians and government who have allowed our countries to become broken and fragmented and it is they who keep causing conflict and death by setting up coups in other peoples countries, not the immigrants and not the ?Muslims? for their actions, of which you see as negative, only exist because they have been allowed to, therefore the idea that we western people are all nice and lovely and that they are all wicked and cruel is just an illusion created to keep us all at each others throats so that we don?t focus on the real bad bastards of the world, our very own governments and the large financial corporations who control them.

            Conflict and death are natural to us all, if we do not consume when our survival depends on it we will be consumed, the cycle of life, the only thing unnatural about conflict is the man made reasons for it.

          2. @ emptysoul, excellent point man! I would also like to point out that no religion governments (communism) have killed millions!! So one can’t simply say its purely religions fault. Human nature , good and evil. Greed , fear , hatred and so on are a part of everyone from birth. Some foster it , some don’t we all do to certain degrees and under the right circumstances.

        2. @Whurly, what the hell my dear friend ? I’m really surprised how the discussion turned from “hating all muslims brunches” to cosmology and biology ๐Ÿ˜€

          It seems like you’re into the new atheism movement, and a real fan of dawkins, lawrence krauss, neil degrasse tyson, htichens, sagan etc.. (I am too you know)

          Your analogy between buddhists and mulims about violence was inadequate, I’m fully aware that Islam calls for violence and the majority of muslims are following the real precepts of islam.

          I think that you didn’t really understand my objection..
          Didn’t you say “Do not feel sorry for any division of Muslims” ?

          All I did was giving you an example of a branch from Islam that doesn’t deserve that kind of hatered.
          (and of course, if that branch is peacefull, it doesn’t prove that the real islam is the same.. sometimes humans misinterpret things you know :))

          1. I am not a Muslim hater I am a religion hater. At present we have the British born Muslim converts who killed lee rigby taking place . Mr Adebolajo said ” to be killed on the battlefield is not something we shy away from and in fact this is something that Allah loves”
            I’m mixed race and so are my kids im not racist but I worry for Britians future.
            We except all comers and allow their religion….. lthough I believe that it keeps us from progressing. Religion is bad .
            Rip nelson mandela

          2. @Whurly, you said that you’re a religion hater and not a muslim hater..

            Yet, your first sentence was “Do not feel sorry for any division of Muslims”

            I rest my case.

          3. I am sorry Derstappenwolf, I have extreme hatred for muslims, I have seen them kill each other in vile ways. I have only seen the ones who have little to no value for life. Maybe you could give me insight and change my mind. Where are the good ones and why haven’t they tried to stop their fellow believers from ruining the religions name? It seems that in muslim countries a beheading is a public affair to bring their children too. They cheer as the victim is mercilessly decapitated for next to nothing.

      2. @whurly
        you’re entitled to your opinion.
        i’m luckier than most here…i’ve enjoyed the privilege of traveling the world with my parents, learning about different cultures and religions of people not from CNN or gore forums….
        and i see only see one thing in that vid…….i see a human being

        and when i see the dead lined on the street, surprise surprise…..i still also see what once was someone like you and me, a human being

        1. i admit that i started out with just a blind hatred of anything middle eastern. but DerSteppenwolf actually did take some time to try to educate me.
          unfortunately, i still cannot show much empathy if any, to people that i do not know in anyway. he is still just meat to me.

          1. Believe me, I did not feel empathy for him too.

            I’m even accusing him of being a fighter with the snackbarists because a peacefull civilian wouldn’t dare to stay in a combat zone.

            When the syrian army is trying to clean an area, they don’t attack it suddenly while civilians are still there.. they try to make some warnings to make sure that innocent and unarmed people left.

            If we suppose that he’s completely innocent, I still lack empathy for him, but I don’t hate him or feel delighted for seing him dying.

            There is a difference between lack of empathy and blind hatered.

        2. I see a human being but their religous beliefs are the reason they are fighting. It is near on impossible to get fanatics to see reason …. In the hope of bettering all their lives. Thomas Paine said ” to argue with someone who has denounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead”

          1. @antivirus
            the pleasures all mine ๐Ÿ™‚ you folks here are some of the most articulate,comedic, opinionated, compassionate, adorable and bugshit craziest lovely human units i’ve ever stumbled onto in my forum travels……..the only thing i do kick my head in over here is that i never found you guys/gals earlier

          1. Love moving stuff…….

            Search engines will tell you how to do ‘smilies’.

            The ‘stepper man’ is onto it ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Lazy fucks ๐Ÿ˜†

          2. write “: lol :”
            (no space between lol and the two “:” )

            Here is one: ๐Ÿ˜†

            And as a present, I show you this one
            “: roll :”
            –> ๐Ÿ™„

            And this one
            : shock :

          3. Ok, as an Atheist, and living in a country where 85% of the population is Roman Catholic, and having known a few Muslims, i can say that the Muslims were faaaar more tolerable and understanding of my views. They were very curious and non judgmental of my lack of faith. I don’t remeber however from which sect of Islam they were. I do know they were from Morocco.

  1. Ugh..i hate when old people get fucked with…was he shot and that’s why he didn’t move?..shock?..was he bait..since no one came and saved him they took him out?..how very cutthroat..you took out an old pers on..he was on his way out soon anyways…ehh…

    1. If you look closely, his right leg appears drenched in blood, you can even see him “shake it off” a little bit. This would explain why he is just sitting there. His left leg, though the jogging pants are shiny, it is not near as shiny (blood wet), looking as his right. Maybe his artery was hit, lost a lot of blood, couldn’t move thus, kind of gave the fuck up.

      That chest shot, though sad to say, was the most humane thing that could of happened.

        1. @ Counting Love the name! Finally saw APC (assuming that is where the name is from?), in Atlanta a couple years ago. Was a great year: Tool once, Puscifer three times and then APC that summer. The triple threat in one year! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. No, that is not instant death, in fact that would be excruciating for up to 30 minutes until he bled out completely. If you want to be humane and kill him quick with almost no pain you aim for his eyes or his nose down to his Adams apple. This area is known to snipers as the vital T because a well placed shot to this area will destroy the cerebellum and the carotid artery in one go. That man died a painful death because that sniper had piss poor aim.

  2. I hate the fact that because I live in the US, and our faggot ass government always has to stick it’s big fucking nose in the world’s business, whenever people call us terrorists or all the other shit, people like me are not considered. You think I voted for that fucking wannabe Obama? You think I like knowing that he and Hillary are funding these wackos? I hate being associated with it. If Canada would let me in I would move in an instant. Folks like me just wanna play music, love one another and treat each other as equals. I hope when the shit hits the fan, I’m either gone or have one bullet for myself, because a storm is coming and those who share my outlook on life will be indiscriminately tortured and slaughtered along with those who actually deserve it just because those lemony old farts in government decide to play “world chess”.

      1. The first US coinage ever minted, 1776 (illegally of course, was treason), the motto was “Mind Your Business”, which of course was one of B. Franklins saying.

        For a long time, the US did just that; along with it’s citizens.

        How I pine to once again hope that someday, this will again happen. Sure, a country needs a little assistance, lets help if it’s in the best interest. But as for all these wars we fund, sides we take (usually wrongly), this is making a bad situation even worse.

        It’s pretty bad that when I travel I tell people I’m from Toronto, Canada (which is where some of my family is). It’s not that I’m ashamed of being American, it’s that right now, I’m actually embarrassed to be American.

        Mind your Business needs to replace “under God”, on our currency.

    1. Agreed in this case!

      But then again, maybe they were toying with him in order to possible bring someone out to help him. If I were a sniper and I wanted to draw out the enemy, I’d wound an old man or a child a couple times first. Sounds bad, and it is, but this could possibly been what was happening. Then the sniper just said fuck it and finished the job.

      Pure speculation though! No clue what could be going through any of their minds.

      1. for the quality of “soldier” these guys are, yeah that might be true.
        us snipers have a lot of training with maintaining high accuracy in all types of weather and windage as well as in camouflaging and stalking. a first world sniper will never miss! lol

    1. The Marxist Jew sock puppet racist murderer Nelson Mandela is dead.

      Now the Jew owned media will go into overdrive, for months we’ll be bombarded with Jewish bullshit propaganda portraying Mandela as a saint, a savior and a brilliant man.

      Also, prepare for mass White genocide by Blacks in South Africa, though that won’t get any coverage in the Jewish owned western media.

        1. Mandela was a racist terrorist. He blew up shit back in the 1950s. What is South AfriKa going to do when all of the honkys are gone? I am pretty sure it will revert to prehistoric ghetto status. Whites have become spineless and minorities have become entitled to everything whites created. I’m sorry, but some races of people are not creators and innovators but parasitic consumers.

        2. Hey any of you ever see the doc ” Ross kemp on gangs”? One episode he went to a South African prison and spoke to the leader of this numbers gang. YouTube his interview with johm mongrel. Fuckimg hilarious. ” I av secs wid dem( the new inmates) dey are DA woman” and when asked if he’s gay ” I’m not a gway. Dey are DA woman” I thought it was funny shit.

    2. @Acneska,

      On a side note

      It’s ironic isn’t it that Mandela who, on paper, was anti Apartheid and waged war against a system of governance that separated people based upon race and class, where black people were provided with services inferior to those of whites and the indigenous populations of Africa were made to feel like vermin, like strangers in their own land, devoid of rights, employment and protection and yet Mandela is revered by his own people and hijacked by the west and taught about in western schools as a figure of justice, even though he was once a “terrorist” and jailed.

      Upon viewing our own western countries we can see that Apartheid very much exists here too, we have lower, middle and upper class cultures and people who reside in their own separated areas, inaccessible to those without money and connections.

      We have a law system that protects those at the top regardless of the crimes they commit and abandons and bullies those in the lower classes, we have an employment market where the types of jobs you can get depends on your place in the class system, regardless of educational attainment.

      The indigenous population in our countries also seem to have the least amount of rights in our societies and yet when we try to speak up, when we try to make a stand we are called anarchists, communists, terrorists etc, even our own people turn against us with crazed eyes as if possessed by the idea that all must remain the same otherwise the end of the world would commence.

      Mass immigration and multiculturalism has ensured that the indigenous population have become less prominent in their own country and their living standards, life opportunities, individual wealth and overall health as diminished greatly as a result.

      If we put aside right and wrong, Apartheid vs anti Apartheid, what we have is a solid parallel here, why is it then, as the question must be asked, is it just, fair and right for the indigenous Africans to have a Africa for the sake of and to the benefit of the indigenous Africans and yet it is racist and wrong for a western person to want their country for the sake of and to the benefit of their indigenous population.

      Such gigantic hypocritical holes in the arguments of the left wing political ideology and yet it is swallowed easily without even requiring the aid of a glass of water.

      I guess people just like to view the world through wrong prescription spectacles even if they have to squint to see.

    3. Fuck that terrorist, dictator supporting cocksucker. He was also a supporter of Uganda’s dictator, Yoweri Museveni, who killed 4 million of his own people and Congalese in the 1990’s. He also supported Angola’s dictator, Josรฉ Eduardo dos Santos, who killed 1 million Angolans in the civil war. Also, he remained silent when the Tutsis in Rwanda were being slaughtered. He didn’t went to the UN nor the Belgians for help, yet 1 million people were killed in brutal ways, with machetes and burned alive. Mass burnings. You sir, have a lot to research.

  3. Syrian nap time for grandpa.

    That reminds me it’s time for mine! This time of year, I sleep in flannel sheets. They are much better than a street! You can get them online. Ask our Portuguese members. They know about ’em!

          1. In California, the shit has hit the fan every local channel is running a tribute or some similar ever boring biography. Its good to know we are not the only ones swamped with old news. The sales for the franchise are going to hit an all time record.

          1. not too many men get away with telling me what to do…one man did and that was my dad….other than that…yeeeah that would be a not gonna happen situation…so yeah…you picked the wrong catt to put that label on..

          2. I don’t know you in RL to test your theory, pale Ali.

            I tend to sub out women rather easily, though.

            I get away with alot of things when it pertains to women.

  4. I feel sorry for him, and yet I don’t feel sorry for him.

    Thank you for the video and the translation, DerSteppenwolf.

    Also, I enjoy reading everyone’s comments on here. So glad I found this site; it’s so refreshing.

  5. I can only speculate why a man his age would be on any battlefield, but because of how turbulent Syria has gotten, my gut assumption is that after a while it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been alive. Every day you have less and less to lose. When everything you’ve ever earned and loved has either been destroyed or taken away, old age just makes tomorrow…another day…of THIS…existence…as depressing as the memories you have to remind you of how good life used to be…and old people usually have a lot of memories to think back on.

        1. Well no need to go outside, just get naked and run around your room, you could video it yourself then. We both win! Me more so than you. Chop chop! Need an email addy? :p

  6. First, this guy was, in fact, wounded. See his right leg. Bloody and wet. Second, the ‘sniper’ was anything but. there were 2 shots, the first passed under his right armpit, and the second nailed him in the upper left chest. The upper left chest, by the way, is not where the heart is located. My bet is this guy bled out and was not killed outright.

    Another indication that this was not a sniper was the rapidity of the two shots fired at this guy. Such rapid fire is an indication of a semi automatic weapon. Single shot – bolt action are the favored arms of snipers. Such weapons cannot fire with such speed.

    In any event, no self respecting sniper would nail a wounded old man. What they would do is wait for legitimate targets to present themselves attempting to save the old geezer.

    The killer was simply a punk.

    1. You draw conclusions from a civilian standpoint my friend. Ever heard of a Dragunov SVD? Or a Norinco SKS? These are common weapons among middle eastern “snipers” both of which are semi automatic. Bolt action shooters with the amount of experience some of those guys have would also be just as quick to repeat shots. In any event, yes they would take out the target no matter what they appear to be, without knowledge of the prior situation of this recording you cannot say that a sniper wouldn’t shoot him. Enemies in these types of conflict don’t come in a set standard of appearance, they would even us a child if it meant getting the job done. I agree due to point of impact he most likely bled out. The only thing we know is that we don’t know what is really going on, just that a man is being shot to death and it is in Syria.

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