WWII Gun Camera Combat Footage of Allied Fighter Planes Engaging German Mistels

WWII Gun Camera Combat Footage of Allied Fighter Planes Engaging German Mistels

Great black and white World War II combat footage filmed by gun cameras mounted on fighter planes of allied war criminals captures the miscreants engaging German targets, including the awesome Mistel planes. Mistels (mistel means mistletoe in German) or Pick-a-Back Planes as the narrator calls them were German composite planes consisting of unmanned, but self propelled bombers loaded with explosives mounted on bottoms of manned fighter aircrafts. A Mistel pilot would fly over a target, releasing the bomber to subject the target to a massive explosion. The pilot was then able to return to the base in the fighter craft.

An authentic WWII combat footage involving Mistels is hard to come by so I’m glad to share this unique video with you. It was produced as a pro international Jewry propaganda so narration as well as filmed sequences were carefully chosen to fit the agenda.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “WWII Gun Camera Combat Footage of Allied Fighter Planes Engaging German Mistels”

    1. as I believe that this will not last long,ahh good times, as Einstein said: I do not know with what weapons will fight the third world war, but the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones…

    2. The Mistel was an unmanned Ju-88 loaded with explosives and the piggy back or control aircraft was an FW-190A, my favorite WWII fighter, also known as “The Butcher Bird” and was the only radial-engined German fighter of the war in lieu of V-12 fuel injected engines. The Ju-88 in it’s initial twin engined role as light bomber, torpedo plane, dive bomber, night fighter, recon, et al was probably the most versatile of all German WWII twin engined aircraft. Also my favorite. The Mistels were not very successful; indeed counterproductive, and saw very limited use. THAT’S why this vid is so amazing. Thanks Mark! You Rock!

  1. I love these old videos from world war2 and ones from Vietnam. It just goes to show how times really haven’t changed whether we are fighting over race, religion/belief and let’s not forget oil. The machine tells us as a society not to kill or maim but they’ll do it themselves over petty shit that we so called Allied forces have no fucking business getting involved in.

  2. The nazis weren’t killing only the jews. They were also murdering people with disabilities and gypsies. Basically, anyone deemed “unfit” for their eugenic society was killed, enslaved or castrated.
    In my opinion, Hitler was trying to create a biblical orthodox-jewish society, where the “inferior races”(gentiles) would be enslaved and murdered in order to give room for the superior “chosen people”.

    1. how about Unit 731, or Soviet deportations to Siberia, no one talk about to much…
      but there hapened strange thing indeed…
      died milions, and not for the castration or gaschambers, but after long years of suffering. in my country some of the exiles have returned in late Eightys, some living in there for today, but most of them died wery long time ago, not in in their homeland, involuntarily.

      1. For one country to wreak such havoc, chaos, and destruction, though short-lived, I think Germany accomplished their warfare objectives well during. Besides Italy, if Hitler didnt decide to invade Russia and made it its ally, who knew what the outcome of thw war would have been. The germans were eventually outnumbered especially when the Americans stepped in.

        1. Saying “if Hitler had decided not to invade Russia” is like saying, “if the mongoose decided not to attack the cobra.” All of Hitler’s western campaigns were to clear his western flank so he could do what he really wanted to do — drang nach osten.

          1. As you should know mongoose’s are one of the very few animals who can go head to head and even prey and kill cobras As food. Comparing Russia to a cobra is laughable… a centipede probably…painful but not entirely fatal.

          2. If the Wermacht had continued on to Moscow when they had it in sight, it would have been a done deal for that prick Stalin. Hitler had too many cooks stirring the pot. His generals were constantly disagreeing with him and the really great generals were few and far between. Hitler had the right idea to push always east, but many of his generals thwarted him at every turn during Operation Barbarossa.

    1. I don’t know as much about the war as I should, but I do the Canadians helped with the invasion of Nazi France in a mission launched from the shores of England. Canada and the US teamed up and both assaulted two of the five target beaches. UK forces (bolstered I believe by many troops from defeated lands who had joined the UK war effort) took the other three I think.

  3. These were real men out there. They were always a few feet, even inches away from crashing into trees and planes. You really had to have balls to be a pilot back then. Nowadays, you can safely kill someone without even physically seeing him. Sad how we, as a society, have pussied out.

    Arriba Aguilas Aztecas!!

  4. Love this site…but for the life of me i dont see where this anti american,Anti allied shit is coming from…..wonderfully typed descriptions, though oddly peppered with so much paranoia, like this gore site is just a beard or a larger more self aggrandizing socialistic anti semetic political fillibuster…….just find it strange

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