Wounded Syrian Soldier Laying on Road with Pants Down Shot Dead by Al-Nusra

Wounded Syrian Soldier Laying on Road with Pants Down Shot Dead by Al-Nusra

Mohammad al-Tel Avivi, a moderate rebel according to Obama, executed an unarmed Syrian soldier with a machine gun fire. The wounded soldier lay helplessly on the road, humiliated with his pants down, and begging for his life, before being gunned down by the moderate.

These Al-Nusra moderates were trained by the West, armed by the West and are financed by the West, to act as Israel proxies killing Muslims and Christians in the Middle East. They are war criminals in its purest form, yet even after years of massacres, our politicians and the media still talk about them like they’re reasonable, moderate revolutionaries.

Notice how true to their “by way of deception, you shell wage war” teachings, the moderate signals to the cameraman to turn the camera away so his apparent war crimes does not get caught on video (around 0:03).

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

Also a video of the group of moderates looking for Syrian Muslims or Christians to kill:

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          1. iran is probably one of the safest countries to live in right now, government sucks, but very little crime, no cartels and gangs or terrorists running around killing people, no lynch mobs. anywhere with arabs, blacks or latin americans just turns in to a shithole.

          2. many people just think the middle east is a desert. Northern Iraq is as modernized as any Eastern European or North American country. Most Americans can’t even find Iran on a map yet they scream for it to be nuked. hilarious.

          3. @ obli
            I agree, those comments are funny. As you said before its Islamphobia. You are right about Iraq, it’s entirely different than most think.

          4. Iran is definitely losing the propaganda war and the zionists running the USA foreign policy is dead set on taking Iran down…spending $4 trillion to surround Iran with 35 military bases in Iraq and Afghan was not for the benefit of the USA…the destabilization of the middle east won’t stop until the west installs another puppet in Iran…it’s just to bad Iran couldn’t do the world a favor and wipe out Israel and the so called holy sites that have caused nothing but unrest and death…the worlds plague of man made up fairytales called religions…

          5. @mikehuntsstinks and Persian

            Just a minor correction, Iran did wage wars, for example the Iran-Iraq war but it didn’t start any war in almost two centuries. In fact since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in ’79, Iran was actually the most moderate state in the region.

            Even more when Iraq attacked Iran, US actually put Iran under sanctions and helped the aggressor (Iraq), completely undermining the UN Charter of helping the attacked country.

            US had and it still has this ridiculous excuse that Iran could go nuclear and punish Israel because ajatolah is an unstable fanatic. And the funniest thing is Ajatolah Khomeini himself actually abolished the nuclear program. Even to this day nuclear program in Iran is thought to be blasphemous by the religious leadership, the same one the hypocritical West is accusing of possibly using nuclear weapons against Israel. Fecking ridiculous.

            Iran deserves those nukes, to defend itself against the true aggressors like US and especially Israel.

            Israeli nuclear program is what scare me shitelessly. Who knows what these bastards have already researched.

      1. well the middle east is a social construct no geographical it includes countries in africa. Iran geographically is in western asia the northwest borders the caucuses / eastern europe so it’s not a big dessert like saudi arabia or most of iraq etc, most of it is mountains and they get snowy winters.

        1. Oh I get it, because Iran isn’t a big desert like Saudi Arabia, and get’s snow it’s not the same as Saudi Arabia? Ha Ha Ha No fucking shit. Russia is extremely cold with snow, large forrest’s, and ice tundras, while Spain is warmer with some dessert, and some forest. In addition to having geological, and weather differences they have different languages, and culture, yet both are Europeans. You act as though we’re saying the Middle East is one country.
          Whether or not Iranians call themselves middle easterners, is one thing, but to many westerners they’re considered middle easterners. It’s simply a label.
          What because you get snow you think you’re better, or maybe you wanna be accepted as a white person, or something. LOL Let me guess Iran = Aryan ha ha ha You’re need of acceptance by Europeans is obvious. Have a little self respect. Westerners mostly look down on you. Being Arab, or Persian, Shia, or Sunni, Iranian, or Saudi doesn’t matter to many of them.

      2. well the middle east is a social construct no geographical it includes countries in africa. Iran geographically is in western asia the northwest borders the caucuses / eastern europe so it’s not a big dessert like saudi arabia.

  1. Reminds me of the time I was gassed by the police over here and had my jeans down by my ankles lol. Don’t ask me what they were doing down there, I’d just tried running over about 10 fences to get away. It’s not the most eloquent way to end the night but shame goes out the window when your blind. I kinda know how this guy feels haha!

    He took a good few shots before ceasing to be still there. Even the skinniest little fuckers can prove to be a surprise when faced with the death proposition.
    Oh well Allah Akbar and all that shit, may you rest in the dirt or the curry house in the sky.

  2. I think this is just great. Lets face it, these people cannot create anything, they serve no purpose, their country is going rapidly backwards….their only use is to entertain us. I think they could be used better though….running man style scenario or gladitorial combat in a giant stadium? I would pay to watch it!

  3. a small explanation i take from the video: which group and what place

    the army is called “jaish al-fath” (army of conquest) and they are near the city of arihah (gouvernement idlib).

    he explains that the dead soldiers tried to run away to the city of arihah, he mentions the 2 bodies are only 2 out of 10s of killed ones. and also he mentions that he is only 1km away from the city of arihah.

    1. Much obliged for the info, could you translate the first part of the second video from 0:00 to 0:05, what is that writing i see it at the beginning of all ISIS videos (the second word from the right is Allah).

      1. report on the liberation of “Al-madajn barrier” (Al-rajima) near the city of arihah.

        al-madajn could mean farms (with animals that are of use: cows, sheep, chicken and so)

        al-rajima i wish someone else could translate it. i understand it but cant put it into context nor explain it like the other words… (rajm bil hijara = throwing rocks at, rajimat al-swarikh = rocket launcher, its like throwiing something that can damage). maybe the word has some kind of meaning i missed or something.

        i hope this translation helps

        1. Thank you, it did help in a way, just started learning Arabic and it’s script is giving me headaches. However it confuses me that the script from the second video (just at the beginning, like a title) is being the same in other videos. As if it is a recurring statement without context. I thought at first it was a shahada or salawat. Isn’t there an Allah in that script? Al-rajima could mean checkpoint, to the best of my knowledge.

          Anyway I hope you can clear this up and find time to post more. We all could use more people like you here, that can put more context in videos by translating.

          1. Nevermind I just found an answer to my question. The first part of almost every ISIS videos is “Basmala” or “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”. That was really gnawing me, glad that’s out.

          2. Oh you meant at the very beginning, sorry my bad. should have checked the seconds as you mentioned. i just thought you meant the text that occured.

            yes, its the “in the name of allah the most gracious the most merciful” its in the beginning of every sure in the quran (there is one exception somewhere) also when they pray (5x a day) they start their prayer with it.

          3. “???? ???? ?????? ??????”

            for arabic learners, this would help more to pronounce it right: “?????? ????? ??????????? ???????????”

  4. I have seen so meny videos of the fsa and other western backed rebels committing war crimes killing unarmed people and yet America sed nothing . McCain even went over to Syria and got his photo taken with the fsa looking like old school friends must take him back to his Vietnam days lol.

    1. If there wasn’t so many retired fools in Arizona he would be spending his days yelling at kids to stay off his yard instead of arming countries for more war and destruction…it’s just to bad the future war monger didn’t die in Nam…

  5. Great video find!

    The number of deaths If I’d heard was something like 10,000 dead Christian/Muslim priests, ministers, nuns, brothers and sisters, something like that. These rats are living in the crusades, mad individuals killing anybody who doesn’t follow their religion, when some religion are more

  6. They can find houses and strongholds of SUSPECTED ‘terrorists’ in Yemen and bomb the shit out of them but with whole city’s full of ISIS they can ‘accidentally’ drop weapons and supplys to them but can’t seem to find them to bomb? What a fucking sham.

      1. Syria,lybia,Iraq and afghanistan were four of the last few who wouldn’t accept the world banking system(along with Iran) and look what happened.I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be another Lusitania/ Tonkin straight,coming for Iran sooner or later.

  7. ” And now we are going to look through this dust hole for our enemy, then we will move on to the shite hole just up this dusty track, followed by searching through this pile of shite and rubble for anyone we missed in the shite and rubble back down the other dust bucket track “

  8. I bet they’re called moderates because they have (mostly) moderately short hair compared to ISIS. That’s the only difference I can see. To the Kenyan and his allies: “hey, Fuckers! Leave those Syrians alone”. (I could probably tweak all the lyrics to that Pink Floyd song to make it fit… 🙂 )

    1. We don’t need no al nusra, we don’t need no Islamic state, no dark sand niggers in the desert, Imam preacher leave them pricks alone. Hey Imam preacher, leave them pricks alone. All in all your just a sick fucking joke……..

      Oh well I tried @gramps. Might be better to Floyd’s Sheep ! 😀

    2. “How I wish, all the jews disappear…they’re just evil souls lower than toilet bowls, year after year…
      Manipulating the same ol’ ground, and how we found, the greed’s still here…jews disappear”

  9. you condemn al nusa but really both sides are to blame. both sides are idiotic non-human animals. and as far as the guy that gets executed in this video, fuck him! he’s probably not as innocent as you make him out to be.

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